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TheStars of ’93! 

GamePro Editors Ghoice Awards 

gj SNES ProStrategy Guide -16 pages BIG! 




Games for 

42 ProReviews! 

Super Street Fighter II 
Terminator 2: The Arcade Game 
Claymates Jammit Basketball 
Joe Montana's NFL Football 
Fatal Fury Special and MQLiiit 


Mortal Kombat II 
Sonic the Hedgehog 3 
Ground Zero, Texas 
Star Trek: The Next Generation 
Dragon's Lair and /liffllfi 

The Fighter's Edge! 

A New Column About 
Fighting Games 
SeePage 186 


ProStrategy Guide! - 

See Page 74 

An IDG Communications Publication mm m m a 

"My Most Dangerous 
Adventures Of All Will 
Never Be Shorn 




Determine the 
S outcome of the 
I opening story! 

A vast world • 

tS t 

, • 


■ I’m Flake, elder of ftrus. 1 
H Vou fought the Sinistrals. j 

'Jrw«) I \t\ 

8 Letter from the EamePros 
12 The Mail 
18 Cutting Edge 

CD-ROM-based multimedia entertainment was here all the time - the 
Philips CD-li 

22 Cover Feature: CamePro Editors’ Choice Awards tor 1993 

Here are our picks for the hottest games of the year! 

30 Hot at the Arcades 

30 Mortal Kombat II 
36 Super Street Fighter II 

38 Special Feature: Hot at the Arcades - Hot Games for ’93 

Cool coin-ops are blazing a trail to an arcade near you! 

44 ProReviews 

44 Genesis: Sonic the Hedgehog 3 Preview, Goofy’s Hysterical History Tour, 
The Lost Vikings, Gunstar Heroes, Cosmic Spacehead, The Incredible 
Crash Dummies, Dragon's Revenge, High Seas Havoc, Stimpy's Inven- 
tion, Previews: Castlevania Bloodlines, SubTerrania, Star Trek: The 
Next Generation 

76 Sega CD: Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Stellar-Fire, WWF Rage in the Cage, 
Previews: Dragon's Lair, Ground Zero, Texas, Double Switch, 

Prize Fighter 

1 08 Super NES: T2: The Arcade Game, Claymates, Super Battletank 2, Zool, 
Mario Time Machine, Metal Marines, Side Pocket 

1 22 3D0: Stellar 7: Draxon's Revenge, Mad Dog McCree, Preview: Escape 
from Monster Manor 

1 28 Neo'Geo: PreView: Fatal Fury Special 

1 44 Game Boy: Bart and the Beanstalk 

1 46 Game Gear: X-Men, Battletoads, Gear Works, Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean 
Machine, Chuck II: Son of Chuck, Desert Speedtrap Starring Road Run- 
ner and Wile E. Coyote, Deep Duck Trouble Starring Donald Duck 

68 Special Feature: Eternal Champions ProStrategy Guide 

Check these combos for Shadow, Xavier, and Slash! 

130 The Sports Page 

Bill Walsh College Football (SCD), Jammit Basketball (G), Joe Montana's NFL 

Football (SCD), Formula One (GG), PGA Tour Golf (GG) 

138 Role-Players Realm 

Paladin’s Quest (SN), Romance of the Three Kingdoms III: Dragon of Destiny, 

Shadowrun (G), Arcus Odyssey (G), Ultima: Runes of Virtue II (GB), Preview: 

Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Doom (Arcade) 

Volume 6, #2; February Iss 
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BRACE YOURSELF! A supercharged lineup of SO Superstars collide 
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Do you have what it takes to escape this ring of steel? It’s time to 
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9L ' .ft Wk 'tA. A a i f 

m m 

EIIIMVsC^ liltlll! 

1 ■ U 1 VA"! ^ 1 

156 EamePro Labs 

We give you some input (devices): Fighter Stick SC-6, Six-Button Arcade Stick, 
SN Programmable Joystick, ProMouse, Mini-Arcade 

164 S.W.A.T.Pro 

Secret weapons and tactics from the CamePros 

1 72 The Fighter’s Edge 

Tournament-winning combos and strategies for competitive fighting games 

1 78 Short ProShots 

A quick look at some hot games! 

182 Overseas ProSpects 

Phantasy Star IV (MegaDrive) Dragon's Quest l.ll (Super Famicom) 

186 ProNews 

All the video game news that's fit to print. 

190 Advertiser Index 

LI EM LIZ LIE EM ; 'l ! J L 

v gee l mn» rr 

The world has taken notice of video 
games. Just watch the news, read a news- 
paper, listen to your concerned parents, 
or hear the politicians. New technology 
breeds creative new ideas and new cau- 
tions, but ultimately the decisions are 
made by you, the players. You decide 
what games fly and what games die. 

To keep up with all the rapid 
changes in the industry, video game mag- 
azines like GamePro have to keep on their 

We also realize certain types of 
gamers have certain types of needs. 

Check out our first column about fighting 
games - Fighter’s Edge! We tracked down 
some of the best arcade street fighters 
and mortal kombatants in the country and 
got them to share their tips, tactics, and 
combos for all the new fighting games. 
With the Sports Pages and Role-Players’ 
Realm, we’re trying to cover all the bases 
you’ve asked us to. 

...ultimately the decisions are made by you, the players. 
You decide what games fly and what games die. 

toes, too. Here’s what’s new besides 
games in this issue. 

The GamePro staff honors the best of 
the best for 1 993 in the first Editor’s 
Choice Awards. So you don’t think we in- 
cluded all the top games? Well here’s 
something else that’s new: You'll get your 
chance to drop an official vote for your fa- 
vorite video games in a couple of months! 

We tweaked our magazine design... 
and will continue to do so. Now we’re a lit- 
tle more visual because, as you've pointed 
out, one picture is worth...yadda, yadda. We 
plan to provide more screens, more art, 
and more maps than ever. Check out our 
snappy new comer elements, and the color 
pix of all the reviewers. And keep that cool 
envelope art coming in! 

Look for more arcade coverage, as 
well. Sure tokens cost money, but we’ve 
all gotta get to those coin-ops while 
they're hot. 

Whenever we can, GamePro will cov- 
er games for new systems as they ap- 
pear, such as the 3DO Multiplayer, the 
Atari Jaguar, the Amiga CD 32, and the 
Philips CD-I. Which will be the first new 
system to break into the bar at the top of 
GamePro's front cover? 

Some things change, many things re- 
main the same. Of course, we’ll continue 
to bring you the best reviews, previews, 
strategies, and news you can use. What 
else do you want? Tell us. Keep those 
cards and letters cornin' in, because some 
of the best ideas come directly from you! 

By the GamePros 


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February 1994 





The hardest-hitting football action. 

^ The most authentic, full-featured baseball 
play. Only Sports Illustrated® gives you two 
great video game sports in a single 

P 16-MEG cartridge. 

With Sports Illustrated*: 
CHAMPIONSHIP Football & Baseball, 

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Sports Illustrated®: 

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•uun Ds 

loose m m 

1 ill' ii Mil 





vho combii^l 
irtistry with e*. 
ianger. This repor 
;een anything quite like it. 

T he circus starts out inno- 
cently enough, with Aero 
ioaring through the air in a 
;eries of aerial somersaults. 
This is gold medal stuff, fans, 
de flips, zips, hurls and whirls 
hrough the air, as the audience 
>apes and gasps in amazement. 
‘Aero the Acro*Bat is a totally 
iwesome dude,” sail Rita 
^immerer, one of the 
vho sat in the front ro 

:ircus., “For a little 
ac t is based 

»y a nd<? v ' in <g. 

ntly buzzes S* 
s from (r;(peS e 1 

zes the au ' brilliant yellow 
s P°f//^ s As the audience 
lolds tneir collective breath in 
;ilent amazement, at times the 
)nly sound is Aero’s high- 
)itched squeal of delight as he 
)repa<, es /^x o n e ofhisnow- 

a / bousV°' ,ier * Ve s. 

E ven \> e ot her circus per- 
formers^^ to watc'^Aero. 
rhis reporter noted clowns, 
nagicians and even 
jperators from “ 
gathered uns^ 
vhat migh 

fun. but then it got weird," 
recalled circus janitor A1 Artus. 
“I thought that little bugger was 
fia bite it, all right,” added 
nette Hyssong, circus vendor, 
eaping from a towering, 
tering platio r m , Aero t! 
ro*Bat realized that, 
ore death-defying tl 
> One of the platforms \fri 
rigged with explosives . 
which threatened not only d 
super bat, but the entire audience 
as well! “I thought I'd wet my 
pants,” complained Karen 
Shadley, a shy young girl who 
had traveled all the way from 
Illinois to see Aero the Acro # Bat 
perform. “When that platform 
disintegrated, my life was in 
Aero’s hands.” Capable hands 
indeed, as it turned out. 

njlarkness as the 
ysteriously mul- 
'd leaped to safe- 
y and still man- 
with a flourish! 
was only the beginning, 
only did Aero have to 
protect the audience from the 
danger of falling debris, he had 
to protect himself from the “bad 
boy of the big top,” the evil, dia- 
bolical and just plain mean 

^dgar ‘ I 

abo t0 stop ^ er 0 —and 

the circus— «? re c j e s vr £Hor 

has e m P ,o y e d a tea m of d/rty, 
testy, filthy, scheming nogood- 
ni^ s \° help him carry out his 

plan. Clowns that can literally 
make you laugh to death. Not 
to mention whipping 
spiked balls that can do seri- 
ous damage. Or a psycho 
madman named Marko, who 
jb/istantty shoots him self out of 
e crazed ka m i k a z e . 

•1iC5fe en 1 e v ?n motioned 

iund tightropeballeri- 
v es to squish bats. 
Wt aXvand/t//, 
ut these battles can’t corr| 
pare to Aero’s early strug 
gle toward fame. Auditions! 

him bit 
parts in 
low-bud- | 
get films, 
but noth- 
ing he 
could sink his teeth into. He 
answered a casting call for a 
made-for-TV baseball movie. 
Yet his hopes were quickly 
dashed. “They said they needed 
bats,” says an embarrassed 
Aero. “How was I to know they 
meant wooden ones?” But that 
setback didn’t keep him from 
the big time under the big top, 
where the wicked Edgar Ektor 
was waiting. 

T he evil Ektor carries a lot of 
emotional baggage. Ac- 
cording to Bruce Reilly, crimi- 
nologist and noted circus buff, 
was ban- I 
i s h e d 
from the 
ago after endangering the lives 
of his fellow circus troupe 

members. Allegedly.his i nnQ 
cent pranks and p ract ' ca //bkes 
took a decided V| 
and he enjoyed - xtv f\ic W*g paj n 
<P er *i l 

and n S on c'vtcus p eX 

^rmefc a/? tf audience tnembers 
*/rfce. "EV5.° r was a rc al| y’ rea,, y 

sick little 6 0 ^ „ said Alison 

Quirion, the renowned perform- 
, trainer who worked 
luring the early cir- 
^“He started out with 

, explod 
Jur underwe] 
Next th| 
:’s grease i 
1 dynamite in f 

E ktor hadn't i 
years. UrjV 1 - 
appe."-' 1 n the 

vj\N e d an a tta. ck by Waldo, the 
wicked, whipping lion tamer 
vjVxen Aero sw ooped from the air 
.^d deftly p Un ched the muscular 
into a pulp. “It started 
out as the coolest circus 
he said, “but then th 
bodies flying everywheS 
the fleas from the flezTo^ 
were into demolition." 

A ero continued to per;vm 
for the now-terrifiecTaudi- 
ence even while the sicko 

Ektor had placed on the floor 
and roof. He spun, drilled and 
flipped his way past an onrush 
ing convoy of Ektor’ s het\ c ^' 
man. An^l he finis hed them 0 / 
£ish! The audi e/7c 
\eir money’s w 0r J 

■ r cus. Because thl 
» / 'nued nS"t on to t/j 
VAero kept rig ht 0/ 
u^^jOw, disarming -hundreds 
of booby traps on the fairground 

d saving thousands of 
n the process. In the 
time, many circus goers 
id themselves locked in ani- 
cages, their fate yet to be 
brmined by E>*or. “We had 
t gone down me cot- 

eandyXvhen this horri- 
.e/ugly slimeball grabbed 
"is from behind!" re- 
eled Tad “Smiley” 
Shim*— Me threw 
' X • - ; *O e 

„ in '" 
i thought we 

.o, for sure,” said 

id we didn’t even get 

on candy,” he added. 

iprter, the climax of 

fie big top” 


to th' 


man,” said 
David STTTer, who himself sur- 


r to 
fnt, in- 
it makes 
Aero to 
a fight to 
»f which is 
boti^Sl^S^X^ appalling. 
The winn^^|j|Btolossal clash 
turned out to be (continued) 

AERO THE ACRO-BAT is a trademark of Sun Corporation of America. SUNSOFT® is a registered trademark of Sun Corporation of America. © 1993 Sun Corporatii 
America. Licensed by Sega Enterprises. Ltd. for play on the Sega 1 " Genesis 1 ' 1 system. Sega and Genesis are trademarks of Sega Enterprises. Ltd. All Rights Rese 
Nintendo. Super Nintendo Entertainment System and the Official Seals are registered trademarks of Nintendo of America Inc. © 1 993 Nintendo of America Inc. 

Video Violence - 
The Debate Continues 

I wish that pro-censorship 
groups would realize that 
video games are only a reflec- 
tion of society. If those groups 
want to cut the violence in the 
games, they should first cut 
the violence in society, not the 
other way around. 

Eric Corse, Crystal, MN 

Cut the violence from games? Or 
from society? Here’s a scene from 
the ultra-violent Time Killers. 

I encourage Nintendo to con- 
tinue making games with no 
gory, blood-splashing 
scenes. We must recognize 
that human life is sacred. If 
everyone is taught extreme 
violence when they’re young, 
they’ll think that violence is 
the standard way of living. I 
know Nintendo has received 
a lot of criticism for taking 
the gore out of Mortal Kom- 
bat, but I think it's alright, 
and we should be focusing 
on the graphics, game play, 
and quality of the game. 
Benedict Swift, Houston, TX 

Everybody thinks that kids 
are going to grow up with 
ruined lives because they 
played violent video games, 
but nobody knows because 
no gamer has grown up yet! 
Games are evolving - did 
anybody think gamers were 
going to want to play Mario 
forever? There is far more to 

worry about than Mortal 
Kombat. Parents, please 
leave us alone. 

Matt Keatley, Boulder, CO 

I heard that Lethal Enforcers 
for the Sega CD will be rated 
MA-1 7. What makes it deserve 
that rating? 

Stephen Swan, Oceanside, NY 

(You can shoot very real-looking 
digitized enemies in very real- 
looking settings with a very 
real-looking gun. When you get 
shot there’s blood splattered on 
the screen. You can also shoot 
innocent bystanders and police 
officers by accident. The non- 
stop violence and real- 
ism earned the game 
the MA-1 7 rating. 

- Willy Y. Pout) 


More Mortal 

I’ve noticed that in Mortal 
Kombat for the SNES, Kano 
has something gray in his 
hand when he does his Finish- 
ing Move. What is he holding? 
Chris Mendez, 

Santurce, Puerto Rico 

(You might be reading more into 
the image than what’s there. At 
the end of Kano’s arm is his 
closed fist. Nothing else - no body 
part of his victim has 
been identified. 

-Scary Larry) 

What’s Kano holding in his 
clenched fist? Nothing. 

After playing a lot of MK, I’ve 
found that the violence and 
gore don’t really matter. The 
blood isn't what makes the 
game, and the Fatalities have 
become boring, believe it or 
not. Once you see them over 
and over, they lose their 
effect, and the only reason to 
do them is to get extra points 
and impress That Little Kid 
Who Won’t Shut Up. (‘Wow! Is 
that his spine?”) I’m sure 99 
percent of the MK fans will 
hate me for saying this, but 
the graphic and sound advan- 
tages of the SNES version are 
enough, and you don't need 
all the gore. 

Robert Fielder, Abilene, TX 

Will there ever be a Mortal 
Kombat game for the NES? 
Tom Mills, Shelton, CT 

(We’ve had lots of similar ques- 
tions lately from readers wonder- 
ing ifMK will come to the NES, 
the Sega CD, the Lynx, the Duo, 
and so on. The only additional 
versions we’ve heard of are the 
Sega CD and the Tiger Electronics 
hand-held version, both due later 
this year. Acclaim seems to be 
devoting its resources 
to other projects. - 
The King Fisher) 

Fightin’ Words 

In your November issue you 
gave a code to fight character 
vs. same character for SF II 
Special Champion Edition. 
Your code was Down, Z, Up, 

X, A, Y, B, and C on Controller 
2, but there aren't any X, Y, or 
Z buttons for the Genesis. 

How do you put in the code? 
Matt Schmidt, Beaver, PA 

(Check out one of the 
new six-button con- 'ttijjMF 
trailers to find those Up- 
buttons. - Slasher Quan) 

Six-button control, $20-25. 

Let’s Get Technical 

What are Mode 7 graphics? 
Scoff Powell, Belleville, IL 

(Mode 7 is a special mode that 
allows programmers to scale 
and rotate graphics in SNES 
video games. Using Mode 7, 
programmers can achieve the 
kind of dynamic effects seen in 
Pilotwings and Super 
Empire Strikes Back, , 

both for the SNES. ' 

- Bro’ Buzz) 

Can I use a Game Genie with 
the Super Famicom? 

Troy Edison Yaw, 

Manila, Philippines 

(Galoob says that you’re taking 
a chance if you do. The Genie is 
only designed to work 
with the American 
game systems. 

- Lance Boyle) 

Is there a joystick available 
where the buttons are on the 
left and the stick is on the 
right? I have better control of 
the joystick with my right hand. 
James Hale, Palm Bay, FL 



ebruary 1994 


(There’s no such joystick, unfor- 
tunately. Some gamers in your 
situation turn their joysticks 
upside down if their 
games allow them to 
reconfigure the but- 
tons. - The Lab Rat) 

Will there ever be a Game 
Genie for theTG-16? 

Nick Bild, Grand Rapids, Ml 

(No way. The TG-16 is on the 
verge of extinction, so other 
companies aren’t 
about to make new 
products for it 

- The Tummynator) 

I lost my SNES RF cord, so I 
plugged in my Sega RF cord, 
and it worked. Am I damaging 
my SNES? 

Keith Modelski, Midland Park, NJ 

(Nope. Those cords are 


Game Requests 

Are there any games for Hud- 
son’s Super Multitap other 
than Super Bomberman for 
the SNES? 

Jon Whitaker, Winter Park, PL 

(Some of the most popular 
games that use the Multitap are 
made by EA Sports, including 
Madden NFL '94 and NHL ’94, 
both for the SNES. Supposedly 
all of EA Sports’ future 
SNES carts will be 
five-player games. 

- Toxic Tommy) 

15 , 

Five-player hockey with NHL ’94. 

In June’s Super Star Wars 
Special Strategy Guide you 
mentioned the Krayt Dragon. 
What does it look like? 

Where does it appear in the 
movie and the game? 

Paul Krawczonek, 

Westmount, Canada 

(According to the lore of the 
galaxy, the Krayt Dragons live 
on the desert planet of Tatooine. 
These monsters prey on Jawas 
when they roam from their 
Sandcrawlers. The Dragons 
aren’t shown in the movies or 
the games. In the first film, Obi 
Wan imitates a Krayt Dragon to 

Don’t look for the legendary Krayt 

Is there any chance that Cap- 
corn could be a third-party 
licensee for the Jaguar? Super 
SF II would be awesome on 
the Jag! 

Phil Jackson, Jr., Apopka, FL 

(Atari is seeking Capcom, among 
other companies, as a 
third-party licensee, 
but right now it looks 

- Lance Boyle) 

Why are newer SNES car- 
tridges different from older 
models? The new ones can be 
pulled out during play, while 
the older ones couldn’t. 

Matt Kelley, Jacksonville, AR 
(Consumers complained that the 
older carts were too hard to 
insert into the SNES, so 
Nintendo streamlined 
the carts to make 
them easier to handle. 

- Earth Angel) 

I’ve heard of record clubs, but 
do you know of any video 
game clubs? 

Aaron Edgell, Belpre, OH 

(The closest you can 
get are the mail-order 
clubs that advertise in 
our back pages. 

- Manny LaMancha) 

Adios, UBS? 

What’s all this talk about sav- 
ing the NES? Who cares? It's 
only causing Nintendo to 
waste money on an old sys- 
tem, when it could be spend- 
ing that money on new 1 6-bit 
games or a whole new system! 
You said in your June issue 
that the NES may become 
extinct like the dinosaur. 
Though some dinosaurs 
became extinct, others 
evolved into birds. Nintendo 
has evolved to the SNES, so 
they shouldn't ding to some- 
thing more primitive. It's com- 
mon sense. 

Greg Rice, Cincinnati, OH 

Had Nintendo followed Greg’s 
advice, there’d have been no Kirby 
in ’93. 

Address Central 

I just bought the new 3DO 
system. How do I write to the 
company to ask for more 

Kent Edmonds, Shelbyville, IN 

(Write to 3D0 at 1820 
Gateway Drive, San 
Mateo, CA 94404. 

- The Unknown Gamer) 

I want to give feedback to 
Atari about the games I'm 
hoping they’ll have for the 
Jaguar. What’s their address? 
Dan Johanson, Des Moines, IA 

(Here ya go: Atari Customer 
Service, 1196Borre- 
gas Avenue, Sunny- 
vale, CA 94089. 

- Uggs the Bug) 

I have many questions about 
the Victor Maxx Virtual Reality 
Stuntmaster for the Genesis 
that has been advertised in 
your magazine. How can I 
reach Victor Maxx to get these 
questions answered? 

David Hepfl, Cowansville, PA 

(We had lots of calls about those 
ads, David. Here’s the Victor 
Maxx phone number: 

-Lab Rat) 

I bought a Game Genie 
but I lost their address, so I 
can’t get their codes. How do I 
reach Galoob? 

Joe Aguilar, Dallas, TX 

(Call Galoob’s Customer 
Service Department at 

- The Desk Jockey) 

Ssssh! Don't Tell! 

While fooling around with my 
Game Genie and Super Mario 
Land, a message popped up 
on the screen while I was 
entering a random code: “Con- 
gratulations! You have discov- 
ered the secret!" I had no idea 
what I had done to discover 
"the secret,” and I still don’t 
know what it gave me the 
power to do. Any ideas? 

Chris St. Clair, Round Rock, TX 

(The fate of the world is in your 
hands, Chris. Now that you 
have The Secret, we’re 
all counting on you. 

Don’t let us down. 

- Lawrence of Arcadia) 

GAMEPRO • February 1994 


EnvelopiArt Award! Envelope of the Month 

Of the thousands of letters we 
got last month, nearly two- 
thirds asked how to find 
something special in Mortal 
Kombat. Here’s what readers 
wanted to find: 

Fatalities on the SNES - 30% 
Reptile or Ermac - 23% 
Invincibility codes -12% 

Codes to play as Goro and 
Shang Tsung-10% 
GamePro Strategy Guides - 9% 
MK for the NES - 8% 

MK for the Sega CD, Jaguar, 
or 3D0 - 5% 

MK for the Duo or Lynx - 2% 

A way to play MK and SF II 

simultaneously -.09% 
Sonya's phone number - .01% 

Sonya probably screens her 
calls anyway. 

Attention, artists! Each month 
the creator of our Envelope of 

I the Month will receive Acclaim’s Jen Sep 9> Westborough, m 
Dual Turbo Wireless Remote 
System for either the SNES or 
the Genesis. Two controllers 
per system enable you to play 
from across the room with 
two-speed Turbo and Slow 
Motion. Now when you’re 

done drawing that great enve- 
lope art, you’ll be able to use 
these remote controllers to go 
head-to-head with a friend 
from 25 feet away! 

Erik Mamwvich, Mountain view, i 

Whaddaya Wink? 

This is your magazine, 
so tell us what you'd like 
to see in it. Send your 
suggestions to: 

GAMEPRO Magazine 

Dear Editor 
P.O. Box 5828 
San Mateo, CA 94402 
Thanks for your help! 






BUGS BUNNY $52.00 






JAGUAR XJ220 $47.00 

LEGEND $45.00 


LUFIA $52.00 

MADDEN '94 $52.00 


MEGA MAN X $55.00 


NBA JAM $59.00 


NFL Q.B. CLUB $59.00 

PELE $49.00 


SENGOKU $45.00 




SUPER NBA B/BALL $5 1 .00 



TOP GEAR 2 $49.00 

TURN & BURN: NO FLY $49.00 


|game discount warehouse! 

(312) 736-5315 

P.O. BOX 41936 CHICAGO, IL 60641 









DUNE $47.00 





JEOPARDY $47.00 

NFL "94 JOE MONTANA $49.00 



MEGA RACE $39.00 



NHL '94 $49,00 


SLIPHEED $39.00 

SON OF CHUCK $47.00 

SONIC CD $39.00 









WOLF CHILD $42.00 

WWF RAGE /CAGE $39.00 










JOE & MAC $47.00 


MADDEN NFL '94 $49.00 



NBA JAM$ $49.00 

NFL Q.B. CLUB $49.00 

NHL '94 $49.00 


PELE $49.00 















February 1994 



Sergeant Warren was shot down by 
guerrilla forces last night while patrolling 
over enemy lines. He's wounded, 
and desperate for 

There's no time for diplomacy- 


r Doom! 

ORE} 182® 

ro - 

■!_ R_W_ 



m^w^w 1 

Battle Badniks 

Zoom into Action with SEGA Genesis ! Grab your lightning shield and 

roll into action. ..Swing from vine-to-vine, dodge the deadly traps and launch a slew 
of souped-up spin-attacks through mega-sized zones filled with hidden rooms and 
secret passageways! Count on trusty Tails to airlift you out of danger, and record 
your progress using the new Game Save Feature. Experience the ultimate in ultra- 
sonic power on a ring-grabbing, super-Sonic ride that will keep you spinning! 

and vanquish spike-wielding 
enemies with a point to prove! 


Sega Genesis 

Be blown 
away by the all-new 2-Player, 
Head-2-Head, Split Screen, 
Simultaneous Action Mode! 

By the Whizz 

Full-motion video. 
r Outrageous game 
graphics. Movies on 
compact discs. If this is what 
you’ve been waiting for from 
multimedia players, maybe 
you’ve been waiting too long. 

Philips CD-I has been around 
since 1991, when it and Com- 
modore’s CDTV (recently 
replaced by the Amiga CD 32, 
see The Cutting Edge, January 
’94) fired the first shots in the 
multimedia wars. To refresh 
your memory, CD-I is a CD- 
ROM multimedia system 
based on a Motorola»M68070 
chip, with one megabyte of 
main memory and a gang of 
graphics processors. 

Play or Pay 

In its first go-round with 
CD-I, Philips decided not to 
emphasize games. However, 
according to Dave McElhatton, 
President of the Philips Games 
Division, "Eight out of the top 
ten CD-I titles sold were games. 
A lot of hard-core gamers liked 
the CD-I platform, but frankly 
it lacked key elements topro- 
duce good game play and 
good games." With thej^ig 
splash being made by 3DO, 
Philips has seen the light. Now 
there are four new divisions 
within Philips, all oriented 
toward electronic entertain- 
ment, and one division charged 
solely with creating killer 
video games. 

To help the CD-I unit bring 
the games to life, Philips has 
created a couple of hot-sound- 
ing new peripherals. The stan- 
dard CD-I controller is a cool- 
looking one-handed remote 
device that looks like a Star 
Tre/chand phaser, and it’s just 
as lethal to precision game 
play. Fortunately, Philips now 
has a control pad with a typi- 
cal video game button design. 
The new pad was created by 
Advanced Gravis, makers of 
personal computer joysticks. 

The killer peripheral is the 
Digital Video Cartridge, which 
slips into the back of the player. 
The cartridge contains a multi- 
RISC processor with 1:5 mega- 
bytes of additional memory 
for games or other 
The cart 
enables the 
CD-I to paint 
graphics at 
30 frames per 
second in better- 
than-VHS-quality video 
DV Cartridge supports 
MPEG 1 video compression, 
meaning you can get 75 min- 
utes of video on one disc. 
Now, you can even get CD-I 

movies on discs. Try Top Cun, 
Star Trek VI, and Patriot 
Games for a start. 

CD-I Cornin’ 

Philips CD-I seems set to get 
into some serious fun. Here’s a 
sampling of CD-I games. Keep 
your eyes open for ProReviews 
in future issues of CamePro. 
(Philips CD-I, Available now. 
Philips: 310/444-6600) 

Caesar’s World 
of Boxing 

This fighting disc showcases 
the “sweet” science at Caesar's 
Palace. Thirty live actors portray 
fighters, managers, trainers, 
and even hangers-on. The entire 
show was shot on location at 
Caesar’s in Las Vegas. You 
train your own fighters and 
take on 65 opponents. This 
side-view punch-out is punish- 
ing. (DV Cartridge .game) 

Cre&ttjL. Fiqh/cr 

Mad Dog McCree 

Sure this cowboy gunslinger 
game has ridden into just 
about every one-horse game 
system there is (see the 3DO 
review in this issue), but this 
may be the best-looking version 
yet. You still need a hand-held 
gun device to do this game 
justice, and Philips has one in 
the works. (DV Cartridge game) 


Link: The Faces of Evil 

Link: The Faces of Evil 


Here’s an out-of-this-world 
space combat shoot-em-up. 
You fly your spacefighter via 
a behind-the-ship view past 
murderous obstacles in order 
to save the Princess from the 
Master of Darkness. You tackle 
five planets where the chal- 
lenge is equal parts fighting 
and flying. 


Ancient history meets science 
fiction in this far-out action/ 
adventure game. You are the 
present-day Chosen One, and 
you’re out to retrieve the great 
powers of the Incas. The pow- 
ers were sent into time and 
space before the Spanish Con- 
quistadors conquered the 
ancient Incan nation. It’s got 
behind-the-spaceship shooting 
action, hand-to-hand fighting, 
and wow, what a story line! 


Koridai has fallen to Ganon! If 
you’re an action/adventure 
game fan, you know that means 
it's Link to the rescue. This is a 
side-view hack-n-slash game 
that leads you on a lengthy jour- 
ney. You meet 90 weird charac- 
ters who talk to you in animated 
video sequences. □ 

Zelda: The Wand 

Nintendo’s two prime adven- 
turers, Link and Zelda, make it 
to CD! In this action/adventure 
game, Zelda’s on a mission to 
save Link, King Harkinian, and 
the nation of Camelon. Awe- 
some animated story sequences 
talk to you during mini-cartoon 
movies that carry the story 
line. Zelda still swings in side- 
view swordplay, but you also 
converse with 90 characters 
on your journey. 


Official Licensed Product of the 
1994 Olympic Winter Games 

Take on the World in 
Ten Olympic Events 

This is the one you’ve been 
waiting for. Challenge 
Olympic Athletes or go 
head to head against up to 
three of your friends in ten 
different Olympic events. 
Compete on courses iden- 
tical to those being used 
for the 1994 Olympic Winter 
Games in Lillehammer, Norway. 
Think you have what it takes to 
bring home the Gold? 

atch some air on this one. 

Lillehammer ’94 

Power down the 


and muscle your 

way around the 


\Vk - 


Yeah, you heard it right, steer v\ 
your feet and break with your h 
all at 60 miles per hour. 

57,' V' V 

It takes the stamina 
of a crosscountry 
athlete and the eye 
of a marksman to 
win this event. 

Let it all hang 
out, bang the 
moguls, do some 
aerials and don't 
break your neck. 


Speed is king on this course, 
one mistake and it's all over. 

It’s that time of the year, when GamePro's editors get to stick them- 
selves out on a limb and name their picks for the best games of ’93. 
After some, well... shall we say heated discussions, here are the winners. 
We focused on choosing a top game in each category - one that we 
felt had an innovative or original style and contributed something new 
to the gaming world. 

Super Nintendo Game of the Year 

Super Nintendo Runners-Up 

Super Empire Strikes Back 
by JVC/LucasArts 

JVC/LucasArts pushed the SNES 
farther than ever by producing a 
video game experience that 
spectacularly recreates one of 
the greatest epic sci-fi films ever. 
Gorgeous detailed graphics, 
including exciting Mode 7 flying 
sequences and innovative rota- 
tion and scaling, lend a cinemat- 
ic mood to the game. The many 
game play modes include a snow 
speeder segment, the asteroid 
field, and the awesome Darth 
Vader battle. John Williams’ 
original scores are recreated 
beautifully, and cool effects were 
added, including digitized voice- 
overs by Yoda and Vader. The 
Force will be with you in this 

"Super Empire Strikes Back deliv- 
ers all the intense action and 
state-of-the-art graphics you d 
expect from LucasArts, the 
people who brought the highly 
acclaimed Super Star Wars to 
a SNES galaxy near you. " 

(Game Pro. Nov., ’93) 

Mortal Kombat 

Despite some big changes from 
the arcade version, MK shined 
through with great colors, 
superb sounds, clean digitized 
characters, a fair number of 
combos, and solid fighting. 

“The SNES version of Mortal 
Kombat whips up more chal- 
lenge than any of the other ver- 
sions." (GamePro, Sept., 93) 

This Hyper Fighter is an awe- 
some, value-packed upgrade of 
last year's blockbuster hit. It has 
boss action, insane speed set- 
tings, devastating new combos, 
better graphics and sound, and 
lasting game play. 

“SF II Turbo brings home a near- 
perfect version of the coin-gob- 
bler, Turbo Street Fighter II: 
Champion Edition Hyper Fight- 
ing. " (GamePro, Aug., 93) 



February 1994 

Genesis Game of the Year 

Hand-Held Game of the Year 

Aladdin by Sega 

ft *. <*. 

Some of the biggest names in 
entertainment - Disney, Sega, 
and Virgin - joined forces to use 
a revolutionary new process, the 
Digicel technique, to bring actual 
Disney animation to the video 
game scene. Aladdin looks and 
plays more like an animated car- 
toon than any game before it. 
Accompanying the beautifully 
smooth animations are great bits 

of humor, scenes from the 
movie, and nice renditions of the 
theme songs. 

"Street rats and riff raff gather 
round. One of your own is about 
to make video game history 
thanks to the magic of Disney, 
Virgin Games, and Sega. Disney's 
Aladdin is one of the most beau- 
tiful video games to date. " 
(GamePro, Nov., '93) 

Mortal Kombat by Arena 
(Game Gear) 

No one really believed that Arena 
could stuff arcade-quality head- 
to-head fighting action into a 
Game Gear cart - but they did. 
Crisp, clear graphics faithfully 
capture the look of the arcade 
game. Two-button controls aren’t 
made to handle complex fighting 
moves, but Arena did an 
admirable job of overcoming the 

limitations of the hand-held sys- 
tem. There’s even a blood code, 
so for the first time here's a truly 
complete portable fighting game. 

"Here's a solid reason to run out 
and buy a Game Gear: Arena’s 
Mortal Kombat for the Game 
Gear is everything its 16-bit big 
brother is, plus it's portable. " 
(GamePro, Sept., '93) 

Genesis Runners-Up 


Hand-Held Runners-Up 

Mortal Ron by Arena 

Gore galore! MK Genesis has it 
all, plus smooth-feeling game 
play (with the six-button con- 
troller). ABACABB and DULLARD 
make it even hotter! 

"Great graphics, sound, and 
control, in combination with the 
special Mode A setting, make 
the Genesis Mortal Kombat a 
beat-em-up force. " (GamePro, 
Sept., ’93) 

Street Fighter II Special 
Champion Edition by Capcom 

The voices and sound were a 
loss, but otherwise SCE was a 
superb version of the Champion 
with all the Hyper Features, 
including star speeds, all 12 
characters, and superbly smooth 
play and combos. 

"Street Fighter II Special Cham- 
pion Edition is a razor-sharp 
translation of the arcade Turbo 
Hyper fighting. ” (GamePro. 

Nov.. 93) 

The Legend of Zelda: A Link 
to the Past by Nintendo of 
America (Game Boy) 

Unreal! Zelda crammed a game 
that's as in-depth as its SNES 
cousin into a four-meg master- 
piece. More moves, more levels, 
and more items make this game 
all right! 

“You only need to glance at the 
box to know that finally, after 
four years, a true work of bril- 
liance in the action/RPG genre 
has arrived for the Game Boy. " 
(GamePro, Nov., 93) 

Star Wars by U.S. Gold 
(Game Gear) 

This Forceful action/adventure 
cart truly does the Star Wars 
license justice, boasting excellent 
game play, superior graphics, 
and marvelous sound. It’s a 
superb new adventure. 

“You won’t have to Force your- 
self to enjoy this hand-held ver- 
sion of Star Wars. " (GamePro, 
Oct., 93) 


February 1994 


@ra® a.@@ 

7 * 3 . fjxwijxiiiys 


NES Game of the Year II CD Dame of the Year 

Kirby's Adventure 

by Nintendo 

Overgrown puffball Kirby has 
rocketed into the limelight in one 
of the best, and biggest, NES 
carts ever. Six whopping megs 
and battery-backup, plus color- 
ful, entertaining game play with 
delightfully funny twists add up 
to something special. This 
should be at the top of your NES 
wish list. 

if you aren't yet a fan of Ninten- 
do's Kirby, you will be once you 
start playing this addicting 
game " (GamePro. Sept . ‘93) 

Sonic the Hedgehog CD 

by Sega of America (Sega CD) 

Sonic made his CD debut in 
an adventure very worthy of 
His Hedgehogness. The game 
has Sonic’s trademark style of 
play, enhanced with new moves, 
new gadgets, and all-new levels 
to explore. Each of the massive 

acts is filled with hidden surprises 
and has multiple-play 

“This one’s everything you've 
come to expect from Sonic - 
super speed, super game play, 
super original, super fun, and 
now a super CD! " (GamePro, 
Jan., ’94) 

NES Runners-Up 


CD Runners-Up 

by Capcom 

New secret passages and items 
combine with the stellar game 
play that has made Mega Man a 
legend in his own time. 

by Capcom 

Capcom’s still cranking out the 
8-bit greats, and RR 2 features a 
neat plot based on the cartoon. 
Its solid platform action and 
bright graphics make this game 
a winner. 

Lords of Thunder by TTI (Duo) 

The Lords fulfill the need for 
CD shooting speed with rockin’ 
sound tracks and the baddest 
bosses you've ever seen on a 
silver disc. 

“Lords of Thunder from Turbo 
Technologies has enough shoot- 
em-up action to satisfy even 
the pickiest space jockeys. ” 
(GamePro, March 93) 

Silpheed by Sega (Sega CD) 

This massive shooter featured 
some new tricks for the Sega 
CD, including polygon graphics 
and other unusual visual effects, 
such as rotation and scaling. 
“Climb aboard the Silpheed and 
launch into shoot-em-up action 
that’ll make even veteran space 
jockeys break into a sweat. " 
(GamePro, Dec., 93) 


February 1994 


Fighting Game of the Year 

Action/Adventure Game of the Year 

Samurai Shodown bySNK 

SNK outdid itself by releasing 
the undisputed all-time best 
Geo fighter, introducing and 
redefining weapons fighting 
style. The game has tons of 
depth, incorporating breakable 
weapons, counters, and fine 
technique. It has some of the 
smoothest, richest Japanese 
Anime-style animation ever. 

The mega-detailed backgrounds 

didn’t hurt, either. This game 
didn't have the combos of Hyper 
Fighting or the gushing gore of 
MK, but the fun and strategy 
made it an underdog winner! 

(Note: This award recog- 
nizes the coin-op version - the 
home version has been censored 
and is not as good.) 

"Samurai Shodown is one of 
the two best fighting games 
of all-time, period!" (Game Pro, 
Oct., -93) 

Fighting Game Runners-Up 

Mortal Kombat by Acclaim 

Okay, Kombateers, you got what 
you wanted. ..almost. The SNES 
had the graphics and sound, the 
Genesis had the original moves. 
Put the two together and you'd 
have a perfect version. 

"Mortal Kombat - a game that 
could put other Fighters out on 
the street. " (GamePro, Sept., '93) 

Street Fighter II Turbo/Special CE 

by Capcom (SNES/Genesis) 

While neither edition is flawless, 
both are 99% perfect game play- 
wise, and they’re the deepest, 
most playable home fighters ever. 

"July marks the first anniversary 
of the award-winning Street 
Fighter II release. For its publisher. 
Capcom, there’s only one way to 
celebrate: SHOW ’EM WHO'S 
BOSS!" (GamePro, Aug., '93) 

Flashback byU.S. Gold 

Flashback went where no game 
had gone before to create a new 
style of action/adventure gaming. 
Its animation, which was created 
with the rotoscoping technique, 
produced a surprisingly lifelike 
hero who had very realistic move- 
ments. The unique game play 

combined shoot-em-up with 
adventure elements and even 
puzzle/strategy ideas. 

"This awesome action/adventure 
cart mixes solid, complex game 
play with outstanding action and 
wraps it all in magnificent, never- 
before-seen graphics. " 
(GamePro, Feb., ’93) 

Action/Adventure Runners-Up 

Mega Man X by Capcom (SNES) 

The star of ten NES andGB 
adventures made his 16 -bit debut 
in style. X has new moves - like 
the Dash Attack and the Triangle 
Jump -to help him conquer more 
detailed worlds, defeat better- 
looking enemies, and uncover a 
host of hidden surprises. 
"Capcom has finally brought its 
man of titanium from the 8-bit 
wastelands into the bright, bold, 
brilliant 16-bit glory! Mega Man 
X is one of the best SNES side- 
scrollers ever. " (GamePro, 

Jan., ’94) 

Super Empire Strikes Back by 

JVC/LucasArts (SNES) 

This all-around excellent 
action/adventure game would 
please even Jabba the Hutt. New 
features, such as the Force 
icons, make it play better than its 
Super Star Wars predecessor, 
and give you more satisfaction 
when you win. 

"The Force will be with everyone 
in this exciting, gorgeous, and 
imaginative game. " (GamePro. 
Nov., ’93) 


February 1894 


Sports Game of the Year II Shoot-Em-Up Game of the Year 

NHL Hockey ’94 by EA Sports 
(Genesis and SNES) 


* ^ * 

This year’s version of NHL was 
far better than previous editions, 
due primarily to its four- and 
five-way play on the Genesis and 
SNES, respectively. The real-life 
players and teams make the 
game great, but it’s the new 

crowd animations and the other 
little touches that make it a 
favorite here. 

"Hard-core fans will definitely 
want to grab NHL '94. It's the 
hottest thing on ice. " (GamePro, 
Oct., '93) 

Star Fox by Nintendo (SNES) 

In this first (and so far only) 
Super FX chip game, innovative 
graphics and crisp, thumb- 
blistering game play brought a 
much-needed change of pace to 
cartridge shoot-em-ups. Multiple 
play levels and secrets were the 
touches that made this cart a 
shoot-em-up stand out. 

“Star Fox is the first SNES cart 
to be equipped with Nintendo's 
Super FX (SFX) graphics chip. 

If this is any indication of things 
to!" (GamePro, 
April, ' 93 ) 

Sports Runners-Up 

Shoot-Em-Up Runners-Up 

NFL Football '94 starring Joe 
Montana by Sega (Genesis) 

Joe Montana delivers the NFL 
teams, players, and numbers, as 
well as the trademark Sega Sports- 
Talk play announcing, incredible 
graphics, and more than 100 
possible play combinations. 

"NFL Football '94 Starring Joe 
Montana has it all. " (GamePro, 
Jan., '94) 

Madden NFL ’94 by EA Sports 

More Madden means more good 
football action. The 4 Way Play 
support alone is worth the price 
of the cart, but you also get 80 
teams, a tough CPU opponent, 
and quick, realistic game play . 
"John Madden is still the video 
league MVP. " (GamePro, 

Nov.. ’93) 

Viewpoint by SNK (Neo*Geo) 

Eye-popping Zaxxon-style graph- 
ics, huge bosses, and mind- 
blowing power-ups made this 
cart hot, while the rap sound- 
track made it cool. 

" Viewpoint is hitting the Neo*Geo 
like an asteroid storm, and 
you're the cockpit commando. " 
(GamePro, Feb., ’93) 

Lords of Thunder by TTI (Duo) 

This shooter was a feast for the 
eyes and a much-needed boost 
for the Duo. It rained an amazing 
number of objects onto the 
screen with no slowdown. 

"Lords of Thunder has some of 
the most awesome graphics ever 
assembled in one game. " 
(GamePro, Feb., '93) 



February 1994 


Role-Playing Runners-Up 

Game of the Year 

Lufia by Taito (SNES) Shadowrun by Data East (SNES) 

Secret of Mana 
by Square Soft (SNES) 

Two years after producing the 
greatest RPG of all time, Final 
Fantasy II, Square Soft returns 
to the market with a truly innova- 
tive action/RPG adventure. Mana 
offers a massive action environ- 
ment to explore, very nice Japan- 
ese-style graphics and music, 
a three-player party that flies 
over the world in Mode 7, and 
much more. 

"Without question, Secret of 
Mana is one of finest action 
RPGs you 'll ever play on the 
SNES. " (GamePro, Dec., ’93) 

This is the story of boy meets 
girl, girl meets four elemental 
warlords, boy gets upset. That 
time-tested plot is borne out 
exceptionally well in an RPG 
that brings back fond memories 
of Final Fantasy II. 

" Out of the many RPGs that will 
crowd the stores this holiday 
season, Lufia stands apart from 
the pack." (GamePro, Dec., ’93) 

Shadowrun takes RPGs into the 
21 st century with a cyberpunk 
background and a gritty, no- 
hope-for-the-future story line. 
Shadowrun deserves mention 
also because it incorporates lots 
of object interaction in an iso- 
metric perspective. The environ- 
ment aptly recreates the pen- 
and-paper RPG. 

"If you’re tired of kill-the-dragon 
RPGs, this game should be right 
up your darkened alley " 
(GamePro, April, ’93) 

Strategy/Puzzle Runners-Up 

Game of the Year 

Super Bomberman 

Party time, uh huh! Super B 
blasts multi-player fun wide 
open. Despite the unfortunate 
loss of the fifth player, this cart 
is polished, playable, and packed, 
featuring all-new power-ups and 
weapons, more stages, more 
interaction with the backgrounds, 
and far more strategies than in 
any previous version. 

"This high-action blow-em-up is 
the best thing that's ever hap- 
pened to group SNES game 
playing.” (GamePro, Sept., ’93) 

Bomberman ’93 by TTI (Duo) 

Although the SNES version has 
more bells and whistles, the TTI 
Duo version is a five-player 
bomb fest. Its exciting list of 
enhancements makes the game 
positively addicting. 

"The box of Bomberman '93 
should be labelled with a warn- 
ing for folks prone to §ame 
dependency. " (GamePro, 
March, ’93) 

Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean 
Machine by Sega (Genesis) 

The Genesis was sorely in need 
of a solid new puzzle game in the 
tradition of Columns and Tetris. 
Dr. R makes his solo debut in a 
mind-numbing, addicting puzzle 
challenge that’s bean quite a hit 
at GamePro. 

“Fans of this genre should find 
Mean Bean Machine a match 
made in heaven. " (GamePro, 

Jan. ’94) 

Game of the Year 

SimAnt is a delightful combina- 
tion of simulation, strategy, and 
adventure. You become an ant 
and learn all about...well...ants. 
This cart is fun, and if educa- 
tional carts aren’t fun, no one's 
gonna play them. 

“Ants may be the ultimate in 
insect pests, but SimAnt, an 
absorbing sim-style game, 
won t bug you at all. " (GamePro, 
Oct., ’93) 

Educational Game 

Where in Time is Carmen 
Sandiego? by HiTech 
Expressions (SNES) 

Carmen and her gang are still 
stealing priceless objects from 
throughout time, and everyone’s 
still having fun rounding her up. 
“Carmen Sandiego is a timeless 
game that big and little kids alike 
are gonna enjoy. " 

Where in the World is Carmen 
Sandiego? by HiTech 
Expressions (SNES) 

This Carmen runs a close third 
behind Where in Time, but it’s 
still packed with entertaining 
sleuthing and enough geography 
to keep your parents happy. 
“Roam the world with Carmen 
Sandiego...psst, you'll learn a lot 
in the process. " 


February 1 9S4 


'Leaf will have a nationally recognized accounting firm verify the exact number of cases produced 
of 1994 DONRUSS and that this production level is the lowest since 1985. Copies of this report 
will be available by March 30, 1994. To receive a copy of this report, send a self-addressed 
stamped envelope to: Certifying Auditor, P.O. Box 729, Deerfield, IL 60015. xn»v fpl 

© 1993 Leaf, Inc. Lake Forest, IL 60045 U.S.A. Ogj IJj 





^ By Slasher Quan 

With the deafening 
sound of “Finish 
him!" in your ears, Baraka 
decapitates yet another victim, 
and Midway’s Mortal Kombat II 
is up and fighting. Even more 
violent than the original Mortal 
Kombat (which sparked a pub- 
lic outcry), this game features 
great enhancements in graph- 
ics, sound, and game play. 
However, Mortal still lacks the 
depth to keep it in the num- 
ber-one spot indefinitely. 

The Hem Kombat 

Essentially, MK II was 
recreated from scratch - this 
isn’t merely an MK: Champion 
Edition. Although the basic 
game play is virtually the 
same, all of the art and music 
from MK I were thrown out. 
The great results are obvious 
-just compare the old and 
new machines! 

While Sonya, Coro, and 
Kano have disappeared, 
favorites Sub-Zero, Scorpion, 
Raiden, Liu Kang, and Johnny 
Cage are the returning veter- 
ans. Two familiar faces are now 
playable - Reptile, a former 
secret character, and Shang 
Tsung, the final boss of MK I. 
The new characters are Jax, a 
buff martial artist; Baraka, a 
blades-for-hands demon; Kitana 
and Mileena, two bruise-bustin' 
brunette twins; and Kung Lao, 
the Shaolin monk who con- 
trolled the tournament before 
Shang Tsung entered the pic- 

Overall, Midway should be 
complemented on the new 
characters. Instead of merely 
making Reptile a Sub-Zero/ 
Scorp clone, he has his own 
unique set of moves. Shang 
Tsung’s character-transforma- 
tion abilities are well-bal- 
anced, since he must beware 

MK II -A Major Revision 

A/hile the comparisons 
Detween MK II and Super 
Street Fighter II will rage 
on endlessly in the 
arcades, this game 
surpasses Super Street 
Fighter II as a revision, 
since it features more 
improvements over its 
predecessor than Super 
does. Check out what’s 
new and improved. 

. Twice the Fatalities. The 
old ones are redone and 
improved, and the new 
ones are more gross 
than ever. 

■ Faster game play. MK II 
is about twice as fast as 

• Tons of secrets. In addi- 
tion to the Fatalities, there 
are rumors of up to five 
hidden characters! 

of being hit out of the trans- 
formation and returning to his 
own meager body at an inop- 
portune moment. 

The new tournament is 
also well presented. There's a 
cool story line, new and old 
bosses, and a very imposing 
“king of the mountain" battle 
plan for you to tackle. 

Once you’ve logged some 
hours with MK II, however, 
you’ll notice some weakness- 
es. You often feel like there 
are only so many patterns, 
and you’re seeing the same 
stuff over and over again. 
However, the game keeps 
your interest for some time, as 
it’s quite a task to find all the 
Fatalities and combos that 

Midway added, not to mention 
discovering the secret charac- 
ters or beating the bosses. 

The Finishing Move 

If you loved Mortal Kombat, 
get out there and pump some 
quarters into Mortal Kombat II. 
We’ll have a further blow-by- 
blow in an upcoming issue. G 

Note: This preview was 
based on a test machine that 
was close to complete. How- 
ever, Midway was working 
on the final version and 
reported that several prob- 
lems were being fixed and 
upgrades were being made 
(including revising the pro- 
gram so that the computer 
no longer plays cheaply). We 
will report back with a final 
review in our next issue. 

Air moves. Certain 
techniques can now be 
done in the air! 

. More bosses, including 
a relative of Goro. 

■ Much cleaner character 
graphics. Now you can 
actually see facial details 
instead of pixelated blurs. 

■ New multi-scrolling 

■ Spooky music and clear- 
er voices will send chills 
up your spine - if you 
don’t lose it first! 

■ Extended combo protec- 
tion, which stops the 
juggling in the corner 
and other ridiculous 
combos, but still allows 
for some cheese! There 
are also cross-ups. 

■ Awesome intro 

■ A kick-butt cabinet 
that features cool 
art and logos. 


GAMEPRO • February 1994 

. Three palette-swap charac- 
ters (that is, characters who 

All-New Fatalities! 

Check out a preview of some new Fatalities in MK II. We won’t 
ruin all the fun - there are plenty more to find. Look for a Fatality 
and combo guide in an upcoming issue! Note: All Fatalities are 
done when close to the enemy unless otherwise indicated. 

“eafc When you land, 

push High Punch. 

are graphically identical 
except for the colors of their 

■ Few reversals, counters, and 
hit-trades. The whole game 
often boils down to who 
stuck out their kick first. 

■ Sluggish controls and move- 
ment, especially in close. (MK 
I had the same problem.) 

Overly cheap CPU oppo- 
nents who can throw you 
with literally no way to 

Weird counter moves, like 
being able to block some- 
one as they jump in, and 
uppercut before they land. 
■ A one-dimensional combo 
system. It isn’t cheap any- 
more, but it primarily 
involves doing moves sud- 
denly into other moves 

Limited background 
activity. While the 
graphics are crisp, more 
movement a la Samurai 
Shodown would help. 

Skull Snack 

Reptile wraps his long tongue, 

swallows it whol e from morel 

Jax’s Fist of Doom 

Jax likes to play a game of bloody knuckles and imploding skulls. 

GAMEPRD • February 1994 



Two Thumbs Up ! 





Killer Moves and 
Action Strategies 

45 Power-Packed Minutes With Over 
40 Tips, Tactics and Codes for 22 
Mega Hit Carts! 


■ The Sega Genesis, Super NES and 
the Sega CD Systems in full-color 
video. Follow along as we show you 
the winning moves! 


Written and Directed By: 

The Editors of GamePro Magazine 
The Gaming Experts Give You 
Their Own Top Secret Tips 
To Win! 




J.D. Roth, host and gaming 
fanatic! Plus all your 
favorite cart stars! 


(prices may vary) 

— — i — — 1 

tm S» ■ 


The video games covered by this tape (and Iheir trademarks and copyright rights) are property ol their respective companies. GamePro has i 
companies and the tape is not officially sanctioned by those companies). 

To Order Call Toll-Free 

affiliation with these 

1 -41 5-330-4PRO 

66% off the 

For all the latest HITS, 
kicks, punches, 

and FLIPS from the 
#1 source for Video 
Gaming Action! 



Enter my one-year subscription to GamePro 

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Send Foreign and Canadian orders prepaid, in U.S. funds, with $20/year additional poslage. Annual newsstand rate: $59.40. 
Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery of your first issue. 

You won’t find 



We needed a gun to bring this treat home. 

Lethal Enforcers' - comes to Sega CD' - and 
Sega™ Genesis™ packed with a powerful surprise 
inside. The Chicago P.D. needs you to go up against a slew 
of terrorists like you’ve never seen. Every deadly move is 
digitized from actual human movement. It’s so lethal we 
needed to load your side iron, The Justified - into every 
package, for a total arcade experience unlike anything you’ve 
played at home before . 

Just like at the arcades, you’ve got to time your quick 
feature exactly right so you don’t run out of ammo. 
Upgrade your firepower along the way to magnum, 12-round automatic, 
assault rifle or grenade gun. Six levels, including target training, will put 
your skill to the test in the parts of the Windy City the tourists never see. 

a toy like this 
Cracker Jack box. 

Be on the 

lookout for a bank job in 
progress, high speed chase, ninjas 
in Chinatown, helicopter pursuit and 
volatile Heat of the Night Vision during a chemical 
plant sabotage. See and hear it all in intense digitized 
graphics, realistic settings and painful sound effects. 

But watch out for the innocent bystanders or you may lose more than your badge. 
For one or two top cops. 

(2nd player can use controller or mail in for another “Justifier.” See details inside package.) 

A Super NES® game may be released. Please check with Konami for availability. 


What’s Right with Super SF II? 

. By Slasher Quan 

More than two 
years after starting 
a revolution, Capcom has fired 
the final shot in one of the 
most popular, highest-earning 
video game series of all time. 
Super Street Fighter II isn’t 
entirely super, but it’s well 
worth the tokens you’ll drop - 
and it should whet your 
appetite for the SNES home 
version, which is due in July. 

Samurai Shodown and Fatal 
Fury Special are challenging for 
number one. 

For now, though SSF II 
reigns supreme despite its 
many flaws. 

_kL31>./ CLt -kr. i I Ijj j^i 


Somewhat Super 

Super SF II is packed with 
many new features and excit- 
ing additions. New characters, 
moves, art, music, and com- 
bos add greatly to the depth of 
the game and to the player’s 
enjoyment. Overall, this is with- 
out a doubt one of the best 
fighting games of all time. 

Despite this, Super SF II 
could have been a lot better. 
The game is simply a revision 
of its predecessors, and you 
wonder if it should really be 
called "Special” instead of 
“Super.” The graphics were 
retouched - but not completely 
redone. The game in some 
ways is a step backward, as it’s 
slower and it’s missing moves. 

Still Super 

Super’s still number one, but if 
Capcom doesn’t make 
significant improvements in the 
series, another fighter will come 
along and dethrone it with more 
techniques and more depth - 
and it might happen sooner 
than you might think. Already 


r/' ! 



• Four new characters. The 

new characters are totally cool 
and can hang with the original 
12 for the most part. Some, 
though (especially Cammy), 
could have benefitted from 
more tweaking. 

• New art for the cinematic win 
and lose screens and new ani- 
mation frames. 

• New dizzies that go into 
effect instantly, so you have 
more time to plan combos. 

• New moves for the original 
characters, such as Zangiefs 
Siberian Bear Crush and 
Bison’s Flying Psycho Fist. 

• New music and sounds. 
Although the Q-Sound effects 
could have been better, the re- 
made stage tunes jam! 

• New two-in one hits. 
Although you’ll want even 
more, new two-in-ones, such 
as Sagat’s Roundhouse/Upper- 
cut and Blanka’s Head Butt/ 
Rolling Attack, give combos 
that extra spark. 

•Combo counting so you 

know if it was for real or not. 

What’s Wrong with Super SF II? 

• Slow action, nearly back to 
Champion Edition. Don’t you 
just love waiting for combos to 
come out? Argh! 

• A floaty control feel due to 
the slower speed. 

• Missing moves. Some of the 
awesome Turbo moves, such 
as Ryu and Ken’s combo-ready 
Air Hurricane, are gone. 

• Unbalanced play. Some 
characters are too powerful. 
Because some moves have 
been removed, the game has 
become unbalanced. Now that 
Guile’s Flash Kick doesn’t dou- 
ble-hit, he’s not vulnerable to 
the Uppercut Brothers, Ryu 
and Ken, if he does it from too 


far away. Also, some of the hits 
and counters needed more 

• No damage protection. 

Turbo should have taught us 
that killing in two combos is 
unfair - in Super this factor is 
actually worse! 

• Goofy voices. What’s up with 
the announcer? And why does 
Guile have such a strange voice - 
is he trying to sing soprano? 

• Cheesy cabinet art. We pre- 
fer the great, accurate anime 
art from Japan, which was 
used in Turbo. The airbrushed 
American art used for Super 
looks like anything but the 
characters on the screen, 
ebruary 1934 

The characters o> 

n the cabinet 

s umimw . 

don't look like the anime char- 
acters in the game. 

Capcom could have used the 
real anime art from Japan. 



Games never looked so good. Introducing the new GD-i titles from the Games Division of Philips 
Media, many featuring MPEG 3D frames per second Digital Video. You've got to see them, hear them 
and play them to believe them. Try them out aod you'll see why our beauty isn't just screen deep. 

By Manny LaMancha 

, Twice a year, the coin-op industry showcases new 
games at the AMOA (Amusement and Music Opera- 
tors Association) show. This year the show floor was packed 
with karaoke machines, jukeboxes, ticket-dispensing games, 
basket-shooting and football-throwing challenges - and a 
whole slew of video games, such as Mortal Kombat II (pre- 
viewed in the last issue of GamePro), and pinball tables. 

Here are the hot coin-ops due to arrive at your local 
arcades this year. Check out future installments of Hot at the 
Arcades for extensive reviews of these games. 

Biff Boarding Bonk’s Adventure 

(Surf Systems) (Kaneko) 

One of the strangest exhibits at 
AMOA was a game from Surf 
Systems called Biff Boarding. 
The company explains that 
with a little work, an arcade 
operator can take a standard 
upright game cabinet and mod- 
ify it to include a small platform 
in the front. With new software 
and the addition of a surfboard, 
this altered machine becomes 
a surfing or snowboarding 
simulator. In the spirit of Nin- 
tendo’s Power Pad for the NES 
and Sega’s Activator for the 
Genesis, Biff Boarding is a very 
physical game to play. 

Bonk has returned, this time in 
a Kaneko coin-op called Bonk’s 
Adventure, The Arcade Game. 

It has the standard comple- 
ment of head-bashing and 
meat-eating that made Bonk so 
popular on the TurboGrafx-16 
game console. 

Crime Patrol 2: Drug Wars 



Namco showed Cybersled, a 
two-player sit-down that’s like 
Battlezone with jet sleds. You 
have to maneuver through a 
deadly, obstacle-filled course, 
while zapping enemy threats 
and snatching bonus items. 

Crime Patrol 2: Drug Wars 

Shoot Out at Old TUcson 
(American Laser Games) 

American Laser Games, cre- 
ators of the very popular Mad 
Dog McCree, showed a couple 
of new laser-disc titles. Drug 
Wars is similar to Mad Dog in 
that you have to fire your gun 
at vicious criminals— don’t hit 
the innocents! — before you 
take any damage yourself. 

Another game, Shoot Out 
at Old Tucson, has a Western- 
theme, but the highlight is that 
it uses a 3D0 as the “engine." 
The software wasn’t complete 
at the show, so we’ll have to 
wait to see how it turns out. 

February 1984 




Ridge Racer 

Namco, the maker of Air Com- 
bat, has followed up with a driv- 
ing game called Ridge Racer, 
which consists of realistic tex- 
ture-mapped backgrounds and 
ray-traced 3D vehicles. This 
was one of the top new games 
at AMOA. 

Star Trek: The Next 

Punky Doodle 

SunSoft has reentered the 
arcade market with Punky Doo- 
dle, a game aimed at younger 
arcade players. Designed in- 
house by David Siller, who also 
created the Aero the Acro*Bat 
games for 16-bit home sys- 
tems, Punky Doodle requires 
you to maneuver 3D-rendered 
pumpkins around the screen. 

Punky Doodle 

Power Instinct 

Atlus is entering the fighting- 
game market with Power 
Instinct, a jawbreaker that also 
aims for your funny bone. The 
moves include your ability to 
transform your beautiful 
female fighter into a granny 
who damages her adversaries 
by throwing her dentures at Judge Dredd 
them from across the screen. 

Judge Dredd 

Star Trek: The Next 



Bally/Midway/Williams had a 
typical full plate of products, 
with Mortal Kombat II being 
the obvious magnet (for more 
on MKII, see our PreView in 
the January issue). Also new 
from this innovative company 
are a couple of challenging pin- 
ball tables, Judge Dredd and 
Star Trek: The Next Generation. 
Both offer ramps, multi-ball 
action, skill shots, and com- 
pounding jackpots, as well as 
digitized sound and an animat- 
ed LCD score display. 

G A M E P R 0» h s February 1 

Raiden II 

Raiden has made a return in a 
shoot-em-up sequel called, not 
surprisingly, Raiden II. There 
have been few changes in the 
concept of the game, in which 
one or two players fly fighter 
planes over various battlefields. 
New weapons have been 
added, however, and the 
graphic appearance has been 
spruced up. 

Last Action Hero 
Tales from the Crypt 
(Data East) 

Data East had two hot licenses 
on the pinball side, Last Action 
Hero and Tales from the Crypt. 
Last Action Hero features a big 
portrait of Arnold 
Schwarzenegger on the back- 
glass, and moviegoers will rec- 
ognize the crane from the 
funeral scene as a way to take 
the ball from one place to 
another for bonus points. 

Both Last Action Hero 
and Tales from the Crypt 
(from the HBO thriller series 
starring the Cryptkeeper) are 
packed with numerous 
mechanicals and skill shots 
for adventurous pin players. 


Run and Gun 

Konami may be ready to tear 
up the arcade courts with Run 
and Gun. This action-packed 
basketball game uses a “cam- 
era" located behind the back- 
board rather than at courtside, 
and it uses drawn characters 
instead of going the digitized 
route like NBA Jam. The game 
play appears to be topnotch. 

(Data East) 

One of the stories of the show 
was Data East’s appearance as 
a Neo«Geo licensee. Spinmas- 
ter is a scrolling game that 
looks like a kiddie funfest— you 
use yo-yos as your primary 
weapons against a ton of car- 
toony enemies — but it certainly 
doesn't play like one. The 
riotous action offers a high 
level of challenge. Unfortunate- 
ly, Spinmaster isn’t targeted for 
release to home-based 

Tales from the Crypt 

Last Action Hero 


February 1994 

Driver’s Edge 


Virtua Fighters 

Hot on the heels of the suc- 
cessful Virtua Racing comes a 
strange combination of fight- 
ing games and rendered 3D 
graphics. Sega’s Virtua Fight- 
ers offers loopy, marionette- 
like movement for a selectable 
stable of martial arts combat- 
ants. One player can face off 
against the computer, or two 
players can battle head-to- 
head using various kicks, 
punches, and throws. 

Driver’s Edge 

Hard Yardage 

Time Killers helped put Strata 
on the map, but the company’s 
two latest games head off in 
totally different directions. Dri- 
ver’s Edge attempts to pull 
some of the market from 
Sega’s Virtua Racing with 3D 
graphics and fast-paced auto- 
motive thrills. 

A trio of L.A. Raiderette 
cheerleaders drew a big crowd 
to see Hard Yardage an NFL- 
licensed football game. Not 
only are all the NFL teams rep- 
resented in this game, but 
footage from NFL Films 
appears at key moments. Look 
at this as an attempt to make a 
football version of NBA Jam. 

Hard Yardage 

Survival Arts 
(American Sammy) 

American Sammy is preparing 
Survival Arts, a fighting game 
that offers digitized characters, 
a la Mortal Kombat. But in this 
game the character sprites are 
much bigger. It also places a 
higher ceiling on the play field, 
so you can leap high and come 
down hard on your opponent. 

2-Minute Drill 

Taito, the creator of such 
arcade classics as Arkanoid 
and Bubble Bobble, is heavy 
into redemption games - that 
is, games that reward players 
with tickets toward prizes. One 
innovative redemption unit is a 
football tosser called 2-Minute 
Drill. It mixes real video of foot- 
ball action along with the phys- 
ical task of trying to throw a 
football as hard and as accu- 
rately as possible. The key is to 
take your team down the grid- 
iron in four downs to score a 

Survival Arts 


February 1994 


coming soon 

available now 

© o e o o o 


Atari, the Atari logo, Jaguar and the Jaguar logo are ™ or ® of Atari Corporation. © 1993 Atari Corporation, Sunnyvale, CA 94089-1302. All rights reserved. 
Cybermorph, Checkered Flag and Trevor McFur In the Crescent Galaxy are trademarks of Atari Corporation. All rights reserved. TINY 70 ON ADVENTURES, characters, 
names and all related Indicia are trademarks of Warner Brothers, licensed to Atari Corporation © 1993. Raiden® is licensed to Atari Corporation by Fabtek®, © 1993 ■ 
Yosbi’s Cookie is a trademark of Nintendo of America Inc.© 1992, 1993 Nintendo of America Inc. Mario is a trademark of Nintendo of America Inc. All rights resertvd. 
Sonic the Hedgehog ™ is a registered trademark of SEGA of America, Inc. AH rights reserved. 


system has a mind 
blowing 64 bits of 
power, compared 
to a wimpy 16 bits 

for the competition. 64 bits means 16 million 
colors in a 3D world. Breakneck speeds. Cat-like 
control. And special effects like you see in the movies. 

How does it sound? Well, if this ad had a volume 
button your mother would be yelling at you to turn 
it down. Car crashes, alien screeches, jet engines 
and other bone rattling stereo CD quality sounds 
will make you jump out of your seat. 

When you do, make sure to run to the nearest 
store. Everyone else will be there chomping at the 
bit to buy one. 

What we're really saying is Jaguar’s 64 bits eats the 
competition alive. Sink your teeth into it and you’ll 
see what we mean. Get Bit by Jaguar. ™ 

By The Unknown 
Tv Gamer 

' Sonic's been makin’ 
the Sega scene in a big way in 
the last couple of months. 
Welcome to the next genera- 
tion: Sonic 3 for the Genesis is 
the eagerly awaited next 
installment in Sega’s saga of 
the feisty hedgehog and his 
arch-nemesis, Dr. Robotnik. 

He's A Bad Egg 

Robotnik never gives up. In 
Sonic 2 you thought you 
destroyed the Doctor’s evil 
Death Egg Machine. You were 
wrong! In this 16-meg, two- 
player game, the sinister Doc- 
tor’s latest scrambled plan is 
to rebuild the Death Egg 
Machine and crack up Sonic 
once and for all. 

There are speed tunnels every- 
where. This one’s on Angel Island. 

In Hydro City Sonic learns to ride 
these treadmills - a new trick! 

Sonic's teamed up once 
again with his trusty sidekick, 
Tails. They're fighting the 
Doctor's latest collection of 
mechanical menaces on an 
island paradise gone Robotnik. 
There are six all-new Zones on 
the island: Angel Island, Hydro 
City, Marble Garden, Carnival 


Slip 'n- slide down 
twisting ramp i« H 

for dear life, 

Sonic gets can 
ami men gets 

washed away 

Tails looks mighty cute dog-pad- 
dlin’ his way through the water. 

When Sonic picks up speed, he 
can windsurf across the surface 
of the water. 

Night, the Ice Cap Zone, and 
the Launch Base. Each has two 
huge Acts, with the multiple 
pathways and the secret areas 
you've come to expect in a 
Sonic game. There’s also a 
brand new incarnation of 
Robotnik to battle at the end 
of each Act. The all-new 
graphics are the icing on the 
cake. They give Sonic a much 
more three-dimensional look 
and include many animations 
for each character. 

A Well-Hounded 

The game play in this cart is 
true-blue Sonic. He runs, 
jumps, ricochets off enemies, 
and activates his mighty Spin 
Dash to leap tall ledges and 
cliffs in a single bound. When 
you play alone, you can even 
use Controller Two to get 
some help from Tails, who can 
fly above Sonic and lift him up 
to hard-to-reach areas. 

lift in Hydro City- 

The Bubble Shield gives Sonic 
a new straight-down jumping 
attack and keeps him from 
losing air when he’s under- 
water. Sonic can also kick 
out of his spinning attack, 
with or without a Shield. This 
gives the attack more range 
than it’s had in the past 

reach any other way. 

laws' win*- 

When he’s gi 
Shield, Sonic 
a burst of n a , 

Other new suprises include 
a new character named Knuck- 
les, an Echidna (look it up, 
Jack), who’s a real practical 
joker. There are also some 
fun variations in two-player 
mode, including larger split- 
screen graphics. In two-player 
contests you can race as Sonic, 
Tails, or Knuckles, and you 
can compete in Grand Prix, 
Match Race, or Time Attack. In 
Grand Prix, you race through 
five Zones (Azure Lake, Balloon 
Park, Chrome Gadget, Desert 
Palace, and Endless Mine). In 
Match play, you go head-to- 
head against a bud in the Zone 
of your choice. Time Attack 
pits you against the CPU. 

The Word 

When it comes to Sonic, Sega 
always delivers something 
new and different. ’Nuff said! 
Enjoy the pix and welcome to 
the next level - Sonic-style. 

Sonic 3 

By Sega 

Available February 

City to pick 

In Martle Ganten, Sonn 

Ms top flv w ™"” 1 " 9 
and^1aWn^ ^,s t ,l "' 

In addition to the standard 
power-up Monitors, there are 
three new power-ups. The 
original Shield is gone, but now 
Sonic can grab either a Water 
Shield, an Electric Shield, or a 
Fire Shield. Each Shield empow- 
ers Sonic with a new special 
move and protects him against 
that type of elemental danger. 
For example, with the Water 
Shield, Sonic doesn’t need to 
remain underwater. 

Round. During the Special 
Stage, you race across the 
surface of a huge globe, trying 
to grab blue orbs and dodge 
red ones. If you grab all the 
blues, you’ve got a shot at the 
Chaos Emerald (and, yes, of 
course you have to grab all 
the Chaos Emeralds to see the 
real ending). You enter the 
Bonus Rounds by finding secret 
rooms with giant Rings in 
them. Here Sonic ricochets off 
a huge gumball machine and 
grabs all kinds of power-ups. 

If Sonic and Tails bat the end-of- 
the-Act sign around, they can 
influence which way it lands and 
earn extra power-ups. 

As usual, there’s an awe- 
some new Special Stage, but 
there’s also a cool new Bonus 


February 1994 


Time Attack wiffi 

You’ve got to find these big 
Rings to reach the Bonus 

If Sonic snags all the blue 

orbs in the Special Stages, 
he gets a Chaos Emerald. 


not to see red! 

In the Carnival Night Zone, 
becomes a hedgehog cann 

Sonic rotates 360 degrees around 
this wild tower in the Carnival 
Night Zone. 

or Robotnik's. 

of practical jokes 

One thing s tor s ^ tT 

0 „ Sonic mil Tails- 

Robotnik makes 

Hydro City. 


ebruary 1934 


This couldn’t wait ’til 
the 21 st century 

The“X” generation of Mega Man adventures is here. 
For the first time on the Super NES. 

As his last great creation, Dr. Light developed “X — the first thinking, decision- 
making robot. Years later, Dr. Cain modifies his design to make thousands 
of supposedly “harmless" Reploids. That is until Sigma, the most intelligent 
Reploid of all, decides to lead the others in eliminating all humans from the 
planet. Now “X” must hunt down Sigma using his all -new arsenal, including 
the X-Buster and the 
awesome Emergency 
Acceleration System. 

It’s the Mega battle of 
the next century found 

nnlrr nn tho ^ttnor 1\TF^ “X” uses his X-Buster to When the robotic "X" destroys an 

omy on me C^uper IMHO. save Zero, the leader amoeba glues ‘X" to the enemy submarine fuel 

of the Maverick Hunters ground, either he tank and things get 

from the evil Vile. shoots or he’s stuck. extremely explosive. 

01993 CAPCOM USA, Inc. Mega Man X Is a trademark of CAPCOM. CAPCOM is a tegistered trademark of CAPCOM, ltd. Super Nintendo, 

Nintendo and the Nintendo Entertainment System ate registered trademarks of Nintendo of America, Inc. For mote informatktn, call (408) 727-1665. 


Hey, Goofball 

Goofy’s got big problems. He’s 
a janitor in a museum, and 
he's got to make sure every- 
thing's shipshape in four new 
exhibits for the grand open- 
ing. The museum's curator, 
Professor Ludwig Von Drake, 
has promised to make Goofy 
the head janitor if he does a 
good job. However, Goofy’s 
long-time arch-rival Pete is 
intent on snagging the head 
janitor job for himself, and to 
get it he's sabotaging Goofy 
(who’s pretty good at sabotag- 
ing himself, anyway). Pete 
hides important items from 
each exhibit, so Goofy’s got to 
find them or risk Von Drake's 
legendary wrath. 

As Goofy enters each of the 
four huge exhibits, he starts 
daydreaming and imagines 
he's really back in four histori- 
cal eras: Prehistoric, Medieval, 

ing than average action/ad- 
venture fare. Namely, he has 
some new inventions - the 
Extend-O-Hand and his Goof- 
traptions. Goofy uses his 
Extend-O-Hand to climb, to 
swing, and to reach things 
that are too high for him to 
grab normally. As he shuffles 
through each exhibit, he’ll find 
attachments for his Extend-O- 
Hand that give him other use- 
ful abilities, as well. For 
example, the Boxing Glove 
gives him a one-two punch 
that’ll take out Pete’s ancestors 
in seconds. Other attachments 
include a special Boot, a Pro- 
peller, and the Goofball Glove. 

Also scattered through 
each exhibit are Gooftrap- 
tions. These include the Goof- 
ball Funnel, a special Bird- 
house, a Factory Whistle, a 
wacky Cuckoo Clock, Fire- 

fly The Unknown 
j Gamer 

f Goofy’s finally got a 
game he can sink his teeth 
into. This cart takes Disney’s 
lovable bumbler and gives 
him an appropriately offbeat 
adventure that’s tough, but 
loads of fun. 

PROTIP: To reach difficult objects, 
you can jump and use the Extend- 
O-Hand at the same time. 


Goofy navigates through each 
exhibit in hop-n-bop-style 
game play Innovative twists 
make the game more compli- 
cated and far more challeng- 

works, and the Goofball Pop- 
per. Each of these can help 
Goofy in some way. For exam- 
ple, when Goofy slaps the Fac- 
tory Whistle with his Extend- 
O-Hand, it blows and all the 
enemies take a coffee break. 

PROTIP: To defeat Prehistoric 
Pete, wheel from side to side on 
your unicycle, dodge the eggs 
he tosses, and then jump on his 
head. This is safer titan trying to 
move in and punch him. 

Goofy also stumbles across 
a gaggle of other gatherables. 
He picks up Balloons to earn 
extra lives, Goobers and Goof- 

The Handy Extend-O-Hand 

Goofy’s got big problems - but 
his cart doesn't. You can give 
him a hand and have a lot of 
fun doing it with this wacky 

Colonial America, and the Wild 
West. This means you get to 
guide Goofy as he battles 
Pete’s nasty ancestors and a 
slew of other odd and imagi- 
native creatures. Each exhibit 
contains several levels with 
clever obstacles and enemies 
that match the theme. For 
example, in Colonial America, 
Goofy scales the rooftops of a 
colonial city and battles 
Weasles with muskets. In the 
Prehistoric exhibit, Goofy rides 
a unicycle across the backs of 
giant dinosaurs and fights an 
egg-tossing, neanderthal prog- 
enitor of Pete. 



February 1994 

Ups to restore his life, and 
Goofballs to enable him to fire 
at his enemies. 

Goofy Graphics and 

Disney always carefully con- 
trols how their characters are 
depicted in games, and 
Goofy’s looking good here. 
The Goofster, as well as Pete 
and the rest of the gang, were 
drawn nicely as large sprites. 
Goofy’s got a number of 
humorous animations, and he 
lumbers along the same way 
he does in his cartoons. Each 
exhibit is rendered beautifully, 
with interesting background 
detail and unusual scenery. 
The music’s somewhat repeti- 
tive, but the digitized voice of 
Goofy saying the old stan- 
dards like "Gawrsh" and “Un, 
Unh” are great. 

PROTIP: Goofy can grab things 
diagonally. This comes in handy 
when you have to grab tricky 
blocks, like this one in the Pre- 
historic Exhibit 

PROTIP: It you destroy your ene- 
mies by punching them, they’ll 
turn into Balloons, which give 
you extra lives. If you jump on 
them, they won’t 

Hysterical Controls 

Goofy’s three-button controls 
are somewhat tricky. Walking 
and jumping are no problem, 
but trying to get the Extend-O- 
Hand to operate reliably 
makes you feel as klutzy as 

Goofy - and very frustrated. It 
frequently doesn’t grab and 
hold on when you need it to, 
usually sending Goofy plum- 
meting to his doom. The third 
button makes for easy swap- 
ping between Extend-O-Hand 

PROTIP: You can’t destroy the 
frogs in the Prehistoric Exhibit 
All you can do is stun them, and 
then move on quickly. 

PROTIP: Beware of this lovesick 

bird in the Colonial America 
Exhibit Try to take her out 
before she comes after Goofy, or 
she'll cause major damage. 

PROTIP: Watch out tor puffs of 
smoke coming out of chimneys 
in the Colonial America Exhibit 

Hysterical History Tour is 
geared for intermediate to 
advanced players, so it will 
make beginners will feel pret- 
ty goofy. The game's precise 
hop-n-bop requirements, com- 
bined with tricky Extend-O- 
Hand swinging and jumping 
maneuvers and the unreliable 
Extend-O-Hand controls, make 
this cart tough - even on the 
Simple setting. 

PROTIP: When you reach the 
second cliff in the Wild West 
Exhibit, take the upper route via 

the blocks in the air. The route 
along the face of the cliff is 
nearly impossible to navigate. 

PROTIP: If you run from the Bees 
in the Wild West, they’ll contin- 
ue to follow you. Instead, turn 
and face away from them so 
that they’ll fly in close, then 
quickly turn back and clobber 
them with the Extend-O-Hand. 

Hot a Museum Piece 

Despite the high frustration 
factor, this game’s a fitting 
saga for the Goofster. An 
appropriately quirky story line, 
tons of wacky contraptions, 
and of course, the "dawg" him- 
self, make this more than just 
average action/adventure fare. 


February 1994 


, The Lost Vikings 
are in trouble again, 
this time on the Sega Genesis. 
They’ve got to escape “inter- 
galactic zookeeper" Tomator’s 
ship, and it’s up to you to get 
the hapless threesome back 
home in this very entertaining 
puzzle/adventure game. 

Vikings Stick Together 

Teamwork is the key to the 
challenge and fun in this 
game. The Vikings each have 
particular attributes, but indi- 
vidually they can't accomplish 
much. You must team them 
up to solve various puzzles 
and work their way through 
the 43 levels. 

On top of the often-intri- 
cate puzzles, the fun is dou- 
bled by the personalities of 
the cart’s stars - the three 
Norsemen are constantly wise- 
cracking during the game. For 
instance, they razz you if you 
mess up too many times dur- 
ing a particular level. 

PROTIP: its a good idea to send 
Olaf the Stout Into action first. 
His shield will block most any 
threat, giving you time to bring 
one of the other characters in to- 
do their specialty. 

Control of the characters is 
simple, and you'll be switch- 
ing from character to charac- 
ter and using the items you 
pick up in no time. Many of 
the latter levels will make you 
scratch your head, so it’s nice 
that the controls don’t get in 
your way. Be advised, though: 
some moves require compli- 
cated button-press combina- 
tions, so owners of a six- 
button controller will have an 
easier time. 

Good Enough for 
the Genesis 

It's natural to compare this 
version with the original SNES 
game. What you’ll find are 
slightly poorer graphics and 
sound, and not as much pro- 
gramming pizzazz. Even so, 
the graphics are nothing to 
sneeze at (bless you). All of 
the characters are well animat- 
ed, and they tickle your funny 
bone with their expressions 
and comic appearance. The 
sound effects really spice up 
the game play. Overall, Inter- 
play has compensated for the 
cart’s shortfalls by adding six 
new levels and humorous 
mid-game intermissions. 

You’ll Laugh Til 
You’re Norse 

This cart offers fresh puzzle- 
solving fun that strains your 
brain and takes a long time to 
complete, but makes you 
laugh out loud along the way. 
Three’s no crowd when you 
get lost with the Vikings. □ 

Baleog the Fierce 

PROTIP: Unless otherwise nec- 
essary, it’s a good idea to keep 

PROTIP: Before you rush in, look PROTIP: When you take a Down 

your three party members close ahead for which obstacles need elevator, be sure to bring the 

to each other. They work better 
as a team. 

to be cleared. Then, carefully entire party along. A steep drop 

think through how you can best means certain doom for strag- 

solve the problem. 

gling Vikings. 

The Lost Vikings 

Lost Vikings lost a little of its 
sights and sounds during its 
jump to the Genesis, but it 
gained more levels and inter- 
missions. The fun is the key, 
though, and that’s not lost in 
the translation. 

Eric the Swift 

Age: 19 

Height 5'8“ 
Weight: 160 lbs. 
Sprinting, rock 

$59.35 43 levels 

8 megs Side view 

Available January Multi-scrollir 

Puzzle strategy Passwords 

3 players 



February 1894 



J If you’re itching for 
'classic side-view 
shooting action, Gunstar 
Heroes wants you. But be 
advised: This Genesis 
action/adventure cart is an 
assault on your senses as well 
as your trigger finger. 

Better Dead than 

The planet Gunstar has the 
Red blues. Colonel Red, a 
vicious dictator, has stolen 
four Mystical Gems, which can 
revive a long-dead, planet- ^ 
killing robot. The Gunstar 
twins are out to retrieve the 
Gems and cream the Colonel. 

SNES Game Profile 

Gunstar Heroes 

(By Sega) 

If you want to be a lock-and- 
load star, Gunstar Heroes is a 
serious side-view, run-n-gun 
game guaranteed to put you to 
the test 

PROTIP: In Stage Four, you can 
make a stronger throw with the 
dice If you catch and throw it 
before it stops bouncing. 
PROTIP: You can snatch bad 
guys, robots, and bombs out of 
the air and toss ’em. rime a 
jump and hit B. 

PR0T1P: Force with Lightning 
and Double Force are strong 
weapon combos, especially at 
the end of the game. 

The Colonel and his evil crew 
await you on the murderous 
final stage. 

PROTIP: You can rebound off the 
sides of the screen to jump a lit- 
tle bit higher. 

PROTIP: Run with the Duck! 
Sometimes you can score an 
extra Vitality. 

Kitter Controls 

The real stars of this thumb- 
buster are the outstanding 
controls and the character 
moves. In addition to the ener- 
gy weapons, each Gunstar has 
an easily accessible hand- 
fighting repertoire: a flying 
kick, a sliding kick, a throw, 
and a body slam. They can 
block attacks, fire weapons 
360 degrees, and climb hand- 
over hand. During the mining 
you can even 

from weird, Erector-set rejects 
to teeny, tiny, mechanical ter- 
rors. You select four difficulty 
levels, where even Easy is 
nasty hard. 

You need superior firepow- 
er to survive, and the cart 
obliges nicely. Periodically an 
Electronic Duck flies in to drop 
four energy weapon power- 
ups. You can use two separate- 
ly or combine them into one 
awesome blaster. There are 
ten combo weapons possible. 

Colonel Red is a vicious dictator 
(and a very bad dresser). 

Gunstar Heroes is chaos in 
a cart. Colonel Red’s droid 
horde comes charging at you 
on land and in the air from 
both sides of the screen. The 
Gunstars fight through a 
spaceship/shooter stage. The 
bad boss 'bots run the gamut 

£ye Strain, tar Cain 

The cart’s graphics wage their 
own battle against good and 
eviL.but good ultimately pre- 
vails. The character sprites 
aren’t very sharp, and during 
the riotous two-player con- 
tests, you're hard-pressed to 
distinguish your Gunstar from 
your friend’s. Although slow- 
down is infinitesimal, blocks 
of pixels sometimes disappear 
from your sprite during heavy 
fighting. On the other hand, 
there are some truly creative 
stage designs. For example, 
one imaginative stage is a 
board game, where you roll 
dice, move to a square, and 
warp to a boss challenge. 

The sound effects pack a 
power punch. Crystal clear 
gun blasts and explosions will 
rock your house. 

Gunstar is a fierce space shooter, 

’Star Quality 

This cart doesn’t blast open 
new territory, but it soups up a 
standard shoot-out game with 
murderous action, excellent 
controls, and imaginative game 
design. Gunstar Heroes is a 
certified Genesis gun star. □ 

What the Duck Drops! 






Combine these power-ups into ten super weapons! 



* * { 








ill mil! 

- 1 i 


E T ! ; 

r *x « ^ 

r a ini 

Kianappeai its up w 
1 Gomez to rescue her 
•nnokv darners haunt 


F :;q 

y Cosmic Spacehead 
tries to combine role-play, text 
adventure, and a comic story 
line. With such galactic goals 
there’s some cosmic fallout, but 
also a lot of outer space fun. 

Cosmic Calamity 

Cosmic Spacehead is a point- 
and-dick text-based adven- 
ture, similar to Monkey’s 
Island for the Sega CD and 
King's Quest for the NES. As 
Cosmic Spacehead, you travel 
around and collect items to 
progress to the different 
stages in the game. You can 
combine the items or use 
them on other characters to 
gather more items. 

Cartoon Cosmonaut 

The graphics in this game are 
colorful and very cartoony. As 
a matter of fad, Cosmic 
Spacehead would probably fit 
right in on most Saturday 
morning lineups. The back- 
grounds are bright and vivid, 
and the towns have a very 
Hanna-Barbera look to them. 

PROTIP: Ask to play in the Space 
Bumper Car. You’ll be rejected, 
but you’ll receive a balloon that 
will help you against a very 
stubborn alien monster. 

In this cartoon adventure, 
the land you explore is the 
Planet Linoleum, with such 
cities as Formica, Linograd, 
and Cape Carnival. You’re try- 
ing to get to the car show in 
Detroitica, although you start 
the game with nothing but the 
space suit on your back. 

PROTIP: Sugar Icing does a 
great job of freezing some 
watery areas. 

The sounds and music in 
C.S. lack originality, but then 
again, what Saturday morning 
cartoon boasts great music? 
The sound effects are com- 
mon plinks and ploinks, and 
the music is static and mildly 

PROTIP: Flying back and forth in 
the Teleporters empowers you 
with some strange side effects. 
When you transport to Old Uno 
Town, you’ll glow like a flash- 
light : This might be useful in a 
dark underground place. 

Genesis Game ProFile 

Cosmic Spacehead 

(By Codemasters) 

It's easy to let some games 
slip through the cracks, but 
don’t make that mistake with 
Cosmic Spacehead. It’s an 
entertaining graphic adventure 
(sort of a scaled-down Mon- 
key’s Island), and it’s great for 
younger players. 

12 levels 

Available now Side view 

Graphic/adventure Multi-scrolling 

Along the way, you pick up 
objects like Teleport Keys and 
Coins, and use them to obtain 
Passports, Bus Tickets, and 
other items to get to Detroitica. 
A menu of interactive com- 
mands like Look, Pick Up, Talk 
To, Give, and Use is at your 
disposal. Before each city you 
must get through a cutesy side- 
scrolling game where you pick 
up icons to get an extra life. 
On one level there’s even an 
overhead-view car-racing game. 

• ^ ^ 


3 1 %' * 

; r.ur vc l o* u 

PROTIP: The Clerk won’t give 
you the Targeting Device unb'l 

you get all the parts for the Mis- 
sile. You need the Gunpowder, a 
Match, and the Fusewire. 

PROTIP: The first two items to 
pick up are the Old Uno Town 
Teleport Key and the Coin. Take 
the Coin to the left and find the 
Luk-E-Day slot machine. 

It’s Uke...Cosmic, 

The real fun in Cosmic Space- 
head is the addictive hunt- 
and-search due-finding that 
pervades the game. The story 
is linear, so you won’t be able 
to get past an area without 
finding or doing something to 
complete your mission. 

PROTIP: You’ll need to enter 

Dodgey City from the front and 
the back to receive the Driver’s 
License and the Rubber Plug for 
the Bathtub. 

Most intermediate gamers 
will spend a lot of time with 
this one, although the graph- 
ics are geared toward young 
players. Younger players will 
need a little help to figure out 
the text and some of the 
clues. Don't let a little reading 
deter you, though. Cosmic 
Spacehead will grow on you 
like an alien space fungus. 13 

PROTIP: Leave some password 
icons lying around and return to 
them after you’ve completed 
difficult side-scrolling secb'ons. 



February 1894 


Taito's new International Tennis Tour 
in stunning detail, making it seem as 1 
actually on the court. You’ll face 
the same challenges the pros do, 
from tough training sessions to the 
pressure of court competition. 

Play the professional circuit and 
battle the world's 64 best players 
for the championship title! 

j Automobile-impact 
r testing tools, safe- 
driving TV commercial stars, 
toy figurines, and cultural 
icons...not a bad track record 
for a bunch of Dummies. In 
fact, The Incredible Crash 
Dummies is not bad for a Gen- 
esis video game. 

This zany, side-view action/ 
adventure game makes you 
the Crash Dummy, Slick. You’re 
on a mission to save the syn- 
thetic hide of Dr. Zub, who’s 
been Dummy-napped by the 
villainous Junkman and his 
Junkbot gang. You must find 
Zub before Junkman can 
squeeze the plans for the 
TORSO-9000 Super Dummy 
body out of him! 

PROTIP: The forward roll gets you 
past tight squeezes. Press Left or 
Right to run, then hit Down. 

PROTIP: The sounds are a dead 
giveaway to nearby foes. 

The Incredible 
Crash Dummies 

The Incredible Crash Dummies 
crash into the Genesis with fun 
but familiar results. 

Price not available 4 zones 

8 megs Side view 

Available now Multi-scrolling 

Action/adventure S continues 

2 players 

You Ain't Got No Body 

The frenetic fighting action 
here is straight hop-n-bop, 
and the hoppin’ plays off the 
key characteristic of the Crash 
Dummy toys - detachable 
limbs. You got it! It literally 
costs you an arm and a leg 
every time you get hit by a 
bad guy ! If you aren’t careful, 
you’ll wind up as a tumbling 
torso. Don’t worry, you can 
still hurl a mean Wrench at the 
Junkbots, and Screwdriver 
power-ups restore your 

Crash Dummies’ challenge 
won't make your ego crash 
and burn, but intermediate 
action buffs will get a good 
workout. The cart’s four Zones 
consist of four to five Dummy- 
dangerous stages, each of 
which has a hard-to-find exit 
and a time limit. 

PROTIP: You can destroy bad 
guys and most traps by hop- 
ping on them. 

PROTIP: If you have the time, you 
can outrun most moving Dummy 
destroyers, such as tires. Re- 
verse direction and run away 
until they disappear off-screen. 

In general, the controls do 
a good job of enabling you to 
handle the action. However, 
precision play is necessary, 
since the Dummies slip and 
slide whenever they leap. 

Looks Like a Dummy 

The smart-looking graphics do 
the Dummies justice, but the 
sprites definitely lack person- 
ality. Turning down the 
game’s volume is no loss. Its 
sound effects are cute, but not 
cutting edge. 

DoN for the Dummies! 

The Incredible Crash Dummies 
is a creditable cart. Dummy 
fans will want this game for 
their collections, but kids will 
face a fairly tough fight. If 
these merry manikins turn 
you on, don't be a dummy, be 
a Dummy. □ 



February 1 994 

Genesis Game ProFile 

Dragon’s Revenge 


By Erik Suzuki 

The exc ' tement °f a 
coin-operated pinball 
game is in the flashing lights, 
the harsh sounds, and .the mas- 
sive scores you can accumu- 
late. But pinball video games 
always seem to lose something 
in the translation. With Drag- 
on's Revenge, Tengen lost and 
found something new. 

PROTIP: If you can make it here, 
you’ll rack up thousands of 
extra points. 

Fury’s Revenge 

Almost two years ago, Tengen 
released Dragon’s Fury for the 
Genesis. This cart opened up 
an entirely new dimension in 
pinball video games by incor- 
porating sub-levels, monsters, 
great graphics, and awesome 
sound effects. Dragon’s 
Revenge definitely borrows a 
lot from Dragon’s Fury, but it 
improves just slightly upon 
the original game. 

PR0T1P: Don’t mess around with 
the Gold Ball. It lasts for only 60 

schemes wash out the wild 
fantasy-land art. In particular, 
the cart’s limp color palette 
causes some otherwise nicely 
drawn pix, such as Darzel’s 
face and the Dragon's head, to 
look pale. Still, the graphics 
are definitely unique, and they 
keep you entertained. 

Simple Sounds 

Dragon’s Revenge makes 
good use of the Genesis's 
audio port by presenting a ton 
of digitized explosions and 
voices. When you lose at a sub 
level, a girl sarcastically taunts 
‘Try again,” and amazingly 
enough you can understand it. 
Although the music fits the 
game, it's merely average and 
has an annoying twang. 

Here’s just one of the eight differ- 
ent sub-levels. 

Beat this Bonus screen to earn 
the Gold Ball. 

PROTIP: Hit A and C to shake 
balls into hard-to-reach comers 
and to hit targets. 

The flipper-pumping game 
play makes you sweat, and it 
keeps you guessing, too. 
Dragon’s Fury required sharp 
flipper skills and good timing 
to successfully complete the 
game. With Dragon's Revenge, 
skill is still essential, but luck 
plays an almost equal role in 
your success. The multi- 
plier balls, especially the 
Gold Ball and the Red 
Balls, really come in 

Color Blind 

Graphically, Dragon's 
Revenge looks good for 
a pinball video game, 
but the muted color 

You get eight sub-levels 
this time. Naturally, you run 
into an entirely new set of 
nasty-looking boss characters 
and monsters, such as the 
Mindslayer and Baalzhog the 
Spiked Nightmare. You also 
get much more detail in the 
background graphics. 

PR0T1P: If you nail the Dragon’s 
head enough times, he’ll let you 
inside his mouth. 

PROTIP: You must destroy 
Daizel’s face after you complete 
the 8 sub-levels. 

Is Vengeance Yours? 

Dragon’s Revenge is a solid 
game for pinball fans and 
gamers who like fast action. It 
offers new variations and 
hides plenty of secrets. If you 
liked Dragon’s Fury, then defi- 
nitely go for Revenge. □ 
PROTIP: Try to balance the ball 
on a Ripper, a bumper, or some 
other object. If you keep it there 
long enough it explodes, but you 
get 500,000 points. 

You must destroy this fiery foe. 

Dragon’s Revenge is a nice 
followup to Dragon’s Fury. 
It’s a good, though not great 
pinball game. 


February 1994 



look up. Each of the buttons 
does the same thing: A single 
button push makes Havoc 
jump if he’s standing, or he can 
roll out of danger if he’s in a 
squat position. Havoc can bop 
enemies by jumping on their 
heads, or double-push on a 
button to swing his sword at 
evil passersby. 

Not all is dangerous in 
Havoc's trek.Jreasure'Chests 
are strewn dbout, and can pro- 
vide swifter fodtware, food 
that offers healing to Havoc’s 
damage bar, as well as extra 
lives and bonus points. 

PROTIP: You’ve got to beat the 
clock, but if going for additional 
points or bonus power-ups 
doesn’t put you in danger, make 
a quick run for them. 

The graphics are very crisp 
and clean, The animation is 
smooth for all characters, and 
levels such as the Burning 
Hamlet feature swirling back- 
grounds (and you thought that 
was only possible with Mode 7). 

PROTIP: It's possible to jump | 
and swing your sword. Though « 
double-push on the button will 
make you swing your sword, 
timing is of the essence. Your 
second press of the button has 
to take place before you hit the 
ground. Practice the timing of 
this early in the game. 

' pROPPPh's usually better to 
™ i avoiirconfrontation. If you can 
leap over your enemies, your 
. points will suffer, but you’ll live 
to fight another battle. 

Wreaking Havoc 

High^as Havoc sports a 
homin’ soundtrack. The 
,tfbund effects, however, cat\ 
be pretty disappointing. Whil 
most are decent, many of 
them are raspy. 

By Manny LaMancha 

, Ah, poor Cap’n 
Havoc’s gotten him- 
self into a fix. Bernard, the 
seafaring pirate canine, is 
holding a map that could lead 
him to wealth - and the Emer- 
alda gem filled with magic. It’s 
up to you to guide Havoc’s 
search for the treasure in this 
fun adventure. * J 

; Who Said pi P§n 
Is Mightier Tfiaij t 
y the Sword?' '.i. 

High Seas Havoc is a fot- 
paced hop-n-bop action/ 
adventure jaunt that wjll test 
your reflexes. As you hdht for 
hidden riches, you must*sur- 
vive all kinds of peril, fffyn ice 
caves and fire pits, to dernger 
on the open water and strug- 
gles at the top of the wofld. 
Each level has more thanpne 
■ path to the exit. You can take 
detours that will brfng yeu 
rrpre treasures or more 
tfiemy conflicts. This,ehables 
you to make your seafaring • 
different each time. « ‘ . 

Putting Havoc, a cartoony. 
character, through his paces ik« 
very easy, thanks tpa simple 
control system. The directional 
pad moves him from spot to 
spot, and mak& nim squat or 
, » , 

Genesis Game ProFile 

High Seas Havoc 

(By Data East) 

The tide is rougher in the 
fun category. While High Seas 
Havoc owes a lot to such plat- 
form icons as Sonic and Mario, 
there are a few sections that 
will simply irritate rather than 
titillate. For the most part, 
though, the game is an enjoy- 
able and well-designed romp. 

PROTIP: When you reach the first 
boss at the end of the Pirate 
Ship level, you can safely 
bounce on his head, then 
jump off and strike as he 
turns. If you hit him and 
bounce away, you’ll be 
out of reach when he 
starts swinging wildly 
with his sword. 

Ahoy, mates! Better batten 
down the hatches and swab the 
decks - then take to the ocean 
blue for some wild adventure 
courtesy of Data East. 

PROPP: Some bonus 
items are out of normal 
jumping range, but you 
can springboard off an 
enemy’s back to reach 

High Seas Havoc’s faults 
are minor, but can com- 
bine to really distract you 
from your mission. If your pref- 
erence leans more to gradually 
discovering how to reach the 
goal rather than being battered 
until you complete a level, 

High Seas Havoc might not be 
your gaming lifeboat. Other- 
wise, prepare to set sail. □ 

PROTIP: Be sure to hit the orb 
checkpoints. Even if you back- 
track for bonus items and get V 
killed, you’ll be able to restart jr 
from the' point farthest forward. 


February 1894 

F 0 - 


10 OFF 

^JFemale J 
CouDon # 



Good lor Sonic The Hedgehog 3'" Game 

KraisEE' MM 


Genesis Game ProFile 

Stimpy’s Invention 

(By Sega) 

ball or two from Stimpy. They 
also roll each other like bowl- 
ing balls, toss each other like 
boomerangs, and hang onto 
each other for short aerial 
maneuvers. Unfortunately, 
despite such apparent variety, 
the game is still too simple. 

PRO TIP: Hop a rising bubble in 
the Lab, and stay on it until 

Continually use Ren or Stimpy’s 
Hying move to get to the lip of 
the Test Tube. 


Stimpy s 

Stimpy’s a Joy! 

In Stimpy’s Invention, you play 
either Ren or Stimpy as you 
wind your way through five 
twisted levels in search of 
pieces of Stimpy’s new inven- 
tion, the Mutate-O-Matic. You’ll 
go through such levels as the 
Zoo, the City Streets, the Dog 
Pound, and Stimpy’s Lab. 

You’ll meet banana-tossing 
Chimps, ice-box bound Wal- 
ruses, and bullish Bulldogs 

Small, Dark, and 

The graphics in Stimpy’s 
Invention will keep you glued 
to the set. All the outrageous 
characters appear, including 
the Horse and the Tooth 
Beavers. The backgrounds 
look like they came straight 
from the R & S episodes, and 
they’re as colorful, cartoony, 
and comedic as the two stars. 

KlFggSsli PI B 

PROTIP: Knock off the Fireman in 
the City Streets, then jump on the 
hydrants for a lift to new areas. 

The music, although 
sparse, comes across well, as 
do the sound effects. You’ll 
clearly hear every belch, every 
utterance of "Joy!" from 
Stimpy’s mouth, and even 
Ren's patented, “You stupid 
iiiiidiot!!!” A brief rendition of 
‘The Log Song" opens the 
game, and “Happy, Happy, 

Joy, Joy” closes the game. 

Hen Again 

Stimpy's Invention plays better 
than the SNES game (called 
Veediots, reviewed in Decem- 
ber ’93), and it captures the 
humor better than the Game 
Gear version (Quest for the 
Shaven Yak, reviewed in 
November ’93). If you’re look- 
ing for something fast and 
funny, then Stimpy’s Invention 
is right on the money. □ 

By Scary Larry 

Happy Happy, Joy 
Joy! Ren and Stimpy 
are on the Genesis in a very 
funny (and very playable) game 
that gives you all the best 
elements of the TV show. 
Although the party ends just as 
it starts to warm up, Stimpy’s 
Invention is the formula for fun! 

along the way. The levels are 
so imaginative and fun, you’ll 
they were longer. 

PROTIP: in the Aviary, watch out 
for thorny baps. To make it out 
safely, aim Ren or Stimpy’s head 
in one direction, then press on 
the pad in that direction. 

PROTIP: In the City Streets, 
pedal the bike and jump ovei 
the cars in front of you. 

PR0T1P: In the Zoo, the easiest 
way to get past the killer 
Giraffes is to fly by them. 

You’ll also wish the game 
were more challenging. Inter- 
mediate players will have no 
problem clearing the levels. 
You perform standard run- 
and-jump maneuvers against 
enemies who attack from 
above, from the side, or from 
anywhere. Ren and Stimpy 
also have some special 
moves. Stimpy can squeeze 
Ren to belch enemies away, 
and Ren can squeeze a hair- 

Ren and Stimpy are havin' a 
blast Stimpy’s Invention is not 
only a treat for fans of the 
show, but also for side-scrolling 
video game enthusiasts. 

* V, > r • h; • | 

WTl ill 

$54.99 5 

Available now Si 

Aclion/adventure M 

2 players Pa 



€• * » 



February 1994 

pmtcMS for the Super Nintendo 

One Player Mode with 9 levels and 
password support. 

Entertainment System only has two speeds: fast and way fast. 

Two player head-to-head mode. 

Tournament mode 
tracks up to 8 
players stats. 

* 9 grueling tracks! 

Brutal high-tech 

Check it out, if you’re up to it! 

Blow away traffic jams! 

High speed thrills! 

Two player split screen Mode 7 
head-to-head action! 

Run 'em off the 


By Scary Larry 

The Belmonts are 

back with a blood 
lust for the baddest biter 
around. That’s right, look 
what the cat Grac'd in, folks. 
It’s an interview with a vam- 
pire, and with so much at 
stake, the Count had better 
take it to heart (ouch!). 

Fangs for the 

Genesis owners have been 
waiting breathlessly for Konami 
to bring its classic Castlevania 
series to the Sega systems. 
Castlevania Bloodlines, an 
action/adventure side-scroller 
with graphics and game play 
similar to the rest of the carts 
in the Castlevania series, 
brings new blood to the popu- 
lar series, as well as a lot of 
new bite. 

The story’s hero is John 
Morris, the great grandson of 
Dracula-slayer Quincy Morris, 
and a dedicated vampire 
hunter himself. You can also 
play as Eric Lecarde, a young 
man who wants revenge 
against the witch who turned 
his girlfriend into a vampire. 
During the adventure, you 
travel through castles, haunt- 
ed ships, and more as you 
search for the father of all 
vampires, the Fang Sinatra of 

John is armed with the 
patented Belmont whip, while 
Eric uses a spear. The spear- 
tossing Eric can also super- 
jump, and both characters 
collect weapons, life bar 
power-ups, and more to forti- 
fy themselves during their 
hunt for Dracula. 

Tooth or Dare 

Konami’s first Castlevania 
foray for the Genesis looks to 

little cool whip to the 

Johnny tries to add . 
Count's birthday cake. 

Well, if it isn’t the old ball and chain! 

be filled with 
ghoulish fun, lots 
of thrills, and plen- 
ty of excitement I 
in the true Castle- 
vania tradition. 

Tune in next 
month for a com- 
plete ProReview - 
and don’t forget 
your garlic! M Heav 
Castlevania Bloodlines 
By Konami 
Available Now 

with you. 

Niiiiiice doggie!! 

The aliens try to spin 
a web of deceit, but 
you’re up to the task. 

When you voyage under water, 
gravity disappears, but you'll have 
to deal with your ship’s buoyancy, 
which pushes you to the surface. 

The Training mode helps you get a 
handle on maneuvering your ship. 

Large, colorful boss « 

By The Unknown 

Man your battle 
stations, space jockeys! 
Sega’s letting fly with a space 
shooter that has some very 
interesting twists. 

Don’t Let It 
Get You Down 

Fire up Sub-Terrania and climb 
aboard for nine missions of 
interstellar combat. In each 
mission you must complete 
various tasks, including rescu- 
ing stranded space miners, 
destroying nuclear reactors, 
and defeating awesome space 
bosses. You'll notice that the 
game play is similar in style to 
Ecco the Dolphin or Jungle 
Strike - with a cool spaceship 
thrown in. 

There’s plenty of variety among 
the mission objectives. 

It’s gonna take more than a fly 
swatter to destroy this pest. 

You've got an overhead 
view of the shooting as you 
pilot your ship through eerie 
alien landscapes. Your ship 
rotates 360 degrees, and you 
maneuver with Forward and 
Reverse Thrusters. This may 
sound easy, but gravity's wait- 
ing to drag you down. Gravita- 
tional forces constantly pull 
your ship to the bottom of the 
screen, draining energy and 
damaging you badly. Fortu- 
nately, power-ups include 
Shields, Missiles, and three dif- 
ferent Lasers. 

Fly Me 

Designed by Scavenger, a 
new developer for Sega, this 
game looks like an original 
and extremely challenging 
shoot-em-up adventure. Stand 
by for a closer look in an 
upcoming issue. □ 

By Sega of America, 
Available First Quarter ’94 



February 1994 



Put your Super NES on wheels with 
Taito's turbo-driven CHASE HQ! In an 
undercover sports car, you'll race 
through cities and mountains in pursuit 
of suspects. Shift your reflexes 
into overdrive to dodge through gf[4 
traffic and around obstacles as m 1 
you catch up with the fleeing C 
vehicle. Force the criminals I jB 
over or smash their car to a mill f/ 
standstill - in this game, you ■ IjS ijj 
choose the method of justice! 

■ Turbo Acceleration! 

■ Five Different Rounds! 

■ Windshield Screen View! 



\ Also available for Game B 



Taito's SUPERNOVA for the SNES offers you the 
sleekest fighting ship ever launched! You will 
command the Silver Hawk in battle against 
hyperbacteria, dinosaurs, and a leviathan battle 
cruiser as the Pelsar Empire attempts to conquer the 
federated planets. Victory depends on your skill with 
Silver Hawk's three fighting modes and power 
balance system! 

■ Fifteen combat zones! 

■ Three different endings! 

■ A war of wits and speed! 



THE ONLY GAME IN TOWN taito America corporation 31 

You Command the Bridge! 


The Enterprise is 

finally about to 

enter Genesis space. Star Trek: 
The Next Generation is due to 
be released by Sega in March. 
This long-awaited 24-meg 
action/adventure game will 
enable you to command the 
U.S.S. Enterprise I70I-D. 

A Strange New Story 

The cart warps you into several 
types of game play challenge 
which are woven into an 
intriguing story line. During a 
routine mission, the Enterprise 
encounters a derelict space- 
ship. Captain Picard brings the 
crew out of suspended anima- 
tion and finds that they seek a 
legendary omnipotent device. 
The device was created thou- 
sands of years ago, but it was 
• so powerful that its creators, 
fearful that it would fall into 
evil hands, sent it into the 
future, where it reappears 
every 1 0,000 years. 

A TYek for Trekkers 

Trek will combine several inter- 
esting game play interfaces. 
You’ll start out on the Enter- 
prise bridge with a first-person 
perspective. Full-screen dis- 
plays enable you to use such 
ship's stations as the Sensors, 
the Computer, and Engineer- 
ing, as if you’re the crewman 
on duty. Although fighting is 
always the last resort (as in the 
television show), you'll engage 
the starships of Romulan, Fer- 
engi, and other races in face-to- 
face confrontations, some of 
which will end up in Phaser 

When it comes time to carry 
on outside the ship, you pick 
an Away Team based on the 
talents of your crew. Comman- 
der Riker, Data, Dr. Crusher, 
Worf, Geordi, and Counselor 
Troi are among the crew mem- 
bers eligible. Of course, you 
have a full complement of 
"expendable" crewmen. 

Away Team missions 
appear in a J Z-overhead per- 
spective and take place on 
various planets and ships. 

The Transporter sends you on 
your way. 

Away Team members can go their 
separate ways. 

A Genesis Generation 

Star Trek: The Next Genera- 
tion sounds like it's going to 
satisfy even hard-core Trek 
aficionados...and it had better! 
Since there are no fans like 
Star Trek fans, let's hope Sega 
can make it so. □ 

Star Trek: The Next Generation 
by Sega 

Available March 

You’ll be able to switch con- 
trol among the Away Team 
members, so that the Team 
can accomplish several tasks 
at once, in real time. 

You'll pick the Away Team. 


February 1994 

If you think 
food's gross, 


But you better get help first. Because, as an ant, that spider 
is about ten times bigger than you. And you better hurry up or 
you won’t be eating — you’ll be eaten. 
Introducing SimAnt for Super NES — 
the first, best and only game that lets 
you experience real life through the 
compound eyes of an ant. 

super mm 

For the location of a dealer near you, or for more information, 
call 1 -800-33-MAXIS. 

SimAnt ©1991, Sim-Business and Will Wright. SimAnt Super NES version is copy- 
right 1993 Imagineer. Published under license from Imagineer Co., Ltd. of Japan. 
Nintendo, Super Nintendo Entertainment System and the Official Seals are regis- 
tered trademarks of Nintendo of America Inc. 





By Scary Larry 

We’ve cornered 
one of the hottest 
fighting carts this season, and 
if you read last month’s review 
you know that Eternal Cham- 

pions is setting new standards 
for fighting games. In this spe- 
cial three-part series, we’ll 
show you some of the best 
combos for this mega-mon- 
strous mashed 

February 1994 

Xavier is a real cloak-and-dagger (-in-the- 
back) fighter. His Hapkido Cane Fighting 
style is great for long-range attacks, and 
his background in Alchemy lets him do 
some weird stuff to his opponents. 
Watch out for this boy in the hood. 

7 Tie Gold Digger 

Finally, send Slash in with a Run- 
ning Head Butt (Charge Back, then 
press Forward and hit Button C). 


Cavemen (excuse me...cavepersons) are not an easy 
bunch to please. Unless you're somewhat adept at cave 
painting, it's hard to get a grunt out of them. They like to 
I hang out, and they enjoy the (spiked) club scene 
I immensely. Although somewhat slower than his 

advanced opponents, Slash’s Pain style of fighting can be ! 
very effective. Who needs opposable thumbs when you j 
walk heavily and carry the biggest stick? 

The Slash Kicker 

Slashes to Slashes 

Leap Forward with Button Z. 

Then, go low and hit Button B. 

Stay low and hit Button C. 

Conclude with the De-Claw 
(Charge Back, then press Forward 
and hit Button Z). 

Then, get in dose and hit B. 

Stand and press Button Z. 

Hext Montli: Trident, 

Larcen, and Jetta! 


GAMEPRO • February 1994 


In this action-packed role playing game, you’ll either use your brain to solve a complex 





But be prepared, because Tournament 
Fighters for Super NES® Sega Genesis and 
NES ' puts a whole new face on fighting games. 
It's intense, one-on-one fighting that has 
every savage 

street hardened w 

warrior drooling if - ''.' /|p 

with anticipation 


JO? h 

Plllf imiWKtl: ; ii-lj, . 

Streak across the stars for an all-new hip-hop-’til-U-drop adventure on the 
far-flung planet of Funkotron! Toejam & Earl are caught in a manic panic 
when a flock of Earthling tourists hitch a ride on their Rapmaster Rocket. 
Now it’s your turn to help the dynamic duo round ’em up with their 
FunkScan and send this pesky posse packing through 17 levels of 
funkified fungi jumping, bubble bouncing and rhythm rapping fun! 

Feel the funk.. .with Toejam & Earl! 

Toejam & Earl 
take off on a > 
New Voyage! 


Dive for presents in underwater caverns 
and sneak a smooch from a friendly blowfish! 


Bubble-bounce your way to the Funktivate Spots 
and help restore the fabric of the Funk Dimension! 



Jar the touristy twits - 
and those pesky poodles 
too. while you're at it! 


Hotfoot through 
the fires of the 
underground caverns! 

jam out ! Kick it with the jivesters on 
Homey StreeLand collect valuable clues in the process! 

bust a move ! Drop-lob a jar on 
shin-kicking Earthlings! Everyone on the bus...pronto! 

1 % 

.vJP|r; Francis Ford Cop- 
pola's 1 992 movie 
of Bram Stoker’s classic novel 
didn’t become the new stan- 
dard for Dracula films, and the 

recent 1 6-bit games weren’t 
huge hits, either. Now that the 
CD version has finally arrived 
with little impact, perhaps we 
can finally lay this bloodsuck- 

er to rest. 

PROTIP: Pay attention to Van 
Helsing’s commentary between 
levels. He’ll point out some of 
the dangers ahead. 


Wanna meet a ruthless villain » This 
goes for the throat! 

Sega CD Game Profile 

Bram Stoker’s Dracula 

(By Sony Imagesoft) 

There’s not much life left in the 
Count. Slow, repetitive game 
play and disappointing graph- 
ics make the CD version the 
worst of '93’s Dracula games. 

$59.95 1 player 

CO 7 levels 

Available now Side view 

Aclion/advenlure Multi-scrolling 

Less Bite for 
Your Buck 

The film and Sony Imagesoft’s 
SNES and Genesis versions all 
shared two things: the plot 
and the lush visuals. On the 
Sega CD, you again play 
Jonathan Harker, a young Eng- 
lish solicitor who fights his 
way to a deadly rendezvous 
with that pain in the neck, 
Count Dracula. While the story 
line is familiar (and illustrated 
here with scenes from the 

flick), the Sega CD for some 
reason has the weakest Harker 
of the bunch (including the 
fine Came Boy version). Harker 
no longer picks up daggers, 
swords, and muskets along 
the way. He’s your standard 
punchin’, kickin’ fool in a 
supernatural world that 
demands extraordinary pow- 
ers. With only three continues, 
this slow, feeble hero drains all 
the life from the game’s veins. 

PROTIP: Walk halfway into the 
traps buried in the Level One 
snow , then jump safely 
across them. 

PROTIP: Kick field goals with 
these nasty beasties as you 
move through the Castle. 

PRO TIP: Rely on your Jump Kick 
against this batty version of 
Drac near the end of Level Two. 

Even worse, the graphics 
have somehow been dimin- 
ished. The full-motion video 
scenes from the movie, which 
you get at the beginning of 
the game and between levels, 
are pixelated and unimpres- 
sive. The colorful back- 
grounds from the SNES have 
gone gray, and the varied ene- 
mies of the other games now 
seem small and monotonous. 

The Count showed up in sev- 
eral huge forms on the 1 6-bit 
systems, but here he seems 
much less intimidating and 
much more beatable. You'll 
want more from the game’s 
graphics than you’ll get. 

PROTIP: Don’t walk to the edge 
of this last plank to get across 
the Level One bridge. Step back 
to the center of the plank, then 
make your jump. 

PROTIP: Get your kicks (and 
punches) in the Castle’s library. 
Stand in front of the pillars and 
you won’t be struck by the 
books that fly from the back- 

Music of the Night 

The chilling sounds help keep . 
you on your quest, however, 
and are the best part of the 
game. The suitably creepy 
music underscores the action 
in the horrific settings, and 
atmospheric sound effects 
create a malevolent mood. 
Screeching ravens, tolling 
bells, and whistling winds add, death.. .well, you get 
the idea. 

Fangs, But No Fangs 

Despite the potential for a 
gruesomely good time, you're 
really sticking your neck out 
with this monotonous game. 
Bram Stoker's timeless novel 
deserves a great treatment, 
but, unfortunately, this isn’t it. 
The CD game only makes you 
hungry for a nice stake. ■ 



February 1994 


First they 
brought you 
]lay Fighters — 
the clay animation heroes that hilariously 
ruled the Super Nintendo action scene. Now, 
the Interplay team introduces Claymates ™ 
— five amazing clay animation characters 
to bring you hours of action-packed fun. 

Transform yourself into any Claymate 
character, like Muckster the cat to race 
up a tree, Doh-Doh the bird to flap 
through the air, or Oozy the mouse to 
turbo-scurry out of danger. Claymates 
— the outrageous new game from the 
people who made clay a force to be 
reckoned with. Coming March 1994. 

Interplay Productions. Inc. 
17922 Fitch Avenue 
Irvine. CA 92714 
(714) 553-6655 


r M ■ nlanflfA J <993 Interplay Productions. Inc. All rights reserved. Claymates is a trademark of Interplay Productions, Inc. Nintendo. Super Nintendo Entertainment 
System, Super NES and the official seal are trademarks of Nintendo of America. Inc. © 1989 Nintendo of America, Inc. 

Sega CD Game ProFile 


(By Dynamix) 

This eagerly awaited CD 
doesn’t quite deliver the 
intense, varied shooting action 
everyone had hoped for. Strong 
sounds and graphics help keep 
Stellar-Fire burning, just not as 
brightly as you’d expect. 

galaxy, but it’s not as blazing 
hot as everyone was hoping 
for. Stellar-Fire arrives with 
fiery sounds, some sparkling 
graphics, and a stellar heritage 
(it’s based on an acclaimed PC 
game), but there’s not enough 
action to keep this Fire burn- 
ing brightly. 

You’re the last remaining pilot 
in the battle to wipe out the 
evil Draxons, whose home 
planet, Arctura, is protected 
by five moons. Skimming 
above the colorful lunar sur- 
faces, you shoot, chase, 
dodge, and gather Crystals 
until you finally arrive on Arc- 
tura for a final confrontation. 

Fly me to the moon...the moons of 
Arctura, that is. 

If Stellar-Fire seems disap- 
pointing, it's only because we 
had such high hopes. It's still 
a good shooter, just not a 
space ace. 

barely up to the task, which is 
one of the game’s flaws. The 
Raven doesn’t move quickly 
enough, nor does it go in 
reverse or spin sharply. The 
stiff controls cause you to plow 
into oncoming traffic. What’s 
more, a great shooting game 
usually has great weapons in 
great variety, but the Raven 
has only the ineffectual Laser 
and Cannon, with an occasion- 
al all-powerful Fat Boy bomb 
thrown in. Slow, weak 
weapons mean you have to 
shoot some targets repeatedly 
from point blank range. 

You'll see plenty of these as you 
blast your way through the Arc- 
turan System! 

Stellar-Fire boasts a great 
opening sequence that will 
make you want to get your 
hands on the controller. The 
game, though, looks nothing 
like that teaser. You peer out 
from a wide cockpit onto a 
colorful lunar surface. As in 
Star Fox for the SNES, polygo- 
nal ships zoom toward you, 
but they are slower and less 
exciting than in Star Fox. Only 
a few of the Draxon ships are 
particularly imaginative. Your 
cockpit Radar isn’t very help- 
ful, either. The best details are 
the cracks in the windshield 
after a collision and the splat 
you get when a flying enemy 
hits the glass. 

Explosive action sequences start 
the game. 

The sounds are consistent- 
ly strong. You’ll hear an array 
of rockin’ tunes that'll get your 
adrenalin pumpin’. A snippet 
of speech propels the action, 
as do the sounds of shots, c 
lisions, and explosions. 


February 1894 


Outlaw Mad Dog McCree and his henchmen have taken over a 
wild west frontier town, locked the sheriff in his own jail, and kid- 
napped the mayor and his daughter. Sharp shooting is a must in 
this arcade classic where the player must save the town, rescue the 
mayor and his daughter, and triumph in a final showdown against 
Mad Dog himself. 

It's the Rollicking ‘30s and someone has killed popular singer 
Johnny Rock in this action-packed gangster whodunit. The player 
will need to navigate the back streets, gaming halls, funeral parlors 
and the dirty sections of this city to get at the clues held by a num- 
ber of shady characters and solve this murder mystery. Bad guys 
with machine guns provide a high level of challenge. 




3 DO 

Introducing the world’s first interactive live motion picture games, for CD 
home entertainment systems. Now available at your favorite retailer. 

Amer ican 

•t GAMES,**: 


Sega CD 

By Manny LaMancha 

, Acclaim’s the first 
company to climb 
into the Sega CD ring with a 
wrestling disc. WWF Rage in 
the Cage is a lot of fun - if you 
don't mind waiting for your 
match to begin. 

Beaten to the Punch 

The name of the game in Rage 
in the Cage is as simple as pro 
wrestling itself: beat the 
stuffing out of your opponent 
with kicks, punches, elbows, 
and eye gouges. For variety, 
you pull special moves (each of 
the 20 wrestlers has one). 

In the simple one-fall match, 
all you have to do is slam and 
pin your opponent. In the no- 
rules, no-holds-barred Brawl 
contests, the match goes on 
until one wrestler can't fight 
any longer. In the Steel Cage 


PROTIP: The cheap, against-the- 
niles moves are great in the 
Brawl match. Be sure you know 
them going in. 

Sega CD Game ProFile 

WWF Rage in the Cage 

(By Arena) 

Get ready to r-u-m-b-l-e! You 
can wrestle against some ot 
the hottest pros in the WWF in 
this above-average big-time 
wrestling disc for the Sega CD. 

matches, whoever escapes first 
by climbing the fence that sur- 
rounds the ring, wins. Finally, 
during the Tournament you 
pick one wrestler and compete 
against the 1 9 other computer- 
controlled stars for the WWF 

A Smashing Success 

Rage in the Cage is a lot of 
fun - once you get the hang of 
the controls. Veterans of prior 
WWF carts will find the game 
play very familiar, but begin- 
ning wrestlers and any using a 
three-button controller will 
have to learn myriad tech- 
niques. Six-button controllers 
make things a little easier, but 
still it takes practice. 

And the winner is...Lex Luger! 
Next challenger, please! 

PROTIP: If your opponent is 
climbing out of the Steel Cage, 
quickly run to the comer he’s 
leaving from and hit Button B. 
You’ll slam into the ropes, caus- 
ing the other wrestler to fly 
back into the ring. 

Once you really start sweat- 
ing, the game play makes you 
laugh and cry. The good vari- 
ety of the matches extends the 
game’s playability, but despite 
the smooth action, the CD 
takes annoyingly long to load 
game information. 

The massive information 
storage comes into play with 
the sound more than with the 
graphics. Each wrestler has his 
own theme music, and cool 
battle sounds and the thuds of 
bodies hitting the mat definitely 
set the mood. 


PROTIP: Study the special move 
for the wrestler you’re using. 
It’s usually the best way to 
drain your adversary’s energy. 

The visuals have style, at 
least. At the character selec- 
tion screen, each WWF star 
(such as Macho Man Randy 
Savage, the Undertaker, and 
Yokozuna) gets a half-screen 
“photo" and (the best part) a 
quick film clip of his special 
move taken from actual 

wrestling footage. 

PROTIP: In a Steel Cage Match, 
get your opponent down on the 
mat away from your comer. If 
you stun him well enough, he 
won’t be able to catch you 
before you get out. 

PROTIP: If you’re mnning 
between the ropes, a flying kick 
will tag your opponent before he 
has a chance to pull a move on 
you up close. 

More Trounce to 
the Ounce 

Rage in the Cage isn’t dramati- 
cally different from Acclaim’s 
prior WWF carts, but it has some 
additions worth pounding the 
mat for. If you don’t mind the 
frequent breaks - in time, that 
is, not bones - you’ll get a kick 
out of Rage in the Cage. Q 


February 1894 

Infinite lives 

Infinite bolls in all bonus rounds 

Start with all force abilities 

to my* of continues i 

Infinite lives 

\to any f of rounds in Options s 

Start at fight with Perth Voder" 

to any diffkulty level in Options scmet 

Start on Cloud City™ 3D 

Player 7 or computer starts with 

l Almost invincible 

1 1229 . 

i Infinite opptes 

-fioWdwn It, 

level select on main menu - 

I use Up/Down to change level, 

, Left/Kight for sub-level 

, Boms round pkyei after every level 

Protection front most enemies 

Infinite magic I must hove 

I pWy^Bltill most enemies vrilh I hit 

Infinite lives 

Never lose " n 8 s 
1 5 , 0( t wit h some rings i 

("Sonic™ starts °n 
I with 5 lives 

Infinite lives 

| Don't hide i 
pause -oil 



strange sounds and graphics) 












repaired immediately 

^^^^^ gjnfinile ammo on pick-up 


© 1993 Lewis Gaioob Toys, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Game Genie and Galoob are trademarks of Lewis Galoob Toys, Inc. "G 
Sega™ Genesis™ and Game Gear™ Systems. Sega, Genesis, Game Gear, Sonic Chaos, Sonic, Electric Egg Zone, Sonic S[ 
Game Genie is a product of Lewis Galoob Toys, Inc., and is nol manufactured, dtstrlb ‘ ' 
listed below. Game Boy, NES and Super NES are trademarks of Nintendo of America Inc. ActRalt 

Duck are trademarks of Disney. Splder-Man/X-Men— Arcade’s Revenge, Spider-Man, Cyclops, Wolverine, G 
Star Trek: The Next Generation, Photon Torpedoes and Phaser are trademarks of Paramount Pictures. Super Er 
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is a trademark of Mirage Studios. Tetris 2 Is a trademark of Elorg. Tou 

i of Konami (America) Inc. 

Sega CD 

By Scary Larry 

i Dirk the Daring is 
back! If you loved 
Dragon’s Lair in the arcades, 
you’re going to love this faith- 
ful Sega CD translation. 

Scary Lair-y 

Dragon’s Lair is being pro- 
duced by ReadySoft. It looks 
like the folks there have done 
a great job of translating the 
Bluth Animation Laser CD 
arcade game to the Sega CD. 

Any player who fought for 
Daphne’s hand in the arcade a 
couple of years back knows 
that the game’s move-and- 
click interface is somewhat 
archaic when compared to the 
advanced button movements 
of newer games. However, 
this animated graphic adven- 
ture still has a great charm 
that won't be lost on the new 
breed of gamers. 

Dragon's Lair is the tale of 
hapless Dirk. He's in love with 
Daphne, who’s been kid- 
napped by the Lizard King. It’s 
the timeless story of knight- 
meets-girl, girl-meets-dragon, 
with outrageous humor and 
lively graphics. You travel 
through the forest, into the 
castle, and eventually right 
into the Dragon’s Lair in your 
search for Daphne, glory, and 
a little respect. 

Hmmm...must be flu season, 'cuz I 
heard someone coffin. 


"cans m me belfry" describes 
both Dirk and the game! 

GAMEPRQ • February 1894 

That’s the way the catacombs 

Dirk Works It 

Since its term at the top of the 
arcade scene, Dragon's Lair 
has been imitated but never 
surpassed. The pictures in this 
article tell the real tale. For 
more on this classic adven- 
ture, see our ProReview in an 
upcoming issue. You may find 
you’ll want to spend a lot of 
time in Dirk’s world. □ 
Dragon’s Lair by ReadySoft 

How does Dirk get into sucn 
thorny situations? 

Are you a Sega-maniac? Or an SNES success? Would you 
rather duke it out in the street? Or at an altitude of 30,000 feet? 

QuickShot Technology, Inc. A Member of Tomei Group, 
47473 Seabridge Drive, Fremont, CA 94538 



Take on the toughest 
contenders with 

No matter how you play the game — or what games you play — 
QuickShot is behind you all the way. With a hill lineup of 
high-quality joysticks, arcade-style controllers, and thumb- 
control paas. And the best prices anywhere. 

So look for QuickShot wherever your favorite videogame prod- 
ucts are sold. And in the hands of value-wise gamers like you. 



Get a grip on 
the action with 
cutting-edge control. 



Get powerful arcade- 
style performance — 
to go! 


This programmable 
controller remembers 
your moves. 

QuickShot is a registered trademark, ond Storfighter, Invader, Python, Maverick, Conqueror, and Supercon ore trode 





More thumbs-on 

Sega CD 

By Earth Angel 

Sega's ready to unveil its 
next generation of discs for 
the CD system. Here's a first 
look at the games - we’ll 
give them ProReviews in 
upcoming issues of CamePro. 

person point of view. The 
interactive story line unfolds 
as you choose what you want 
to do and where you want to 
go in the town. Battle Cams 
enable you to see different 
areas of the town as you 
search for the aliens you’re 
out to destroy. 

You’re armed with standard- 
issue military weapons, and 
your main task is to gun down 

T here’s a little problem 
deep in the heart of Texas. 
It seems that about 20 years 
back, the inhabitants of a 
small town were faced with an 
influx of immigrants - from 
light years away! Now the aliens 
are planning the extermination 
of the human race. As a govern- 
ment agent, you’re assigned to 
move in and clean out the 
aliens in this two-disc game, 
which boasts a movie-quality 
soundtrack and more than 100 
minutes of full-motion video. 

Disguised aliens lurk everywhere, 
even in the Cantina. 

aliens wherever you find 
them. During the game, you’ll 
eventually have to snag some 
of the aliens’ own weapons, 
and then you’re in business. 

Ground Zero's graphics will blow 
you away. 

The game’s characters are 
real actors and actresses, and 
you see the action from a first- 

Similarto Night Trap, 
Ground Zero, Texas' TruVideo 
game play puts you in control 
of the plot and the action. Its 
innovative style and extensive 
full-motion video are an out- 
of-this-world change of pace 
for CD gamers. □ 

Ground Zero, Texas 
By Sega 

Available First Quarter ’ 94 , $59.99 

T he long-awaited Jurassic 
Park CD is finally about to 
hatch, and it looks well worth 
the wait. The story begins 
after the book and movie end. 
You're the first visitor to return 
to Jurassic Park, and you've got 
to find the dinosaur eggs and 
return them to the Visitors 
Center to be preserved. Of 
course, the island is still popu- 
lated with dangerous dino- 
saurs, so you’ve also got to 
stay alive long enough to 
escape after you’ve completed 
your mission. 

T. rex is looking for lunch, and 
you’re a likely entree. 

The game play is similar to 
other graphic adventure games, 
except that the graphics are 
highly involved and detailed - 
so real you’ll feel like you’re 
actually walking through the 
steamy jungles. You have a 

360-degree panoramic view of 
the action as you journey to 
more than 50 locations on the 
island. Lurking everywhere 
are beautifully detailed and 
animated dinosaurs, which 
were created with the help of 
the same powerful Silicon 
Graphics computers used to 
create the movie. 

Q-Sound adds to the 
atmosphere, with actual rep- 
tile and jungle noises. In fact, 
you’ve got to listen if you want 
to survive, because dinosaurs 
and other dangers will come 
at you from behind, and your 
only warning is the sound of 
their footsteps. 

In addition to having fun 
with the Jurassic CD, you’ll 
be able to learn a lot about 
dinosaurs. Sega recruited Dr. 
Robert Bakker, a reknowned 
paleontologist and dinosaur 
expert, to appear in the game. 
Jurassic Park looks like an 
exciting addition to the Sega 
CD library. □ 

Jurassic Park 
By Sega 

Available First Quarter ’94, $59.99 

Dr. Bakker’s always got a few handy tips that’ll help you 
solve your dinosaur problems - or scare you to death! 



February 1994 

S ega's climbing into the ring 
with this interesting disc, 
which makes use of innovative 
technology to involve the 
player in realistic first-person 
game control. With the help of 
Ron Stein, who choreographed 
the boxing sequences in the 
movies Raging Bull and Rocky 
III, Sega filmed boxing footage 
in a real ring using actual 
boxers. It took five weeks of 
choreographing and training to 
get the moves right for filming, 
and the resulting footage (done 
in black-and-white to set the 
mood) is very cool. 

When you tag your opponent on 
the chin, the entire screen rocks. 

Even before the bell rings, 
you've got a first-person view 
of the game as your trainers 
prep you for the fight and 
your opponent taunts you 
with his prowess. When the 
bout begins, you throw lefts, 

Don't let him Intimidate you. 

He's down for the count 
Once they had the footage 
on tape, Sega went into their 
own studio to put together a 
very unusual fighting inter- 
face. As 'The Kid," you're try- 
ing to battle your way to the 
championship. You fight four 
other increasingly challenging 
boxers, including Mega Joe, 
Honey Boy, and T. Rex. 

rights, uppercuts, and other 
standard punches. You’ll see 
your fists tag your opponent 
right on the chin, and the con- 
trols are so fast that there’s 
virtually no delay between 
your button presses and your 
fighter’s reactions. 

The fighters' faces at the bottom 
of the screen illustrate how much 
damage each boxer’s taken. 

Other details in this two- 
disc boxing extravaganza 
include detailed stats after 
each fight, different fight 
action each time, a training 
mode, and, for boxing 
aficionados, the one, the only 
Jean LaBelle as the referee. □ 
Prize Fighter 
By Sega 

Available Now, $59.99 

S ega hired Mary Lambert, 
who directed Pet Semetary, 
Pet Semetary 2, and several 
Madonna videos, to help create 
this off-beat murder-mystery 
adventure. Lambert directed 
the filming of all of the game's 
footage, and helped craft the 
Egyptian interiors in the old 
apartment building where the 
story takes place. 

This apartment building has...well... 
shall we say, some unusual tenants. 

During the game’s cinematic 
intro, you meet Eddie, a kooky 
guy who’s set up a series of 
traps to provide security for 
a crazy old mansion and its 
tenants. The tenants range 
from techno-punk band mem- 
bers “Jeff and the Scream," to 
archaeology and architecture 
graduate students. Unfortu- 
nately, Eddie’s gotten himself 
locked in the basement, and 

now he wants your help to get 
out...or so he says. With that, 
the mystery begins. 

■. As in Night Trap, you move 
from room to room in the 
mansion in real time, trying to 
solve puzzles and problems 
and figure out what the heck 
is going on. There’s always 
something happening in any 
room at any given time - it’s 
up to you to be in the right 
place at the right time. 

He’s screaming we 
can’t tell you - that would ruin 
your fun. 

The game also features a 
very cool musical soundtrack 
by none other than Thomas 
Dolby. Various celebs, includ- 
ing Deborah Harry and Corey 
Haime, also make guest 
appearances. □ 

Double Switch 
By Sega 

Available Now, $59.99 

Weird things are going down in this creepy old 
apartment building. 


February 1994 

capacity v ^ 

sion afte* 

betweer tjj . ^^B 

sumpti a ~ 

highly, 7 

scores \ f 

best, let/ f * flh^v 

^ Jj j 

’ 5>s&- 

begun ^Ljjjft — <• 

~^b& ^b « ■Bbbb 

n i \ IB IBPBBn 

ihe-.:. VLr ^^B 

■ JB. < 


While at this wriTiro-^Bo 

elusive data, a number of sources nave eBI^^Hpe^TolincI 
propensity to discuss international politicsTa^Ia bizarre 
compulsion to sit up straight in their chairs, speak in clear, 


lore powerful, more colorful, more respon- 
sive than ordinary systems. 3DO technology is 
so real it hurts. And Panasonic makes the only 
system that has it. 

Put on your protective gear; what we've got here 
is no sissy video game. 

You're barreling downfield toward the end zone, eating up yardage 
when suddenly you see him. 240 towering pounds— and talk about 
muscles —there isn't a flat surface on this guy! Or anywhere on your 
screen, for that matter. We're talking near 3-D graphics here. 

You fake to the left, the right — the program gives you total freedom. But 
he crushes you just the same. 

First and goal, the crowd 
goes ballistic, and you watch 
an instant replay that actually 
comes up instantly. Before 
you know it, you’re in for- 
mation again. Breath short, 
knuckles white, heart 
pounding —this is a video 
game that makes you break 
a sweat. This is R‘E*A*L. 

Introducing the Panasonic R-E’A-L 3DO Interactive Multiplayer, 
the most highly-evolved integration of audio, video and interactive 
technology available. It plays audio and photo CDs, and soon, with an 
optional adapter, video CDs. It will introduce you to a stunning new gen- 
eration of interactive education, information and entertainment software. 
And it makes video gaming come to life. 

With 50 times more power than ordinary video game systems and 
PCs. Up to 16 million displayable colors for photorealistic picture 
quality. Digital CD sound (with right and left outputs for stereo 
hookup). And a 32-bit RISC chip architecture that makes inter- 
action fast and furious. 

All of which means less lag time, better visuals and 
more play options as you lead your team downfield. 

In other words, it’s real. 

To speak to the dealer nearest you, call 

1-800-REAL-3DO. ■ 


just slightly ahead of our time* 



W ~ ^^F t -tr. ( Wf / 


SEGA AND SEGA CD ARE TRADEMARKS OF SEGA ENTERPRISES, LTD. Game (C) 1 992 Game Arts. “LUNAR" is a trademark of GAME ARTS. Licensed from GAME 
ARTS by WORKING DESIGNS, 18135 Clear Creek Road, Redding, CA 96001 . This game produced in 3B, eh? For a dealer near you, call (916) 243-341 7 ext. 190. 

v 4 w 

e mm 


r ] 

; s 1 

***«&& . • 


ft Hcmyit» r 1 


■ & v; i. .. , . 

on Hoth I 

If you’re gonna try to fight 
while riding your Tauntaun, 
use your Blaster, not your 
Lightsaber. The Hoth beasts 
won't be able to get as close 
to you. 

Avoid the Ice Crystals that 
form underneath you. They 
inflict the most damage. 

Use your Tauntaun to jump 
safely over the Ice Crystals 
on Hoth. 

To get the best footing on the 
ice, dismount from your 
Tauntaun and jump from col- 
umn to column on foot. 

Just inside the first Ice Cave is 
an air flow where you'll find 
some big Hearts and a 
weapon power-up. r3HI 

Constantly jump in the Ice 
Cave to find hidden air drafts 
that will take you to weapon 
power-ups and Health Swords 



February 1994 


The big Probe Droid just 
before the Rebel Base can be a 
problem. If your Blaster isn’t 
powered up, use your 
Lightsaber to whack at the 
Droid. Try to hit it from under- 
neath. Don’t worry about the 
sinking ice floes. When you 
jump off of them, they 
rebound to the surface. 

Don’t use your Lightsaber 
against these Wampas. Shoot 
them from a distance with 
your Blaster. 

If you die half way through the 
Ice Cave, you'll end up on this 
ledge, with a Hoth monster 
breathing down your neck. 
Just above you i§.an air flow 
that will take you to some 
powetups. • 

Use the L and R buttons to 
look up and down in the Ice 
Cave. You’ll avoid many crip- 
pling stalagmites this way. 

To knock off the Hoth Wampa 
Boss, just stay to the right or 
left of his mouth and shoot up 
and toward his head. After he 
breathes his icy death breath, 
immediately jump to the other 
side of the screen and shoot 
from there. Repeat this proce 
dure until he goes dowifl 1 **' 

Jump up when you get to this 
dead end. You’ll be rewarded 
with two lives. The platforms 
that you land on 
are invisible. 

■ r n -j a 


After you beat the Wampa 
Boss, you’ll fight through a 
stage that ends with this 
Probe Droid. Take him down 
with a few hits of your 
Lightsaber. Proceed right and 
you'll encounter the mother of 
all Probe Droids. Leap from 
floe to floe, stay airborne, and 
keep twirling your Lightsaber. 

When you're on the Speeder 
Bike, stay in the upper left- 
hand corner and blast any 
Stormtroopers that get in 
your way. 

Use your Slide to get past 
these fiery floor sensors with- 
out taking any damage. 

Shoot boxes in the Rebel Base 
stages to uncover power-ups, 
Hearts, and Health Swords. 

Keep your Snowspeeder’s 
nose up or you’ll bump into 
small slopes as you skim 
across Hoth's surface. 

If you’re running low on 
Health in the Snowspeeder 
Stage, circle the snowy field 
and you’ll come across Snow- 
troopers on bikes. Shoot ’em 
for Hearts. 

Here's how to beat the AT-ST 
(two-legged) vehicles. Shoot 
them from far away, then fly 
past them and circle around. 
The first AT-ST you see will be 
the last one you were shooting. 
They can’t get a lock on 
you if you shoot and run. 

If you’ve got the patience, skill, 
and dexterity, you can shoot 

the AT-ATs from your Snow- 
speeder, rather than using the 
faster harpoon strategy. 

To take down an AT-AT with 
your harpoon, get in dose, : 
fire your harpoon with L or R, 
then swing to your right. 

Circle the AT-AT three com—' 
plete times (you’ll hear a noise 
after each pass). When the " 
harpoon automatically releas- 
es, the Walker will tumble. 


G AMEPRO • February 1994 

Before you get to-the AT-AT 
Boss, knock off the flying 
Stormtroopers until one of 
them gives up a Thermal 

After you destroy the last AT 

AT, you, enter this side-view 
Snowspeeder Stage. If you hold 
down the Fire Button, you'll 
achieve rapid fire. Don’t let 
Stormtroopers get behind you. 

To destroy this AT-AT Boss at 
the end of the Ice Field, knock 
off the flying Stormtroopers. 
Then, when you reach the AT- 
ATs head, explode' a Thermal 
Detonator. If you don’t have a- 
Detonator, go after the guns 
one by one, beginning with 
the gun on the left. 

When inside the AT-AT, it’s 
always best to use your 
Lightsaber instead of your 
Blastenjump^ver enemies 
and attack ’em from behind. 

GAME PRO • February 1984 

The best way to get Han 
under these swinging spikes 
on the Rebel Base is to use his 
Roll move. 

When you reach dead ends, 
shoot into the air to find 
power-ups, Hearts, and Health 

Using your powered-up 
Blaster, stay low and shoot at 
this hovering Stormtrooper. 
You’ll get a big Heart. 

Don’t let Han stand too close 
to boxes when he shoots 
them, or he'll be hit by flying 

While inside the Rebel Base, 
don’t waste Han’s Grenades by 
throwing them at Snowtroop- 
ers with Shields. Get up close 
to them and their bombs will 
arc over you. 

February 1894 

I to get rid of this pesky boss 

outside the Rebel Base, shoot 
the gun turrets in the front and 

back, then go fonts swinging 

spiked legs. Roll whenever the 

I legs come near you. 

Grenades are more en^ 


far right of the screen to help 

you in this battle. 



When you see a red dot on 
Mj the Millenium Falcon’s Radar 
I Screen, there’s a Tie Fighter 
I behind you. Pull hard left or 
right on the directional pad, 
then swerve back to your 
original spot. The red dot will 
turn green, and the Tie will be 
in front of you. 


BAMEPRO • February 1984 


Once you have Elevation, let 
yourself die. You’ll keep your 
Force Powers, even if you 
have to Continue. Co back to 
the beginning of the stage and 
use Elevation to float up to the 
rest of the Force Powers. Slash 
with your Lightsaber or shoot 
with your Blaster to uncover 
the other Force Powers. 

When exploring Dagobah's 
swamps, look out for these 
blue Gundarcs. Don't waste 
your time fighting 'em, 
because they take too many 
hits and don’t yield enough 
Hearts for your trouble. 

Find a Blaster power-up and a 
large Heart in the lower left- 
hand corner of the second 

that you can use to maximize 
your lives. Just after the first set 
of rocks (where many Force 
Powers are waiting to be found), 
you’ll see a second set of rocks. 
Climb to the top rock and use 
your Lightsaber to thrash the 
air. You’ll find a weapon power- 
up and two I -ups. Now die 
and repeat the trick to get 
another life. 

ture’s body on Dagobah with- 
out picking up the Force 
Powers, bounce up on any 
ledges you see. Keep bounc- 
ing and battling all the way to 
the top, and you’ll find more 
Force Powers. You may lose a 
life in the process, but you'll 
need the Force Powers to 
finish the game. 

Use the Lightsaber against all 
small land animals, such as 
these creatures on Dagobah. 
Your 'Saber is more effective 
and has greater range than 
some of the other weapons in 
your arsenal. 

Dagobah Stage. 



There’s a 2-Up loop in Dagobah 



February 1994 

on Dagobah. 

net friend. 

To get rid of Habogad at the 
end of the stage, you must 
first shoot out his eyes and 
nose. After that, every shot 
you make will decrease his life 
bar. To regain some Health 
when you're low, use the Heal 
Force Power. 

Bounty Hunters 

Use Superjump to bounce past 
the platforms. 

Don t roll Han along the out- 
door ramps of Bespin. He’ll 
tumble into lowered platforms 
that have high voltage. 

If Han lingers while bouncing 
past the ramps, he’ll be 
attacked by these Cloud Cars. 

Crouch down in front of the 

User Cannons and shoot for- This „ d Bount Hunter 

ward. Then press diagonally on Bespin is invincible when 

np on the directional pad to nail he airbome . Use Ha „. s 




the Cannon. Immediately step 
away as it explodes, or Han will 
be hit by flying shrapnel. 

Roll move to get out of the 
way and over to... 

' . , — — ; — ; ...this gap to the right. Ride 

Duck in front of Bossk, the the , atform t0 , he bottom 

disk-throwing Bounty Hunter, and ri ht t0 flnd , . ups . a 
and shoot him from a Blaster power-up, and 

crouched position. Health Swords. 

It s a waste of. time to shoot at 
these invincible ceiling cannons. 

Hootin' the 
Sttipln Boat 

You'll have to blast this Hover 
Transport in seven places 
before it disintegrates. Lando 
Calrissian will enter as the 
boss exits. 

Keep Chewie moving at the 
start of the Ugnaught Factory, 
or he'll be overwhelmed by 
these small workers. 

Don’t waste energy shooting 
at these purple droids while 
you’re still in the lava. Keep 
moving until you're on solid 
ground, then shoot the droids. 

The Ugnaught Factory Boss 
will spew garbage at you from 
openings in his ship’s hull. 
Shoot at those openings, then 
fire on his craft. 

In the Ugnaught Factory, have 
Chewie shoot whenever he 
comes to a pillar. Workers love 
to hide behind pillars. 

Chewie can briefly stand in this 
hot Ugnaught Factory goo, 
which he couldn't do with the 
lava in Super Star Wars. 

Lando Calnssian double-crosses ms pals. 






At the beginning of the Carbon 
Freezing Chamber, go left and 
let the "pincers" deplete your 
Health to three-quarters, then 
continue left. You’ll find Hearts. 
1-ups, and Blaster power-ups in 
the gap on the left. 

You can use Han’s Roll maneu- 
ver to get past the Carbon 
Freezing Chamber's pincer- 
like cranes. 


* » « ■* 

If Han's Health Sword gets low 
in the Carbon Freezing Cham- 
ber, shoot out the pincers to 
find a load of Hearts. 

If you fall into this bottomless 
pit in the Carbon Freezing 
Chamber, glide to the left or 
right and you’ll land safely on 
the walls. 

Don’t stand on Carbon Freez- 
ing Chamber vents. Even 
though the carbon blasts can't 
touch Han. he’ll still get frozen. 

Check dead ends for Hearts in 
the Carbon Freezing Chamber. 

Hearts, 1 -ups, and Blaster 
power-ups are above this plat- 
form in the middle of the Car- 
bon Freezing Chamber. 

To defeat the boss at the end 
of the Carbon Freezing Cham- 
ber, jump to the highest plat- 
form and shoot at it from 
above. If your Health Sword is 
full, you'll beat the boss. 



February 1994 

X-Wing X-cellence 

Do your X-Winging above the 

In addition to rapid-fire wing 
guns, your X-Wing has slow, 
but powerful, cannon shots 
that are effective at close 
range. Blast away with your L 

When Luke’s flying his X-Wing 
to Bespin, avoid collisions at 
all costs. They cause far more 
damage than the enemy 
shots do. 

clouds. When you’re below the 
cloud layer, you can’t see the 
on-screen status indicators or 
the approaching Cloud City. 

and R buttons. 

Luke parks his X- 
inserts The Club ii 

GAMEPRO • February 1994 


Emm®! 6§g 

In Bespin, Chewie can safely 
shoot up at Laser Cannons 
mounted on the ledges. 

To defeat Boba Fett. shoot him. 
trap him in a corner, and use 
Chewie's Flame Spin. 

If things get too hairy on the 
lower walkway in the Reactor 
Core, use your Elevation Force 
Power to float to a higher one. 

For a quick kill with no dam- 
age to Chewie’s Health, use his 
Flame Spin on the Cannons. 

To gun down Boba Fett's ship, 1 

shoot out the turrets first, then Use Luke's Slide move to get 

use the Flame Spin on the ship, past these Reactor Core wall 


If you come to this bridge in 

the middle of the Reactor Core 

and you've used up all your 
Force power-ups, wait and 
blast approaching enemies. 
Many of them, especially the 
flying Stormtroopers, will yield 
Force power-ups. 



February 1994 

When you finally meet Darth Use yo 
Vader at the very end of the Vader. 

game, jump... i 

Beware as you get close to 
eliminating Darth; he rains 
debris on you, even when he's 
off the screen. 

...and use the Saber Control 
Force Power, which is your 
most effective weapon. 

...and slash at the debris he 
throws at you. Hit his projec- 
tiles to get power-ups. 

To Order Cm 1-41 5< 


Get Em While 


The Mtepensable strategy guides 
to Mortal Kombat 
and Street Fighter lllUrbo! 

•Ovef 160 action-packed 
game winning shots, blocks 
and codes for these two 
megahit carts. 

•Over 2,000 full-color game 
screens... see the action as it 

illustrations not available anywhere else! 

• Our Street Fighter II book also includes an 
exclusive section on Super Street Fighter II for 
the Arcades! 

• Step by step photos make you a gaming expert! 
Written By the Editors of OamePro Magazine! 

•Also available at 
Blockbuster Video, 
Toys R Us, Walden 
Books, B. Dalton, and 
Software Etc. 

Konami just look your 

It’s time for a change of screenery as Konami takes 
the TV style adventures of The Turtles, the Tiny Toon 
Adventures characters and Batman: Vx Animated Series 
to Game Boy. With no commercials! 

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles HI —Radical 
Rescue ' pits the sewer crew against 
Cyber Shredder, a heinous, hulking 
cyborg. But first Mike must use a 
Fortress Map of Shredder’s hideout to 
find the rest of the captured fab four. 

Luckily, each TVirtle has a new special 
skill for surviving the action. Locate ID 
cards, keys and power ups in 5 rescue 
adventures crammed with creeps like 
Dirtbag, Scratch and Scale Tail. 

Batman '— The Animated Series is 5 original game 
episodes of sizzling crime fighting action, each capturing the 
gritty, urban heroics of the hit TV series. Strategically use 
Batman's grappling hook and Robin’s ceiling grip to survive 
the onslaught and escape certain doom. In episodes like "The 
Green Menace" and “The Chill of a Lifetime” you’ll suffer the 
sting of Catwoman's claw, the icy bum of Mr. Freeze's frost 
gun, and The joker's sick sense of humor. Sinister fiends like 
The Penguin , The Riddler and other Gotham City goons are 
also out to make this the Dark Knight's darkest day. 

Tiny Toon Adventures 2 —Montana 's Movie Madness 
premieres 4 freaky films directed by that Bad Boy of the Box 
Office, Montana Max. And he’s cast Buster Bunny as the villain! 
Buster must use new attack moves like the Fast Dash and 
Freeze Kick to defend his character. Buster’s screen test includes 
action packed scenes in a classic western, a samurai saga, a sci-fi 
thriller, a creature feature and cool subgames. Ultimately, Buster 
takes on Max himself and tries to 
drop the curtain on his movie career. 


By Scary Larry 

i There have been 
' many incarnations 
of the various Terminator 
films - except for 3 DO, there 
isn’t a game system around 
that hasn’t seen at least one 
Terminator game. One of the 
most popular spinoffs was the 
action-packed arcade shooter 
called T2: The Arcade Game. 
Now it’s here for the SNES, 
and the graphics and sound 
keep pace with the block- 
buster arcade title. 

PRO TIP: Keep the Police chopper 
away from the SWAT van by 
aiming your gun sight just 
above the back door. The Police 
chopper will try to come in from 
above as well as from behind. 
PR0T1P: Shoot at the engine and 
the cab of the big rig that’s try- 
ing to squash the SWAT van, 
and you should make it to the 
Steel Mill. 

Super NES Game Profile 

T2: The Arcade Game 

(By Acclaim) 

The most popular cyborg in 
video games returns in the 
much-anticipated T2: The 
Arcade Game. Was it worth the 
wait? It was if you like hard- 
hitting shooting action and 
non-stop fun. 

Available January First-person 
2 players perspective 

7 levels 

PR0T1P: If you pop off an 

Endoskeieton’s head, it quietly 
self-destructs. Try keeping the 
gun at the Endoskeieton’s neck 
level and sweep from left to right 

Gunning on Empty 

In 1 997, three billion people 
perished in the nuclear devas- 
tation known as Judgment 
Day. Now, three decades later, 
those who survived the fire 
are subjected to Skynet’s ulti- 
mate irony. Machines have 
taken over the planet, and a 
small human resistance is 
fighting to keep them at bay. 

In T2: The Arcade Game, 
your mission objective is to 
shoot first, and forget about 
the questions later. Using 
either the Super Scope, the 
SNES Mouse, or a joypad, you 
blast through seven cyborg- 
slamming levels as you try to 
protect the leader of the resis- 
tance, John Connor. 

PROTIP: When you’re in the 
Cyberdyne labs, destroy every- 
thing. Shoot desks, telephones, 
file cabinets, and anything else 
that can be destroyed. If you 
don’t destroy everything, 
research will continue at Cyber- 
dyne, and you’ll get a different 

PROTIP: To get past the Level 
Three Truck Stage in one piece, 
shoot at Hying HKs before they 
appear (this takes some guess- 
work and a lot of patience). 
Shoot the HKs in the middle 
with a Rocket, and they’ll 
explode immediately. 

In this one- or two-player 
game, you start off in the 
ashes of Judgment Day, fight- 
ing leagues of Endoskeletons 
and flying HKs while trying 
not to shoot human resistance 
fighters in the back. You move 
on to Skynet, where you find 
the time-travel equipment, 
then you zoom back to the 
past, where you must destroy 
Cyberdyne Labs and retrieve 
the CPU from the first Termi- 
nator. From there it’s off to the 
Steel Mill for the final con- 
frontation with your arch- 
nemesis, the poly-alloy T1 000. 

Helping you out in the 
fight to save Connor is your 
trusty machine gun, which 
you can power up with 
enhancements like Rapid Fire 
Coolant, Plasma Pulse Energiz- 
ers, and Shields. You also 
have a missile-launching 
attachment that fires Rockets, 
Grenades, Shotgun Shells, and 
MIRV warheads. Shoot boxes 
along the way and you’ll find 
screen-clearing Smart Bombs, 
Extra Lives, and other helpful 

PROTIP: To knock off the Ground 
HK at the end of the first level, 
go for the gun turrets first, then 
the head, torso, and base, in 
that order. Use your Rockets 



February 1994 

favorite shows off TV. 

Konami Game Hint and Tip Line: 
1-900-896-HINT (4468). 70c per 
minute charge. Minors must have 
parental permission before calling. 
Touch-tone phone required. 

licensed by Surge Licensing, Inc, BATMAN and all 
related elements are the property ot DC Comics” 
and © 1993 All Rights Reserved. Konami* is 
a registered trademark ol Konami Co, Ltd. © 1993 


PROTIP: When you reach the end 
of the Level Two Hideout, shoot 
the wall to the right and you’ll 
get a Continue credit. 

You’ll need this firepower 
overkill as you battle Endo- 
skeletons, the T800 (Cyber- 
dyne’s first foray into the 
Terminator series), Cyberdyne 
security personnel, lethal 
Orbs, and more. Plus, at the 
end of each level you’ll face a 
boss who would like to sepa- 
rate you from your synthetic 
hide. The bosses can range 
from futuristic metallic mon- 
sters to scores of LAPD’s finest. 

PROTIP: Use Rockets as soon as 
you see the Missile Launchers. 
You’ll hear a lock-on tone when 
you pass the sights over the 

Shoot to Thrill 

The graphics in this game 
closely match the arcade ver- 
sion. All the details of the ene- 
mies stand out, as do the 
backgrounds. The crisp, 
almost digitized action lends a 
sense of realism to the game 
that greatly enhances game 
play. You'll see small touches, 
like light reflecting off the 
Endoskeletons’ metal frame, 
and the detailed markings of 
the Police chopper. 

You don’t hear digitized 
voices often enough in this 
game, but when you do you’ll 
recognize them immediately. 
Arnold's “You're terminated," 
and the T1 000’s “Are you John 
Connor?" lines seem to jump 
straight out of the screen. Too 
bad there aren’t more. Other 
sound effects include scream- 
ing resistance fighters and 
explosions, explosions, 
EXPLOSIONS! There are more 
booms here than there are in 
an L.A. lowrider. 

PRO TIP: To keep the T1 000 
chilled, blast him with the shot- 
gun as soon as he lands, then 
spray the Nitrogen truck with 
machine gun fire as he lays on 
the ground. Shoot him again 
when he tries to get up. 


As for control, you may 
find that the Mouse is more 
responsive than the Scope, 
which is, in turn, more respon- 
sive than the joypad. No mat- 
ter which device you choose, 
you’ll need lightning-quick 
reflexes and precise targeting 
skills to keep the resistance up 
and the cyborgs down. 

When the Shoot Hits 
the Fans 

If turning machines into 
cyborg sausage is your bucket 
of bolts, then you can’t go 
wrong with T2: The Arcade 
Game. There’s plenty of action, 
more than enough thrills, and 
a considerable challenge in 
this game. Be forewarned: The 
scene where you must protect 
the pickup truck carrying John 
Connor is just as abysmally 
hard in this version as it was 
on the Genesis (and in the 
arcade). But if you make it past 
that scene, it’s smooth shoot- 
ing all the way. 

PROTIP: What's behind door 
number one In Level Four? 
Trouble. Shoot continually at the 
doors to blast them apart and 
prevent more enemies from 
coming through. 

PROTIP: To knock out Skynet, 
you must blast every inch of its 
mainframe computer. Shoot at 
every comer and every bank of 
lights and buttons, then go for 
the missile-shooting panels 
near the middle. 

February 1994 

PROTIP: Leave Smart Bombs on 
the ground until you’ve gathered 
a number of enemies. Points are 
given for the number of enemies 

How fun is T2? It’s proba- 
bly the only good excuse you 
have for getting a Super 
Scope. If you love shoot-em- 
ups, put T2: The Arcade Game 
on the list of games that you 
gotta have. Lethal Enforcers, 
move over. The SNES has a 
date with a cyborg. □ 




Rapid Fire Coolant 


Super NES 

photographed, and digitized 
into the game to create a 
unique look and a new twist 
on an otherwise overused 
game concept. 

PR0T1P: In World One, Level 
Four, you have to hit the levers 
to turn off the steam fets and 
clear the way for safe passage. 

The appeal of this 'mate is 
definitely in the unique cast 
of hero characters. You start 
out as a ball of clay with only 
limited jumping ability and a 
powerful fist. As you find 
color-coded balls of clay, you 
turn into one of five clay ani- 
mals: a cat, a mouse, a fish, a 
gopher, and a bird. Despite 
their dopey names, each of 
these animals has unique tal- 
ents, weapons, and weak- 
nesses. This power-up system 
is similar to Super Mario's - 
take a hit and you return to 
the small, weakened state of 
the clay ball. Take another hit 
and you're road pizza. 

nte Proof Is in 
the Claying 

Other than the transformation 
ability and the innovative ani- 
mation routines, Claymates is 
a typical, but enjoyable plat- 
form hop-n-bopper. You tra- 
verse five big worlds en route 
to rescuing your dad, with 
four levels per world. Enemies 
come in all sizes and shapes, 
from little clay globs to evil 
Claymate clones to giant 
flying dogs. The claymation 
really stands out when you 
fight the big bosses! 

PROTIP: Muckster can make 
high and long Jumps If you build 
up enough speed. 

PROTIP: Muckster can grab 
walls in midair If you hold Up. 

The game imitates Mario 
more than any other cart. You 
explore each world to find the 
exit, searching for midway 
continue markers, power-up 
clay balls, extra points, and 
secret areas. You'll find some 
nice diversions in the game, 
such as a Mode 7 “superball" 

PROTIP: To beat the big Dog 
Boss of World One, stay a few 
steps away and watch for him 
to try to land on you. Run under 
him and hit him with acorns. 

] **> . h 

T • , - » 

PROTIP: Punch to increase the 
speed of the robots on the Over- 
world Map. 

Fortunately, the controls 
aren’t made out of clay. You 
move with reasonable agility, 
but there are also times when 
it’s hard to turn around or 
jump precisely. 

PR0T1P: Use rapid Jumps to 
clear spikes in the water. If 
you’re not fast enough, you'll 
sink and be poked. 

bonus stage and overworld 
map puzzles, where you 
guide robots as they smash 
barricades to clear the way to 
the next level. 

By Boss Music 

’ If you had a small, 
” slimy, grey ball of 
clay in your hands, what 
would you do? Squash it? 
That’s just what the evil witch 
doctor Jobo plans to do. The 
only trouble is that the im- 
pressionable lad Clayton is 
the squashee! After being 
zapped into a ball of clay, 
Clayton must save his dad 
from Jobo and find ajar of 
serum to get his boyish 
figure back. 

PROTIP: If you already have an 
extra clay ball for shooting, 
don 't touch like-colored clay 
balls - they’ll do you no good. 
Save them for later. 



Claymates is a visually grab- 
bing side-scroller from Inter- 
play that you can’t help but 
like. Like its fightin’ friend Clay 
Fighter, Claymates features 
actual claymation. The charac- 
ters were modeled in clay, 

Super NES Game Profile 


(By Interplay) 

Have you already powered past 
Super Mario? Did you beat 
Bubsy? If you’re looking for 
your next platform cart, Clay- 
mates Is a good playmate. 


GAMEPRO • February 1894 

Claymates was designed 
with a young audience in mind, 
but the game doesn’t skimp on 
the challenge. This one can 
reach the “controller-throwing" 
frustration level, especially dur- 
ing the harder mazes. Howev- 
er, you never get totally 
discouraged as continues are 
unlimited. The warp zones, 
which enable you to skip 
worlds, are also nice. 

When you clear a World, you’re 
shot out of a cannon to reach the 
next Continent. 

PROW: One warp zone is hid- 
den in each of the first four 
worlds. In World One, Level One, 

Jump on the first flower you find 
four times. This will warp you to 
World Two. 

Graphics are Clay’s strong- 
est suit. The weak point is the 
background art, which is re- 
used from level to level. The 
pop-off-the-screen animation 
earns the cart a high mark, 

Bouncing a clay ball gets a whole 
new attitude in Mode 7! 

PROTIP: You need to be a fish 
out of water to finish World 
Two, Level One. 

PROTIP: Run back and forth to 
build up speed for Doh-Doh's 

Claymates has fun finger- 
snapping songs and sharp 
sound effects. (Listen for 
Muckster's squeal when he 
takes a hit.) Be warned, 
though: If you hate bouncy 
kiddie music and repetitive 
theme songs, Claymates may 
drive you bonkers. 

Good Things Come to 
Those Who Clay 

Claymates certainly won't 
open any eyes with its game 
play. However, the cool look 
of the game’s characters and 
the length of the cart give you 
enough reason to fire up Clay- 
mates. This one was cut from 
the right mold. □ 



Claw Swipe 


Swim Underwater 


- A Acorn Toss 


ime Duck Flying 

GAMEPRO • February 1984 


All the action is viewed 
from a first-person perspective 
in the tank cockpit. The clearly 
illustrated control panel shows 
all the important features of 
the tank, including weaponry, 
radar, speedometer, and fuel. 
You move within a 3D envi- 
ronment, which you view 
through the main and side 
windows. Your secondary 
view is via the Radar Map. 

PROTIP: Use the flash of your 
opponent's fire and the radar 
map to target enemies through 
a smoke screen. 

PROTIP: Plot the most fuel-effi- 
cient route through the battle- 

enemies and objectives with 
as little unnecessary movement 

Super HES 

by Gideon 

pfcSaPl ) Following up on 
the tracks of last 
year’s hit SNES cart, this sequel 
has even more missions and 
challenges, along with heavy 
doses of arcade shoot-em-up 
action that give it a wider 
range of appeal. Ten-hut! 

Desert Demolition 

You command an M1A2 Battle- 
tank, the most technologically 
advanced ground-based fight- 
ing vehicle ever created. Civil- 
ians peedn’t shy away from 
this cart, though, because 
it's not a stiff, heavy-handed 
war game. As in the original 
Super Battletank, the program- 
mers are extremely faithful to 
every detail of the real tank, 
but the game interface is very 

Super NES Game Profile 

Super Battletank 2 

This tank-battle simulabon Is 
even more realistic and challeng- 
ing than the original. Fast-paced, 
arcade-style shoot-em-up 
action ensures this cart won’t 
appeal just to war buffs. 

PROTIP: Immediately hit a full 
reverse if you come to a mine- 
field. Don’t try navigating 
through it, because you don’t 
stand a chance. The only safe 
route out Is directly back the 
way you came. 

It gives you a birds-eye view of 
the entire mission terrain, track- 
ing not only your movement, 
but that of all enemy elements. 

Sixteen hard-core missions 
pit you against a wide array of 
enemies, such as Soviet T-72 
tanks, SCUD missile launchers, 
armored jeeps, and armored 
assault choppers. To help you 
tackle such tough adversaries, 
your tank’s arsenal has high- 
powered weaponry and 
defense systems that include 
smoke screens, Air Support, 
and Patriot Air Defense Mis- 
siles. Allied Supply Depots also 
appear on certain missions. 

Super Battletank 2 is 
extremely challenging and 
may prove frustrating at 
times. As in true warfare, you 
don’t have a difficulty select 
or customizable options. If 
you crash and burn, that’s it. 
Fortunately, the programmers 
were kind enough to grant a 
password feature. 

PROTIP: Attack enemy bases 
last, after you’ve removed all 

PROTIP: The 1/11 A2 is not intended 
for close combat. You need 
some range between yourself 
and your enemy in order to hit 
your target. The optimal range is 
situating your enemy right 
below the horizon line. 


Although the graphic range is 
limited in the tank cockpit, it 
realistically recreates the 
atmosphere of tension and 
claustrophobia of actual tank 
battle. The sound effects are 
limited, but they’re well exe- 
cuted. This cart does get a 
chance to strut its Super NES- 
powered audio-visual muscle, 
though, with an impressive 
full-motion startup sequence. 

PROTIP: You can still be 
attacked by enemies while you 
view the computer radar dis- 
play. Always return to the cock- 
pit view when you come close 
to engaging an enemy. 

Tanks for the Fun 

Super Battletank 2 is a wel- 
come change of pace from the 
fight games hogging the mar- 
ket. Although it’s fashioned 
with an easy shoot-em-up 
interface, this cart is really a 
very engaging and challenging 
puzzle. You’ve got to accom- 
plish a task and stay alive 
against immense odds. This 
cart takes no prisoners in its 
campaign for 1 6-bit fun! □ 



Fikrury 1894 


Colorful Combat 

Zool's great-looking graphics 
make the game seem like an 
outrageous Disney hallucina- 
tion. Krool’s hordes feature 
handsome character sprites 
^-that launch a fun-loving 
f visual assault on your 
eyes with sharp animation 
and slick details. 

The sounds swing hot and 
lukewarm. There’s a ton of crys- 
tal clear effects, but most aren’t 
too imaginative. The music tries 
hard with sometimes-catchy 
syncopated rhythms. 

Zool’s Tools 

Zool possesses a nifty reper- 
toire of moves. He fights by 
tossing energy blasts and 
stomping on his enemies. 
^ His speed enables him to 
take big-time flying leaps. 
” Moreover, Zool climbs 
hand-over-hand, scales 
walls, and slide-kicks, too. One 
slick power-up creates a Zool 
shadow double. The top-notch 
controls make executing 
any move a breeze . . . 
and you need all the 
help you can get! 

§ By Game Over Man 

Zool is an extrater- 
restrial ninja with a 
big responsibility: He’s Protec- 
tor of Creative Thought and 
Defender of Positive Action... 
for the entire universe! If you 
have a positive attitude toward 
SNES fighting/platform games, , 
Zool’s very cool. 

Good-bye, Knot 

Zool, is battling the negative 
forces of the cosmos, which 
are led by the evil Krool. Zool 
must pull every martial arts 
trick in his arsenal to blow A 
Krool's cool and plow Aj 
through seven wild Worlds.’^® 

PROTIP: The safest way to leap 
through the air is to whirl with 
your blade. Press Left or Right, 
hit Y, and hold down L. 

PROTIP: Blast the walls every 
now and then. You might exca- 
vate a short cut. 

PROTIP: Bombs explode as soon 
as you touch them, so wait for 
a crowd. 

Study Zool-ology 

Zool is a tough game with 
great-looking graphics. If you 
think you’re a pugnacious 
platform player, Zool will take 
you to school. □ 

You run through major 
pulse-pounding platform 
action. Zool is one of the 
fastest-moving SNES ninjas 
around, but he must sprint and 
jump through 28 stages to beat 
the clock, fight Krool’s weird 
minions, and find stage exits. 

Each World looks like a 
theme park gone mad. For 
example, among the beings 
that overrun the Sweet World 
are pesky Humble Bees, grue- 
some Dodgy Jellies, and 
sharpshootin' Life-Saver 
clones called Sweet Beasties. 
The Music World is populated 
by cunning Cymbals, devious 
Drums, and violent Violins. 

PROTIP: You can put some lift on 
your jumps by leaping onto fly- 
ing beasts, such as the Bees. 
PROTIP: If you fall to nab a fall- 
en foe’s flying Heart at ground 
level, it might come floating by 
you when you reach the upper 
regions of a level. 

This good-looking action plat- 
form game will keep you lost in 
space...but you’ll enjoy every 
minute of it. 

Zool’s Moves 

Zool’s a Ninja on the move! 

Star Toss 

Super NES Game ProFile 

Zool: Ninja of the 
Nth Dimension 

(By Gametek) 



February 1994 

/£/7y\ Bv Marvin 
» I ASM Kubeczech 

It’s time to face the 
facts: First-generation video 
gamers now have children old 
enough to play games. Now 
parental gamers are eager to 
find not only games they can 
play with their children, but 
also carts that will help their 
kids grow and learn. Mario's 
Time Machine is a great place 
to start. 

Imaginative backgrounds help you 
feel like you’re making history... 

Mario’s Time Machine has 
its flaws. The historical back- 
grounds feature some imagi- 
nation, but only Mario adds 
personality to the graphics. 
The confusing button sequen- 
ces needed to set the Timula- 
tor are too clunky for little 
kids, and Time Surfing gets 
repetitious fast. 

Bowser and his turtle cohorts 
mess with history. 

Make History No 

The game design is simple, 
but little kids will need some- 
one with good reading skills 
and reading comprehension to 
make this time trip. You sneak 
into Bowser’s museum, snatch 
the artifacts, and then display 
a History Sheet, which is a fill- 
in-the-blanks reading lesson 
about the owner of the item. 
The Sheet reveals a year and a 
location, which you program 
into the Timulator, Mario’s 
time machine. Next, you take 
Mario Time Surfing. 

PROTIP: If the Whirlpool hurls 
you back to the Donkey Kong 
prehistoric world, use those 
classic DK strategies! Climb 
ropes to avoid boulders. Don’t 
jump up into boulders on the 
ramps above you. Hold down Y 
to move more quickly. 

When he reaches his desti- 
nation, Mario talks with char- 
acters to find the answers for 
the History Sheet. You can 
help out 15 historical figures, 
including Abraham Lincoln, 
Marco Polo, Cleopatra, and 
many others. 

The dialogues with historical 
figures are original and witty, 
and the scenarios make flesh- 
and-blood human beings out 
of people who are usually just 
static jYv-. 
pictures ' * 

in text- 


PROTIP: Conversations hold all 
the answers you need. 

It’s about Time 

Make no mistake about it - 
this game is meant for kids 
under 12. If you’re the average 
GamePro reader, you won’t find 
it very challenging. Still, Mario’s 
Time Machine is an engaging 
way for little kids to learn histo- 
ry while having fun. □ 

Super NES 

PRO TIP: Spiked mines make you 
lose all your Mushrooms when 
you Time Surf. 

Bowser Stays after 

Bowser’s back, but he’s not 
kidnapping the Princess or 
holding the kingdom for ran- 
som. This time he’s stolen arti- 
facts from famous historical 
figures in order to alter the 
course of his favor! 
Mario has to use the Time 
Machine to restore the arti- 
facts to their rightful owners. 

Super NES Game Profile 

Mario’s Time Machine 

(By Software Toolworks) 

Players from seven to 12 years 
old can learn a thing or two or 
three from Mario. Just focus on 
the info, not on the graphics, 
sounds, or controls. 

The Time Surfing sequence 
is simple Mode 7 thumb candy. 
You glide across an ocean, 
snatch ten mushrooms, drop 
into a whirlpool, and land at 
the correct location. Fall in the 
pool without the 'shrooms, 
and you're really into ancient 
history as you hop through a 
Donkey Kong remake - a pre- 
historic obstacle course of 
rolling boulders. 

PROTIP: Scan over the answer 
list when you first display the 
History Sheet. Maybe you know 
more then you think! 

PROTIP: Time Surfing takes 
time, so to help you remember 
key facts, jot down notes when 
you arrive at a destination and 
begin your research. 



February 1994 





r^r— "* 

■•BS-**** 0 *^ r ^5wf^P\ 

■ 5 * 5335 ^* 

; ,.900.896-HINT (««» 



Amazing video 
game action hitting 
your screens soon! 

He’s on the run! Join C.J. the 

elephant in this 

, action-packed 

> race through 
♦i SSs. Europe and 
Africa as he 
busts out of the 
•i — zoo and heads 

I —] coming' 

1-^6 p EB , 94 

All the action! All the players! 

Play World 
Soccer ’94 and 
1 “ ' - ru ‘ ‘ 1 5 enter the very 

best arcade soc- 
cer challenge 
game for 1994! 



Micro Machines® frl 
Experience the 
wildest racing V; 

game ever 
created! 27 

all-action tracks of ^ 
miniature mayhem as ■ 

you race the Micro T 

Machines vehicles - f 

loaded with turbo- 1 

power. Sand buggies, 1 
Turbo Wheels, Formula X 
One cars and more! A 
smash-hit video game - 
it’s the hottest 
two-player head-to-head 
chalienge race 
ever devised! 

“Will keep even the most 
hardcore gamers hooked” 
VideoGames magazine 


Here's Psycho, the silver-plated 
armadillo with 
one hell of an atti- 
tude, as he 
launches himself 
into the wildest 
selection of 
pinball tables 


f A SOON! 

W51J5S i 

Your TV’s gone wild - the 

gremlins are 
loose and the 
shows are out of 
control! Send in 
Dreyfuss to sort 








^ f Fantastic Dizzy'" 
J/I Dizzy is in full 

iM action in a huge 
arcade adventure! 
Explore the 
V magical kingdom, 

Palm Tree beach, 
medieval towns, 
haunted graveyards, 
the troll palace and 
many more exciting and 
realms. Loads of great 
characters to interact 
with in this most 
excellent adventure 
of a life time! 
“In a league of its 
own, a unique 
cartoon adventure” 
EGM magazine 

Reckon you can 
handle awesome 
action and the 
greatest mind- 
power? Prepare 
yourself to 
experience the 
explosive gameplay 
of Codemasters’ 
video games! Total 
playability and 
great graphics! 
From the best in 
arcade racing to 
the wildest fantasy 
adventures to a 
completely cosmic 
experience! If you 
haven’t got ’em - 
what are you 
playing at? 


Dino Basher! " 
Join Bignose the 
^ Caveman in Dino Basher! 

a mad, prehistoric 
t platform race to catch 
♦ his fast-moving dinner! 

Bash and club your 
^ way through hordes of 
dinosaurs across four 
huge islands, 

7> t_ collecting bones and I 
rocks to increase 
your strength and 
rock power! 
Pterodactyls, huge 
J W scorpions, saber- 
^ toothed tigers and 

1 more - let’s go 
1 clubbing! 

^ rBa g raphi’cs" 

brilliant music I 

and, most 
, importantly, 

excellent fun!” ■ 


To grab a piece of Codemasters action contact your favorite retailer! 
Retailers contact CODEMASTERS, Ontario, Canada - Tel: (905) 771 9007 

By Johnny Combat 

After a massive 
Anti-Matter chain- 
reaction accident, the shat- 
tered Earth is in chaos. The 
only order is a cruel empire 
ruled by a former Federation 
general. This dictator's only 
opponents are you and your 
Metal Marine warrior robots. 

You must take the Earth 
back. Your orders are to defeat 
the Federal forces and destroy 
enemy HQs around the world. 
Prepare to move out 1 

Super NES Game ProFile 

Metal Marines 

(By Namco) 

Metal Marines has the fire- 
power, the mettle, and the 
metal to be a great robo-warrior 
strategy game. 

$74.95 1 player 

8 megs ^.-overhead view 

Available February Multi-scrolling 

Strategy Passwords 

Military Mindset 

Metal Marines is a tough strat- 
egy game that calls for hard- 
core tactical thinking. You 
assemble a force of awesome 
offensive and defensive high- 
tech, sci-fi weapons, then you 
go head-to-head with your 
nemesis. Once you move indi- 
vidual weapons systems into 
position, you begin turn-based 
combat on ^-overhead-view 
battlefields. The computer 
fights the fights with a nearby 
enemy and displays the car- 
nage with action-packed ani- 
mation. Hopefully, you chose 
the superior firepower. 

PROTIP: Listen to any advice 
given to you, especially in the 
early campaigns. It will prove to 
be invaluable. 

PROTIP: Once you locate an 
enemy base, soften up its 
defenses with a heavy missile 
attack, then clean up the mess 
with your Metal Marines. 

You scroll around the ter- 
rain to select enemy targets for 
your missiles as well as landing 
zones for your Marines to do 
the voodoo that they do so 
well. Your opponent has the 
same weapons of destruction, 
so developing a defensive 
stance is equally important. 
You must also build and sup- 
port your forces, so you con- 
struct weapon facilities and 
energy plants, too. 

Your enemy - seek and destroy. 

Marines in Control 

The controls in Metal Marines 
look tough, but after the first 
couple of campaigns, they’re 
easy. You choose your wea- 
pons from an easy-to-read 
menu, then you scroll around 
the battlefield and place them. 
Setting up battles is a simple 
point-and-dick affair. 

PROTIP: During the early stages 
of your campaigns, check the 
enemy’s defenses by bombard- 
ing their coastline with missiles. 
You may even get lucky and 
blast a site or two. 

The one notable control 
drawback is a lack of control 
over your Metal Marines once 
they've landed. This is especial- 
ly frustrating when you realize 
you’ve landed next to a gun 
pod rather than an AA missile 
battery, and you watch your 
'bot turn into Swiss cheese. 

PR0T1P: Since gun turret pods in 
the ground can blast your 
Marine, try to take ’em out with 
missiles before you land. If you 
must land in an area that has 
several pods, choose a location 
that’s out of range and take out 
the guns one at a time. 

Usually, strategy games 
lack hot graphics or sound, 
but not Metal Marines. From 
the launching rockets to the 
growing military installations, 
the graphics are sharp and the 
animation sizzles. 

The sound and music, too, 
are above reproach. Explo- 
sions and high-tech gunfire 
rock your world. Likewise, the 
jazzy, symphonic music jams. 

PROTIP: Make sure your bases 
are deployed in areas that are 
heavily defended against both 
air and ground attacks. Remem- 
ber, your overall defense is only 
as strong as its weakest link. 

Gold Medal Metal 

Metal Marines scores a victory. 
It’s a must for all strategy 
buffs, and anyone else who 
wants to get their mind into 
hard-hitting warfare. Do you 
have the “metal” to be one of 
these marines? □ 



February 1994 

Super NES 

Super NES Game ProFile 

Side Packet 

Side Pocket is video pool- 
player’s heaven. If you like ti 
bank the ball, sink the nine, i 
the shots, or play the trick, tl 
you gotta get it. 

You play for the champi- 
onship by competing in five 
cities. There are a set number 
of points that you must make 
to pass through each locale. 
You have to use every millime- 
ter of the ball to hit shots. The 
computer allows you to hit the 
ball from any angle, and it 
even lets you add Draw 
(which drags the ball back- 
wards after it’s hit) or Follow 
(which makes the cue ball trail 
the ball it hits). You can also 
make Masse shots, which 
make the cue ball jump over 
another ball. 

Cool Pool 

The lush, realistic graphics in 
Side Pocket have nice details, 
with highlights on the balls 
and gorgeous cut scenes. All 
that’s missing is a cloud of 
cigar smoke. 

PROTIP: When playing against a 
friend, remember not only to 
knock in your balls , but also to 
leave your opponent with the 
worst possible shot. 

PROTIP: When you see a flashing 
"SUPER" ball, hit it and your cue 
ball becomes a high-powered 
projectile, careening ail over the 
board and sinking balls left and 
right In that situation, It’s best 
to drop the balls consecutively 
and forget about hitting them in 
numerical order. 

PRO TIP: If you slam a ball at 
maximum strength, the cue ball 
remains near the point of initial 
contact Use the Draw to place 
the cue ball in a location that’s 
beneficial to you. 

You compete against either 
a friend or the computer. 
There’s even a Trick Came, 
where you try to sink any- 
where from one to six balls in 
one stroke. 

only the Masse 3 jumps balls. 
The other two levels of Masse 

the ball. 

The sound effects are 
awesome, and the music is 
cool, clear, and crisp. You can 
hear the satisfying smack when 
balls collide and even the excit- 
ed murmur of the crowd as you 
make a spectacular shot. 

Hack ’Em Up 

Side Pocket is a great game for 
pool enthusiasts and casual 
video game pool players alike. 
There are plenty of great 
options and genuine pool 
strategies to keep serious play- 
ers interested, and yet it’s sim- 
ple enough to play without the 
manual. Whether you’re slick 
with a stick or a fool at pool, 
you'll enjoy Side Pocket. □ 

By Lawrence 
of Arcadia 

' Pool games rarely 
make it past the 8-bit market 
these days, but Data East is 
taking a chance on a 16-bit 
version of this NES classic. The 
gamble will pay off in the end, 
because Side Pocket is chal- 
lenging, entertaining, and fun! 

Sight on Cue 

This overhead-view pool 
game transforms a felt table 
into a nine-ball chess board. In 
the Straight game, you accu- 
mulate points by sinking a 
certain number of balls in a 
row or by dropping the balls 
in numerical sequence. In the 
traditional Nine Ball game, you 
sink balls by banking them off 
the number nine ball. 

PROTIP: Pay close attention to 
the angle markers. Sometimes 
your heart says you can make a 
shot, but the angle marker says 
no. Trust the angle marker. 


February 1394 



By Game Over Man 

Now this is more 
like it! Nevermind 
that Stellar 7 is more or less a 
straight translation of a PC 
game. This first-person-per- 
spective tank-combat game 
brings good fighting action to 
3DO and gives the system’s 
much-publicized graphic 
promise some teeth. 

Tanks a Lot 

Cir Draxon, Supreme Overlord 
of the Arcturan Empire, is hot 
to add the Earth to his domin- 
ion. But you’re ready to turn 
up the heat on his invasion 
fleet with your ultra-deadly 
super-tank, the Raven. 

PROTIP: Outrun Seeker homing 

PRO TIP: You can see cloaked 
enemies on the radar screen. 
PROTIP: Yes, that’s the voice of 
Michael Dom, TV’s Worf of Star 
Trek: The Next Generation. 

3D0 Game Profile 

Stellar 7: 
Draxon’s Revenge 

(By Dynamix) 

This fierce sci-fi tank game 
will make you go "Wow" as 
you make your guns go “Pow." 
The distinctive graphics go a 
long way toward establishing a 
3D0 "look." 

$59.95 1 player 

CO 7 worlds 

Available now First-person perspective 

Shoot-em-up Forward-scrolling 

The Raven warps into war. 

PROTIP: You must learn to lead 
moving targets. The farther 
away they are, the more you 
must lead them. 

PROTIP: Don’t stop and spin. If 
you do, you’re a stationary target. 
PRO TIP: Remember, your enemies 
can hit you from long range. 

This is heavy metal fighting 
all the way. You’re inside the 
Raven; Draxon’s armored 
army is outside. You face 1 2 
known Arcturan attack vehi- 
cles. They’re rough, but the 
unknown vehicles are murder, 
especially the ones you can’t 
even see. To make matters 
even more challenging, weird 
robotic bosses occasionally 
drop into the fray. 

Enemy forces attack you on 
the ground and from the air, 
but the Raven is up to the 
challenge.Jf you are. You 
must fire for effect, of course, 
but dodge that Arcturan fire- 
power, or your shields will fail. 

Gir Draxon has Raven on the menu. 

Your basic gun is mean, 
but you can power it up into a 
rapid-fire super cannon. With 
luck you can also find an invis- 
ibility generator, a shield that 
destroys tanks and mines. 

The Raven’s controls are 
excellent. The game keeps up 
an all-out pace. You rely on a 
sharp view-screen and a radar 
panel to track your foes. You 
can whip your tank at break- 
neck speed around the surface 
of the seven Arcturan worlds. 

sizzles. Each world’s back- 
grounds present gorgeous 
planetary scenery. 

The game sounds are a lit- 
tle lean, but they come off 
well. In particular, the blast 
effects and the excellent voice 
narration stand out. 

PROTIP: If you’re moving in 
reverse to escape an enemy, 
watch the radar screen. Run up 
against an obstacle, and the Arc- 
turans will be on you in no time. 

The Raven, Nevermore 

Graphics Have On 

Stellar 7’s graphics are a 
knockout. The Arcturan 
armor consists of 
vividly painted poly- 
gon-based vehicles, 
and the animation 

Lucky 7 

If you want to space out with 
your 3DO Multiplayer, take a 
shot behind 
the controls 
of the Raven. 
Stellar 7 is 
stellar. □ 



February 1994 

\s\idiGame’ t 

Watch 33 minutes of awesome video action as 
heroes fight wicked monsters and powerful magic 
- more action than you’ve ever seen before! 

Then team up with friends for more adventure 
than you’ve ever played before! 

The revolutionary - 

AdventureVisiori" ■' ° -s a . 

gaming experience is on ^ 

sale now at stores r ^7 

everywhere. .'•I i 

Start your quest today! 

When DRAGON STRIKE" the yide& : ends, 
DRAGON STRIKE Che game begins! 


By Game Over Man 

Mad Dog McCree 
f is a rootin’ tootin’ 
shootin’ game in the arcades. 
The 3D0 version mimics the 
original's graphics and basic 
game play, but the arcades 
are still the best places to play 
this game. 

“If you’re going to a gunfight , 
you’d best bring along a gun. ” 

— Wild Bill Hickok 

The Mild, Wild West 

In this funky first-person gun 
game, you're a gunslinger 
called the Stranger, and you’re 
out to clean up a one-horse 
town that’s being held 
hostage by Mad Dog McCree 
and his notorious gang. You 
aim by pressing the direction- 
al controls to move a little 
hand holding a gun. 

You must make long-range shots, 

PROTIP: Remember, since you 
have to pull the trigger to select 
the stage you plan to play, you 
lose one shot! 

300 Game Profile 

Mad Dog McCree 

(By American Laser Games) 

This shooter looks good, but it’s 
a slowpoke, cowpoke. Chalk it 
up to 300 growing pains and 
ride off into the sunset. 

First -person perspective 

The Wild West comes alive. 

The Practice mode is the 
first indication that you’re 
in for a long ride. You shoot 
bottles off a fence. The firing 
sequence goes like this: press 
the trigger button, hear a 
bang, count “one Mississippi," 
see the gun recoil, blink your 
eyes, then watch the bottle 
break. That would be nice if 
you were shooting from 200 
yards away, but these targets 
are in your face! 

PROTIP: During a one-on-one 
showdown, slide your bolstered 
gun along the bottom of the 
screen until it’s directly under- 
neath the bad guy. That way you 
can load quickly and press Up to 
draw a bead on him. 

It’s Called Acting! 

At least the graphics are 
impressive, if a bit grainy. The 
story is a classic horse opera, 
played out by real actors in cos- 
tume, who pull off just about 
every cowboy stereotype there 
is. The old prospector, the 
undertaker, and the dastardly 
villains are familiar and fun. 

You get gunfights galore in a 
saloon, in a stable, at a bank, 
and in just about every other 
typical cowboy scenario. 

PROTIP: Don’t fight fair! Never 
let the bad guys draw first. 

PRO TIP: Always aim for the torso. 
PROTIP: It's critical to reload as 
quickly as you can. Do It at any 

PROTIP: If a bad guy pops up 
when the screen freezes as the 
game reads the CD, move your 
gunsight on him. Immediately 
begin pressing the trigger 
before the action resumes, or 
he’s likely to nail you. 

The characters speak directly 
to you, and the predictable 
dialogue is a kick for cowboy 
wannabees. Likewise, the CD 
sound effects are crystal clear. 

First, you’ll need ^ 
plentybf a mifiuniTion-to? 


d^^>ad it by putting it 
in yo^r holster. 
HUM 00400 

Your revolver looks more at home 
in 1990 than 1890. 

Mad Dogs Foam at 
the Mouth 

As the Undertaker says, “In this 
game you better get lucky or 
you’re gonna be dead." Unfor- 

tunately, he's right, since the 
unwieldy controls frequently 
send you to Boot Hill. The 
directional controls are shaky 
and imprecise. After several 
attempts, you can anticipate 
exactly when and where each 
gunman will appear. Even 
then, moving your gunsight 
to the right spot in time is a 
chancy chore. 

Another prominent flaw is 
the frequent and noticeable 
disc-accessing, which freezes 
the on-screen action. More- 
over, almost every such pause 
is a dead giveaway that a bad 
guy's about to appear. 

This guy isn’t flashing you a 
peace sign. 

PROTIP: Keep your gunsight at 
the ready, positioned just below 
the center of the screen. 

Ho Thank You, 
Masked Man 

Mad Dog McCree 3DO will 
make Mad Dog arcade fans 
mad. American Laser Games 
reports it has a 3D0 gun in 
the works for '94. You might 
not want to face Mad Dog 
until you get your shots. □ 

GAMEPRO • February 1394 




I Escape from Monster 
T Manor, the first 3DO 
game from Electronic Arts, will 
be a first-person-perspective 
gun game with a supernatural 
twist. Armed with only a hand- 
held ghost zapper, your mis- 
sion will be to recover the 
scattered fragments of a shat- 
tered talisman from a creepy 
haunted house. 

your hand becomes a little 
more transparent until you’re 
just a bag of bones! 

There’s a grisly suprise in the 

All Manner of 

Monster Manor will summon 
forth memories of the classic 
PC game, Castle Wolfenstein. 
You will move in first-person 
perspective through a murder- 
ous maze, zapping any ghosts, 
grim reapers, or other spec- 
tres who come after you. As 
the search unfolds, players 
must explore shadowy corri- 
dors, clammy catacombs, 
eerie attics, a mysterious 
hedge labyrinth, a twisting 
series of treacherous mud 

caves, and a graveyard. 

These creepy things are all over 
the place. 

The 3DO-generated graph- 
ics will try to blitz you. On- 
screen you’ll see your hand 
holding the ghost zapper as 
you move left or right to 
advance through the mazes. 
You'll face truly creepy-looking 
beings, primarily sinister spec- 
tres. The early version show- 
cased five different ethereal 
fiends. Each time a phantom 
puts a hurt on you, the skin on 

The CD sound, if it remains 
true to the prelim version, will 
send shivers up your spine with 
horrific screams and moans. 
You'll likely find it hard to 
believe that audio can do so 
much to chill the atmosphere 
of a video game. 

There’s No Escape 

Escape from Monster Manor is 
a 3 DO ghostbuster waiting to 
happen. If your tastes tend 
toward the macabre, stand by 
for a ProReview next issue. □ 
Escape from Monster Manor 
By Electronic Arts 
Available Now 

The Reaper reaps for you. 




e b r u a r y 1994 


Spider Man X-Men"' and i 






By Erik Suzuki 

I don’t understand. 
’ Usually "super" is 
supposed to be better than 
“special," but Fatal Fury Special 
is definitely a supergame. 

Fatal Fury Special is the lat- 
est in SNK’s long line of one- 
on-one fighting games, which 
includes the games Art of 
Fighting and World Heroes. 
Fatal Fury II was SNK's first 
actual hit; it had great charac- 
ters and smooth game play. It 
allowed you to control one of 
eight different characters in 
your goal to be the best fight- 
er in the world. 

Super Special 

Just how super is Special? 

Well, for starters there are four 
new characters, of which 
three are playable. That brings 
the total number of playable 
characters in the game to 1 5! 

Instead of taking away spe- 
cial moves from old characters 
and slowing down the game 
like Capcom did with Super 
Street Fighter II, SNK got smart 
and added some new moves 
for the original eight charac- 
ters and even gave some of 
them new colors for their cos- 
tumes. Then SNK used their 
little noodles again and speed- 
ed up FF Special about 1 5 per- 

Neo«Geo Game ProFile 

Fatal Fury Special 

(By SNK) 

Fatal Fury Special is better 
than Super, but a bit less 
than perfect. 


Price not available 2 players, simultaneous 

150+ megs 16 levels 

Available now Side view 

Fighting game Multi-scrolling 

cent! SNK actually realized a 
slow game is just...well...slow. 
Finally, the four boss charac- 
ters from Fatal Fury II are now 
playable, and they even have 
new frames of animation. 

The new Player Select screen 
enables you to choose from 15 

fr l % % 

rtph , hPF . Fas 

Kuh. i mu. 

iol Vf.U 

as-* lei vtu. 

New text for a new character. 

The biggest new feature in 
Fatal Fury Special is the com- 
bos. Every character has at 
least two different combos and 
some have more than five. 

With combos, master players 
can use their skill to waste their 
opponents. But the Special 
difference is that two combos 
won’t destroy you, as they do 
in Super Street Fighter II. In 
fact, it can take up to four 
combos to beat an opponent. 
That's almost perfect damage 
control. Amazingly, all 1 5 
playable characters are evenly 
balanced, including the bosses 
and the new characters. 

Hot Death Moves. 

Looks and Sounds 

Graphically, Fatal Fury Special 
remains awesome with fine 
detail for each character and 
background. Each new charac- 
ter has an entirely new back- 
ground and musical score. The 
new backgrounds seem to 
have been created by a new 
artist, as they're noticeably bet- 
ter-looking than those in Fatal 
Fury II. SNK maintained conti- 
nuity, however, by drawing 
the new characters in the same 
style of animation as the cast 
of the original Fatal Fury II. 


The new objects in the 
background are a serious 
crack-up to watch, and you’ll 
want to play through the 
game just to see what’s been 
added. For example, when 
you beat an opponent in Big 
Bear’s stage, sometimes Kim 
Kaphwan flies across the 
screen like Superman. Also, 
when you're in Andy's stage, 
see if you can spot other Fatal 
Fury characters cheering in 
the background. 

The old and the new come 

together here. 

Geese is back. 

The new musical scores 
sound great, and there are 
even voices for the new char- 
acters. There's still true stereo 
on almost all of the stages, 
and digitized music on some 
of them. If you’re good 
enough to beat the game 
without losing a round, your 
character utters a few sen- 
tences during the ending 
graphics sequences. It sounds 



February 1994 

PROTIP: Try and knock your 

opponent into the background 

in Billy Cane's 

je. Since you 

cannot play in the background, 

your opponent will be knocked 
into the machinery and will 
take extra damage. 

PROTIP: Jubei can slide under 
some projectile attacks like 
Mai Shiranui's Butterfly Fan. 

PROTIP: Look for the extras ii 
the backgrounds. 

PROTIP: Use Terry’s invincible 
Rising Tackle to counter projec- 
tile attacks and escape from 
corner traps. 

wonderful, but it would be 
more enjoyable if they spoke 
English, rather than Japanese. 

Secret Stuff 

Obviously, combos have 
helped FF Special’s game play 
by about 1 000 percent, but to 
rev it even more, there's a cool 
hidden character. As men- 
tioned earlier, there are four 
new characters. The fourth 
character appears only after 
you’ve beat the other fifteen 
opponents without losing a 
single round. Ryo from Art of 
Fighting then appears in the 
dream match to challenge 
your number-one ranking. (Art 
of Fighting was popular 
because of the many special 
moves each character had.) If 
you can get to Ryo's stage, 
take a few minutes to notice 
all the neat little extras in the 
background. Trust me, you’ll 
be surprised. 

Fatal Fury Special also con- 
tains death moves, but SNK 
has made them extremely 
hard to do. Plan on spending a 
few rolls of quarters if you 
want to master these devas- 
tating moves. 

Special Sauce 

With all the improvements in 
Fatal Fury Special, it's really 
hard not to love this game. 
However, in 1 3 of the stages, 
you have the option of jump- 
ing in and out of the fore- 
ground and background, as in 
its predecessor. This can 
cause a fight to become very 
frustrating, especially if your 
opponent is trying to avoid 
you or annoy you. 

Super Recipe 

Special's great game play and 
likeable characters make it 
one the best fighting games 
around. Anyone and everyone 

who enjoys one-on-one fight- 
ing games should check this 
one out for its humor first, but 
then stick around for the great 
fighting action. H 


February 1994 


lUit Snorts Pane 



Walsh's College Football CD 
Comes Up Big 

By Athletic Supporter 

Bill Walsh’s College Football for 
the Sega CD isn’t much different 
from the Bill Walsh carts for the 
Genesis or the Super NES. That’s 
not a criticism, because Bill 
Walsh College Football is one of 
the finest football games on the 
market. The CD version follows 
dial old saying, “If it ain’t broke, 
don’t fix it.” Thank goodness the 
people at EA Sports didn’t tamper 
with an already top-notch product. 

Wild About Walsh 

With only a few exceptions, play- 
ing EA Sports’ Bill Walsh College 
Football is just like playing any of 
the John Madden Football install- 
ments. And if you liked John 
Madden ’93, the best-selling 16- 
bit sports cart ever, you’re almost 
sure to love its CD counterpart, 
which has more horsepower than 
Walsh’s cartridge games. 

The Team Matchups screen gives 
position-l>\ -position comparisons. 

The game play is the same 
on the Sega CD as it is on Walsh’s 
Genesis game. Bill Walsh College 

Football features 24 all-time great 
college teams and 24 of the top 
programs from the 1992 season, 
including Alabama, last year’s 
undefeated national champs. 
However, since Bill Walsh is not 
licensed by the NCAA, the teams 
are all fictitious. You’ll notice 
names like Los Angeles for 
UCLA and College Station for 
Penn State. Don’t get too upset, 
because you’ll still be able to pick 
out your favorite players by their 
jersey numbers, and the teams’ 
strategies closely represent their 
real-life counterparts. 


l.earn from the master with video 

As on the Genesis, there are 
lots of pre-game options. Walsh 
himself offers expert advice 
before each contest, and you can 
compare performances via the 
Team Matchups. Better still is the 
multi-player option. EA’s new 
four-player adapter, the 4 Way 
Play, enables up to four gamers to 
butt heads simultaneously in any 
combination, including four 
against the computer. 

Psyched for the Big Game 

The game play has generally been 
improved over the Madden 
games. The hash marks are wider 
in Bill Walsh College, and some 
of the offensive formations are a 
little different, to reflect subtle 
variations from the pro game. The 
computer opponents are still 
creampuffs, but the computer now 
calls its offensive plays quicker, 
which can leave you scrambling 
on defense. 

All the top conferences are repre- 
sented in this game. 

PROTIP: As a defensive back, try to 
bump the intended receiver at the 
line of scrimmage. Continue to bump 
him and knock him off his pass route 
so he can’t catch the ball. Watch out 

for the zebras - they're pretty quick 
to throw the flag. 

PROTIP: When running the Triple 
Option, pitch the ball just as your 
quarterback is about to be tackled. 
This should give your running back 
more room. 

Still, the designers of Bill 
Walsh do draw an Unsportsman- 
like Conduct penalty for the lack 
of realism in some areas. In real 
life, college players are penalized 
for spiking the ball or throwing it 
into the stands after a TD. What’s 
more, since the 1992 season play- 



February 1894 

ers may advance a fumble in col- 
lege football. These changes 
aren’t in Bill Walsh. Also, though 
Bill Walsh supplies you with 
plenty of team and game statis- 
tics, you might miss the individ- 
ual player breakdowns that John 
Madden supplied. 

Heisman-Winning Sounds 
and Graphics 

The major difference between the 
Genesis and CD versions is the 
improved sound on the CD. 
Thankfully, EA has kept the sound 
effects and the crowd noise to a 

minimum. You still get all the 
grunts and hard hits, but there’s 
no repetitive, mind-numbing 
soundtrack, as you get on many of 
today’s carts. 

PROTIP: Don’t always run your 
offensive plays to the wide side of the 
field. The computer tends to compen- 
sate for this strategy. 

PROTIP: If want to avoid being 
tackled, press “C” to high-step out of 
a defender’s grasp. 

The graphics for Bill Walsh 
are sharp and smooth. Although 
the Bill Walsh players are not as 
fast as they are in John Madden, 
they are a little larger. They’re 
also more responsive and easier 
to control. 

Montana Limps 
onto the Sega CD 

Joe Montana's 
NFL Football 

By Athletic Supporter 
For Sega CD owners who have 
been eagerly anticipating the 
sequel to Joe Montana-II Sports- 
Talk Football, your wait is over. 
Was the wait worth it? Not by a 
long shot. Joe Montana’s NFL 
Football for the Sega CD is a real 
bench warmer. This disc doesn’t 
even stack up to its original name- 
sake (which came out more than 
five years ago). 

Movin’ to Montana 
The best part about Joe Montana 
Football is that this cart is licensed 
by the NFL. This means you get 
each of the league’s 28 teams with 
their real logos. Unfortunately, 
you don’t get real players, just 
generic positions. 

You have several playing 
options. You can play an exhibi- 
tion game between any two teams 
in the league or start a 16-game 
season. NFL Football keeps up 
with league standings while 
you’re playing, so if you make it 

through the regular season with a 
good enough record, you can 
qualify for the playoffs. If you 
win the Super Bowl, you’ll get a 
shot at ten of the greatest teams in 
NFL history, which include the 
1985 Chicago Bears and the 1972 
Miami Dolphins. 



PROTIP: Study the Team Select 
screen to learn your opponent’s 
strengths and weaknesses. It’ll enable 
you to call the right plays at the right 

Use the Helmet Cam to get instant 
replays of exciting moments. 

An Average Joe 

Now for the bad news: To begin 
with, the graphics are dull and 
lifeless, giving you blurry, pixe- 
lated figures and awkward move- 
ments. What’s more, the poor 
graphics hinder game play - often 
the players and the ball get lost on 
the field. This is especially true 
during a turnover. In fact, the ball 
is so difficult to see that you don’t 
always know there’s been an 
interception or a fumble until the 
play is over and you’re ready to 
pick your next formation! 

PROTIP: The computer blitzes on 
almost every third-down play. You 
can beat the blitz with a swing pass 
to a running back or a quick slant 
over the middle. 

Bill Walsh College Football 
does have its minor problems, but 
don’t let that stop you from play- 
ing it EA Sports has done it again 
with Bill Walsh College, a Heis- 
man Trophy front-runner. Q 

When in doubt, consult with the 
expert You can use the Ask Joe fea- 
ture three times during each half. 

PROTIP: If you're a defensive back, 
press Button “C” just as the play is 
beginning to knock the receiver 
down and out of the play. 

The sound isn’t much better. 
The crowd sounds like monoto- 
nous white noise. The quarterback 
doesn’t have a cadence before the 
snap of the ball. He’s totally silent. 
Even worse, the so-called 
announcer is late and often wrong 
with his calls. In Joe Montana-II 
you got to hear the announcer’s 
play-by-play call during the action. 
That’s not true of Joe Montana’s 
NFL Football. The announcer’s 
calls come after the play is over, 
while you're selecting your next 
play. Any run of more than ten 


February 1194 


yards is called “a big gain,” and 
you never find out exactly how 
many yards you gained. Any pass 
of more than ten yards is referred 
to as a “bomb!” 

PROTIP: Move your QB out of the 
pocket on pass plays for more time. 
This will help your receiver get open. 

Out of Control 

The controls are only slightly better 
than the graphics and the sound. 
Each player has approximately 
the same speed, which takes away 
from any realism. The players are 
slow to respond at times, and 
once they get going it’s almost 
impossible to get them to change 
directions quickly. There are no 
cutbacks in this cart. 

PROTIP: Move your defensive line- 
man into gaps between your oppo- 
nent's offensive linemen. It’s much 
easier to get to the QB or running 
back this way. 

Joe Montana NFL Football 
is a big disappointment. Inferior 
graphics, sound, and controls 
make this disc a basement dweller 
- not at all worthy of the superla- 
tive Genesis game that premiered 
in '93. □ 

Just Shoot the 
Ball, Jammit! 

Jammit „ 

Bashetball bSneSIS 

By Weekend Warrior 
Although one-on-one basketball 
has been featured before in games 
like Hoops and Jordan vs. Bird, 
it’s never had the zest and appeal 
of Jammit Basketball, Virgin’s 
first b-ball hoop-ful. This cart 
shoots up extremely sharp, realistic 
graphics, a wide assortment of 
half-court one-on-one contests, and 
a very contemporary, urban inter- 
face. Unlike the proliferation of 
structured, NBA-based carts, Jam- 
mit is b-ball in its truest form - in 
your face and with no holds barred! 

Jammit takes to the streets in an 
all-out battle for court supremacy. 
You’ll play against some mean- 
looking characters named Chill, 
Roxy, and Slade. When you play 
solo against the computer, you 
start with $400 in your pocket and 
lay bets against your opponents. 
The more you wager, the harder 
your opponents play. Win enough 
money and The Judge will grant 
you an appearance on his court. 
The Palace, for a final showdown. 

PROTIP: Always keep yourself 
between the basket and your oppo- 
nent. If your opponent gets past you, 
don't go for the steal, just catch up to 
him as quickly as possible. 

Jammit has a good mix of 
options. Select the two-player mode 
for head-to-head action in eight dif- 
ferent versions of one-on-one bas- 
ketball, including No Fouls, Slams 
Only, and 2-Ball Free for All. You 
can also customize the games. 

PROTIP: When you're on defense 
inside the paint, stick close to the bas- 
ket and time your block with your 
opponent's shot. 

PROTIP: Avoid knocking down an 
opponent from behind, or they’ll 
instantly receive two free foul shots. 
You can slam opponents as much as 
you want from the front. 

PROTIP: It's easy to Clear the Ball 
off the sides of the basket, but some- 
times your best move is to go all the 
way outside the paint and come back 
in. This separates you from the 
defender and opens up more lanes so 
you can charge the basket. 

No matter which game you 
select, the controls are easy to 
pick up and execute. On-screen 
action responds very well to your 
button-pressing, which is crucial 
in this fast-paced game. Jammit 
also supports the new six-button 
controller for even faster action. 
Be forewarned, however - the 
computer opponents move just as 
efficiently as you do, especially in 
the higher levels. 

Walkin’ the Walk, Talkin’ 
the Talk 

Jammit is def with its contempo- 
rary, presentation of the games. 
Well-rendered, realistic graphics 
capture the urban atmosphere per- 
fectly. The large, digitized players 
dress in the casual clothes you see 
the outdoor courts, and they move 
with silky-smooth grace. The 

backgrounds are lush, with graffiti 
on the walls, trash on the court, 
and even dirt smudges on the 

PROTIP: When you carry the ball, 
crouch low to protect it. Use your 
Elbow Jab to keep the defender away. 

PROTIP: Go ahead, be rude. Dis the 
foul shooter by pressing B to yell out 
distracting comments. 

A boom box located near the 
baseline can be reset to play three 
thumping hip-hop tunes. Crisp, 
digitized voices of the players yell 
out some of the meanest “trash 
talk” you’ll hear. Although it’s not 
profane, some talk is offensive 
enough to earn it an MA-13 rating. 

(limme the Ball! 

Fast action, easy game play, and 
hip graphics and sound bites 
make Jammit perfect for action- 
minded gamers who want the 
speed and accessibility of an 
arcade game. Traditional basket- 
ball purists may grow bored with 
the simple game play and repeti- 
tion, but this game is meant to be 
rowdy, not strategic. See you on 
the court! □ 

Jammit Basketball By Virgin 



February 1984 

Domark Sprints 
to Formula One 

Formula „ . 

One Game Gear 

By Doctor Devon 

A hot new racer is rolling onto the 
Game Gear track. Domark’s For- 
mula One sports enough cool 
graphics, sound effects, and 
action to be in the running for the 
Grand Prix Championship! 

Gentlemen, Start Your 
Game Gears! 

Formula One presents two rip- 
roaring ways to play - Arcade 
mode, which is a sprint around 
real international F-l tracks like 
San Marino’s Imola and Britain’s 
Silverstone, and Grand Prix, 
which is a full season of racing 
action on eight circuits. Other 

options include the ability to cus- 
tomize your car’s Wings, Tires, 
Gears, and Engine. 

The graphics are not only 
colorful and attractive in Formula 
One, they also help you win if 
you can pick up the details. For 
instance, the car’s tires will start 
smoking if you rip too fast around 
a comer. An on-screen map shows 

you what’s ahead, but unfortu- 
nately the digital prompters are 
too hard to read at a glance. 

Use the Set Up screen to change the 
features on your Formula One racer. 

PROTIP: Italy’s Monza is probably 
the easiest and fastest track, while 
Japan's figure-eight Suzuka is prob- 
ably the toughest. 

PROTIP: The brakes are touchy, 
so slow your car by running onto 
Ihe shoulder. 

The sounds make the game 
roar to the pole position. While 
the music is inconsequential, the 
racing sound effects will make 
your heart pound. Your car 

view shows you a long stretch of 
green ahead. Once you swing, the 
ball sails flatly into the distance, 
then another screen shows where 
it lands. Though colorful, the 
graphics don’t always help, since 
you can’t see the whole course in 
front of you, and you’ll some- 
times be surprised by the sudden 
appearance of trees around your 
ball when it stops. You’ll also see 
your ball overshoot the hole, even 
though the stats will tell you 
you’re still short. 

PRO TIP: Use the vantage info to cal- 
culate how hard you need to hit a 
shot. You won’t always hit with 100 
percent power. 

The graphics need to be 
much stronger in this game, 
because the sounds are almost 

whines into high gear, your tires 
screech around tight curves, and 
other cars zip past with a whoosh. 

Control is another plus. Your 
car responds quickly and smoothly 
to your button presses, so you can 
weave efficiently through traffic at 
more than 200 miles per hour. 

Chequered Flag 
Domark’s Formula One was just 
slightly above average on the 
Genesis, but it races into first 
place on the Game Gear. This is 
a cart worth taking for a spin. □ 

nonexistent. A bit of music plays 
as the maps roll out at the begin- 
ning, but you play this game in 
virtual silence. More and better 
sound effects would’ve helped 
involve you in the action. 

PROTIP: Yardage estimates include 
rolls, so be sure to hit your shots hard 
enough to clear hazards on the fly. 

While it’s hardly a double 
bogey, PGA Tour Golf isn't quite 
the eagle it wants to be. It’s about 
par for the course. □ 

Puttin' Around 
with the PGA 

Game Gear 

lour Golf 

By Doctor Devon 

Good golfing on the Game Gear- 
that’s the goal of PGA Tour Golf, 
and for the most part, the game 
delivers. It’s not thrilling or 
enthralling, but it does keep you 
interested enough so that you’ll 
want to play all the courses. 

Walk Softly, Carry a 
Mean Club 

PGA Tour Golf presents three 
real courses, plus a challenging 
fictional course. Sterling Shores. 
In addition to tournament action 
against the leading pros, you can 
try out any course in the Practice 
mode, slug a bucket of balls in the 
Driving mode, and drop a few in 
Putting mode. 

If you’re a novice, the game 
helps you by suggesting clubs, 
offering maps, and providing 
advice. If you're a pro, you might 
be frustrated by the simple con- 
trols, which don’t require much 
skill. You often get the benefit of 
nice rolls, and it’s fairly easy to 
score a par. 

PROTIP: Play the other three courses 
before you try out Sterling Shores. 
Use the map to help you on this long, 
tough course. 

Golf Graphics 

Though the game boasts four 
courses, they all seem to look the 
same. Your behind-the-golfer 

GAMEPRO • February 1994 



Atari, the Atari logo, and Lynx are™ or ® of Atari Corporation. © 1993 Atari Corp., Sunnyvale, CA 94089-1309. All rights reserved. 
Checkered Flag. Dracula and Warbirds are™ and © 1992 of Atari Corp. All rights reserved. Lemmings and Jimmy Connors' Tennis are™ 
and ©. All rights reserved. Game Boy® is a registered trademark of Nintendo of America, Inc. © Nintendo of America Inc. All rights 

Lynx has a 3.5" screen. 


Game Gear has a 3.2" screen. 
Lynx has over 4000 colors. 


Game Boy has two. 

Lynx has a 1 B bit graphics engine. 


Game Gear has an B. 

Lynx has molded rubber hand grips. 


Game Boy has plastic. 

Lynx allows up to eight players. 


Game Boy allows up to four. 
Lynx has right or left hand play. 


Game Boy and Game Gear do not. 


Get to your store now, or call: 


reserved. Game Gear is a trademark of Sega Enterprises, 
LTD All rights reserved. 

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Some Awesome 
Star Fox Strategies! 

Use the barrel roll (by pressing L orR twice 
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EA Hockey— It Only 
Takes a Second to Score! 

The best shot to master is the midfield shot 
because it usually beats the keeper for sheer 
speed. Alternatively, run directly up (or down) 
at the keeper and when you’re just outside the 
red semi-circular line, press B. Timing is 

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< ^tt ore role-playing games are coming to the game screen 
'Vllthan ever! D&D is finally gaining some respect in the 
arcades with this long-awaited debut from Capcom, and 
now an all-new Shadowrun is coming for the Genesis. Now 
if only we'd get Vampire... 

By In dill the Incredible 

The great-grandfather of all 
RPGs - and the progenitor of 
an entire industry - has finally 
been translated into an awe- 
some action-packed arcade 
game from Capcom. The RPG 
and coin-op industries have 
collided, and hopefully they 
won’t ever look back. 

By the Book 

Skeptics may ask, "But how 
could an RPG become a coin- 
operated action/adventure 
game and still be faithful to 
the source material?" No wor- 
ries. This game combines the 
finest elements of a side- 
scrolling Golden Axe or Final 
Fight with all the rules of D&D. 

detailed spell system. The 
game is, of course, four-player 
simul and features four buttons 
for a variety of attacks, special 
weapons, blocking, crouching, 
dashing, and much more. 

Down in Darokin 

D&D merges an actual story 
with hacking, slashing, and 
exploring action. Obviously 
the game is extremely combat 
intensive, but there's more 
here than meets the sword. 
You must save the town of 
Darokin from a collection of 
enemies, but you have multi- 
ple paths to choose from as 
you explore the game. There 
are traps, secret rooms, and 
mazes. Non-playable charac- 
ters are reasonably interactive. 

The game is amazingly 
faithful to its origins. For 
example, the monsters incor- 
porate all the special attacks 
and vulnerabilities of the D&D 
pen-and-paper games. 

Beware, Trolls can regenerate! 

D&D is nearly complete 
and will be out by the end of 
March. We’ll be back soon 
with a full review and a few 
strategies, to boot. 

Dungeons & Dragons: 

Tomer of Doom 
By Capcom 
Available March 

Just like in the original D&D, cler- 
ics can’t use edged weapons. 

You choose from four D&D char- 
acter classes. 

You select from four charac- 
ters: a dwarf, an elf, a cleric, 
and a fighter. All their talents, 
skills, and attacks are based on 
real D&D rules, including 
weapon selection and a 

D&D is four-player all the way, 
and you’ll need the extra firepow- 
er to chop off all of the Beholder’s 

The Lightning Bolt Spell rocks the 
Displacer Beast. 




February 1994 



By The Wizard of Awe 

Paladin’s Quest falls in the 
middle of the RPC food chain. 
While the game’s overall story 
is acceptable for this genre, its 
curious Magic/Hit Points 
method is frustrating and too 
easy to exhaust, causing you 
to frequently start over from 
your last saved game. 

Lennus Under Siege 

Like the fine RPG Secret of 
Mana, Paladin's Quest starts 
with a young and curious 
character (Chenzi) causing 
some big troubles by sticking 
his nose where it doesn’t 
belong. After class one day in 
the local magic school, Chen- 
zi's peers dare him to climb to 
the top of the town's mysteri- 
ous tower, where Chenzi acci- 
dentally awakens the evil 
monster/machine Dal Gren. 
Now the bad guy’s on the 
loose, and it’s up to Chenzi to 
stop him and restore order. 

Trouble In Paradise 

Unlike Secret of Mana, howev- 
er, Paladin feels rather stale. 

Its dialogue, story, transitions, 
settings, and even its game 
play seem to have been done 
before. From the very start, 
foes are enormously powerful. 
Battles occur at random and 
switch you from a good /- 
overhead view to a monoto- 
nous first-person view. Even 

Points and Magic Points that 
gauge your life and magic 
power separately. 

PROTIP: Keep fighting on the 
outskirts of the second town 
until you have enough money to 
buy big weapons. 

Relying on your weapons is 
virtually useless, and using 
spells drains you fast. You can 
take medicine to recuperate, 
but you’ll run out quickly when 
you face certain bosses that 
must be slain in order to move 
the game forward. So, back 
and forth you romp to the 
local inn to recoup and replen- 
ish - provided you’ve gained 
enough gold from your battles. 

Friendly Advice 

Fortunately, the little Chenzi is 
not alone in his quest. Other 
characters lend a sword-wield- 
ing hand or wand now and 
then, which makes for fairer 

futile to waste physical attacks 
trying to wipe him out. As you 
attack with Fire, let the other 
two members of your party heal 
you and themselves. 

mm after the bridge breaks, 
walk over to a second town and 
stand next to it. Press A and it 
will be repaired so you can 
cross it. 

PROTIP: Save often, especially 
when your hero picks up an 
important person Or item, or 
when he advances a level. 

Paladin’s graphics are col- 
orful but uninspired. Its 
sound, as in many RPCs, is 
mostly dire and repetitive. For- 
tunately, a straightforward 
menu system makes control- 
ling Chenzi, brandishing spells 
and weapons, and checking 
his status and inventory easy. 

Not the Paladin’s 

Despite many hits against Pal- 
adin, fans who enjoy lots of 
slow-going combat and char- 
acter-building in their RPC’s 
will appreciate the game for 
its enormous challenge and 
lengthy crusade. The rest of 
us, though, will do better 
keeping with the Zeldas, 
Manas, and Final Fantasies 
already out there, and those 
on the horizon. □ 

PROTIP: Talk to everyone in the 
second town to find out that the 
woman is gone. If you go 
straight south to where the 
small house is located, the old 
man won’t appear. 

PROTIP: Look at shelves in build- 
ings to find weapons and items. 

PROTIP: To beat the Dragon Boss 
at the top of the mountain, you 
must use your Fire Spell - it’s 


worse, each spell you cast 
eats away at your Hit Points. 
Most RPGs assign you Hit 

Paladin's Quest (By Enix) 


$59.99 1 player 

12 megs X-overtiead view 

Available now Battery backup 

Fantasy role-playing 

PROTIP: Before leaving any 
town, stock up on medicine. 

February 1994 


Romance of the y 

Th»ee Kingdoms ■: 

Dr agon of Destiny 

By Bro' Buzz 

Romance of the Three King- 
doms III is a fine conqueror- 
take-all game. You'll plan 
long-range strategy to unite all 
of Ancient China by waging 
war on your unneighborly 
neighbors. Although it's even 
more sparse in the graphics 
and sound departments than 
most Koei carts, the simula- 
tion is excellent. As usual, you 
should march into any Koei 
cart with a head for numbers 
and Asian names, an eye for 
icons, and hands that have 
plenty of time on ’em. 

Romantic China 

You play six scenarios with 
starting dates ranging from 
189A.D. to 235 A.D.The 
game’s massive menu system 
is simple to use, but decipher- 
ing the abbreviated command 
labels and the plethora of 
icons requires a close read of 
the manual. Eight major com- 
mands access a mess of 
menus that delegate tasks to a 
stable of Generals. If you like, 
you can build your own char- 
acters, determining their char- 
acter data, gender, and even 
their faces. 

PR0T1P: Invest Gold in Develop- 
ment - of your Economy and 
your Cultivation - during every 
turn, if possible. 

PR0T1P: Search for Hua Tuo the 
Healer to treat your wounded 

PROTIP: Spying is essential to 
your stratagems. Be sure to give 
your spy plenty of spying time 
to do his job. 

Among the multitudinous 
tasks required to lead your 
state, you must develop your 
economy, feed your people, 
and buy and sell goods. To 
prepare for war, you draft sol- 
diers, train troops, recruit 
officers, and spy on your 

Wars between the 

Romance warfare consists of 
serious number-crunching. 
Preparation is 90 percent of 
winning any battle, since vic- 
tory via the easily executed 
turn-based combat system is 
primarily dependent upon 
your army facing an inferior 
numerical force. 

PROTIP: Ambushes are very 
effective against superior 

PROTIP: Spreading False Rumors 
can affect an enemy unit that’s 

never a stand- 
;i, are even more 
plain than usual. Static por- 
traits of the characters are 
great, but the Main Map of 
China seriously strains your 
eyes with tiny icons. The bat- 
tle graphics between fighting 
units are miniscule, and you 
don’t even get Koei’s cartoony 
horses and soldiers. The 
sparse sounds are dominated 
by a rich, Asian-sounding, 
orchestral soundtrack, which 
unfortunately drives you crazy 
with its repetition. 

Ancient China has looked better. 

rime for Romance? 

The joy in RTKIII is about 
watching numbers grow (for 
example, at harvest time) and 
shrink (when you knock off 
enemy soldiers). If you have a 
for it, it’s great fun. How- 
ever, first-time Koei gamers 
should probably go for easier- 
to-digest SNES fare such as 
Gemfire or even Genghis Khan 
II. If you’re already Koei crazy, 
you can’t help yourself- you’ll 
love Romance. □ 

There are 22 battlefields 
found on four types of terrain, 
including the famous Great 
Wall. You can also engage in 
naval warfare, and take on an 
enemy commander in a CPU- 
refereed one-on-one fight. 



February 19S4 

By Scary Larry 

It’s 2053. Do you know where 
your Shadowrunners are? In 
this fantastic translation of the 
all-time number-one cyber- 
punk pen-and-paper RPC, 
you’d better hope that your 
’Runners are dose...and in a 
good mood! 

A Gritty Adventure 

This tale of corporate evil and 
computer-jacking has fascinat- 
ed RPC fanatics for some time 
now, although it has just 
recently been brought to the 
home video game market. 

Data East hit the SNES first, 
and now Sega has brought it 
to Genesis owners, but wit^a* 
whole new look and story Umj 
This is no small graphic 
adventure. Sega has tumedjgjj 
FASA's Shadowrun into tJHH 
monstrous, gritty, and reaMir 
RPC that it was meant to WF*. 

virtual reality world where 
deckers and data-jackers rule 
the electronic highways. 

^fo help you make it out 
alive, you'll need the help of 
Shadowrunners, the unique 
and lethal assassins who will 
“run" with you...for a price. 
Talk is cheap, but bullets cost. 

Run for the Shadows 

This new game keeps the clas- 
sic RPC elements alive by incor- 
porating a personal electronic 
secretary who keeps notes of 
all conversations you’ve had in 
the game. When you come 
across someone or something 
mentioned in a conversation, 
the notes are automatically 
deleted from memory. No 
more writing down vital pieces 
of information. 

Watch Role-Players’ Realm 
for an extensive review of 
Shadowrun for the Genesis. 

Great intro, 

i starts you off. 

In Cyberspace, you’ll battle for 
information - and your life. 

You can now choose to be 
either a samurai, a decker, or 
a shaman as you prowl the 
streets and alleys of a devas- 
tated, futuristic Seattle. You’ll 
see action in the urban jun- 
gles, in the sinister corporate 
offices, and in Cyberspace - a 

EAMEPRO • February 1994 

Take a Cyber Taxi around the 
ruins and find your destiny. 


Aorrm ^ ^ 

Odyssey GENESIS 

RoV II doesn’t play particu- 
larly fast, and the controls are 
only a bit above average. How- 
ever, the puzzles are solid, and 

this cart plays better than its 
predecessor. You still get two- 
player link capability. 

Ultima Fun 

The graphics are shrimpy and 
the music and sound effects 
are repetitive. However, with 
ever-increasing puzzles, 
you’ll be running all over Bri- 
tannia’s huge maps for hours. 
RPC strategists should read 
these Runes. 

February 1994 

PROTIP: The Whip-Stinger is the 
best fighter. She has a longer 
life bar and great range with 

of Arcus. Then a good sorcer- 
ess harnessed all the powers 
of light to fight and defeat her. 

PROTIP: Wait for this frog to 
jump before you run past him, 
then attack him from the back. 

You travel through a vast 
^-overhead world of caverns 
and mazes. Along the way 
you’ll pick up items to help 
your quest, like health power- 
ups and magic spells. 

Seen It, Done It 

The graphics in Arcus Odys- 
sey are small and crowded. 
There’s not a great amount of 
detail or special effects in the 
game, and the enemies are 
uninspired. Each area looks 
suspiciously alike, and the 
only real action comes from 
the beginning animation. You 
expect more in the SNES. The 
sounds are pretty decent, 
although there's not a lot of 
’em. The music serves its pur- 
pose, and stays faithful to the 
overall theme of the game. 

Odd(ysey) Man Out 

If you played Arcus Odyssey 
on the Genesis, then you’ve 
seen it before. If you're look- 
ing for an interesting game 
with little to offer but average 
graphics and better-than-aver- 
age music, then this is for 
you. True RPG fans, though, 
may want to skirt around the 
town of Arcus and hold out 
for meatier titles. 

Arcus Odyssey has crept over 
to the SNES from the Genesis, 
with very little upgrading. You 
have to be a fan of the Gene- 
sis version to appreciate the 
shoot-and-scoot play of the 
latest Arcus Odyssey. 

I’ll Be Fleeing Ybu 

In Arcus Odyssey, you play as 
one of four warriors with a 
unique special ability or 
weapon. Your standard 
Archer, Sword-swinger, 
Magic-user, and Whip-slinger 
are all in the house, this time 
to bring peace back to the 
land of Arcus. 

statue just 
before the entrance to the first 
area, and you’ll receive a helpful 
hint and some power-ups. 

It seems that there once 
was an evil sorceress who 
planned to wipe out the 
world, starting with the town 

ULtfma: Runes 
of VfRtue II 

By The Wizard of Awe 

Ultima: Runes of Virtue II is a 
great combo of role-playing 
and strategy. Like any RPG, 
you’ve gotta up your strength 
in this puzzle-solving quest if 
you want to find the eight may- 
ors who have been kidnapped 
by the evil Black Knight. The 
strategy elements somewhat 
diminish the story line, but the 
cart’s great fun if you like multi- 
level puzzles rather than tradi- 
tional role-playing. 



Shjfmlno, tip has a handy pro- 
foodie weapon and a good mix 

Run for the Runes 

At the start, the esteemed 
Lord British informs you that 
one of the neighboring town’s 
mayors has been kidnapped. 
Rescue him and you’re 
bestowed with the first Rune. 
Then you seek out the next 
abductee. The puzzles require 
lots of experimenting: hitting 
switches, moving barrels, and 
wiping out certain monsters. 
Often you'll find yourself total- 
ly stumped, but there’s light at 
the end of the tunnel as the 
cart has battery backup. 



(sure, it 's just a game.) 

‘Cliffhanger could send gamers over the edge. - Gamepro , October 1993 
‘Non-stop, pulse-pounding adventure that won't give you a break.’- Electronic Gaming Monthly, October 1993 

game, lest four surma/ stals on a fug.'vspeaJ 
snowfoanliig teve/ (haJElectronc Ganwig MonWy 
says tbs »6e seen # he Meted' 

CLIFFHANGER distributed by 
Company CLIFFHANGER a l 

Available for all Nintendo® and Sega" systems. 

Imagesoft. 2100 Colorado Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90404. Sony Imagesott and Imagesolt are trademarks ol 
emark owned by CLIFFHANGER B.V. and used by Sony Electronic Publishing Company under authortzalion. i 
ic. 01991 Nintendo ol America Inc. Sega. Genesis, and Sega CD are trademarks ol Sega Enterpnses, Lid. A 

Ring Company. Cl 993 Sony Electronic Publishing 
sr Nintendo Entertainment System Is a registered 
is a registered trademark ol Chrysler Corp. 

regain strength by picking up 
Magic Coins, and you must 
have a certain number of 
coins to exit the level. 

Why the artillery, man? 
Because the Beanstalk and the 
surrounding areas will throw, 
bees, stalk weevils, flying 
bugs, and more at you. Plus, 
you have to reckon with a 
boss at the end of each level, 
and that could be anyone 
from the Cloud Boss to Homer 
the Huge. 

The graphics in Bart and 
the Beanstalk are grainy and 
not very detailed. Bart is a tiny 
sprite who takes up less than 
a quarter of the screen, and 
the backgrounds lack any real 
detail. The Beanstalk just kind 
of hangs there. 

The music and sounds in 
the game don’t fare any better. 
There are no discernible Simp- 
son tunes, and the sound 
effects are minimal. Since Bart 
is full of his own brand-name 
witticisms, you'd expect to hear 
one of them from time to time. 

Side view 

Came Boy 

By Lawrence of 

' America’s favorite 
dysfunctional family takes a 
leap back in time for a satiric 
retelling of a classic fairy tale. 
Fans of the show, though, will 
be disappointed. 

Fee Fi Homer Hum A 

Bart and the Beanstalk is a six- 
level, side-scrolling action/ad- 
venture with a Simpsons 
touch. The very poor Simpson 
family sends their son Bart into 
town to exchange the family 
cow for some food. Along 
comes Monty the Miser who 
wants to give Bart some magic 
beans for the cow. When Bart 
refuses, Monty throws in a 
slingshot, and before you can 
say “Don’t have a cow, man," 
Bart returns home with the 
beans. The rest is a tale about 
a boy, a beanstalk, and a big 
brute of a giant. 

As Bart, armed with only 
your trusty Slingshot, you 
travel up the Beanstalk, across 
the Clouds, and into the Castle 
of Homer the Huge. Along the 
way, you pick up trusty giant- 
slaying items like Paper Air- 
planes, Firecrackers, and 
Golden Eggs. You can also 

Game Boy Game Profile 

Bart and the Beanstalk 

(By Acclaim) 

The funniest family to hit the TV 
in years is back in a hand-held 
version of a classic fairy tale 
with a Simpsons-esque twist. 
The only giant you’ll see here, 
though, will be a giant sigh of 



All Stalk, No Action 

It’s hard to figure out where 
the fun went in this humdrum 
title, since it’s almost impossi- 
ble to lose out with a naturally 
funny family like the Simpsons. 
Nevertheless, this drab game 
definitely lacks personality. 
There's a challenge here for 
those who want to sit through 
yet another simple side- 
scroller. Everyone else, 
though, might be better off 
trading in their magic beans 
for a cow. □ , 

PR0T1P: If you catch three Magic 
Coins in a row, some of your 
health will be restored. Plan 
your jumps carefully when you 
see three coins in a row. 

PROTIP: To knock off the Homer 
Spider Boss in the first stage, 
just stay in your comer, shoot, 
and jump over him when he 
gets near you. Remember that 
your slingshot doesn’t reach all 
the way across the screen. 

PROTIP: Beware of the holes in 
the castle wall. Steam shoots 
out of them and knocks you off 
your perch. 

PROTIP: *st to the left and below PROTIP: Beware of stationary 

this doud is an Invincibility 
Goose Egg. Use it to march past 
Ms missile and into the castle. 

light-colored clouds in this 
stage. They disappear after you 

* 'S'\Qtj!&£ ”” j 


PROTIP: In the Hellfire Club, 
jump over these pillars with 
your Spin Jump. 

Game Gear 

By The Tummynator 

5 Whether pressed 
' between the color- 
ful pages of a comic book or 
brought to life in a cartoon, 
superheroes are fascinating 
figures. Now Sega is introduc- 
ing the greatest lineup of 
heroes and villains since the 
Iran/Contra hearings, and 
they’re being brought to you 
in all their glory. 

X, Lies, and Video 

If someone had told you that 
Sega could bring all the excite- 
ment of the Genesis X-Men to 
the Game Gear, you’d have 
thought they were lying. Well, 
the truth is that X-Men Game 
Gear squeezes all the action 
and graphics it can into four 
megs of Marvel-ous comic 
book mayhem. 

You start the game by 
choosing either Wolverine or 
Cyclops, and you can pick 
from the other X-Men once 
you've rescued them. You 
travel through six villain- 
pounding levels as you search 
for your mutant mates, who 
were kidnapped by Magneto. 

PROTIP: When you play as 
Wolverine, turn off your Mutant 
Powers when you’re not using 
them or they’ll drain away. 

Game Gear Game ProFile 


(By Sega) 

Your favorite mutants are back 
and in fine form on the Game 
Gear. Wolverine, Storm, 
Cyclops, and friends are all 
making an appearance in this 
Marvel-ous miniature game. 

PROTIP: Walk into waterfalls in 
the Savage Lands and you’ll find 

This arch-villain has locked 
Storm, Iceman, Nightcrawler, 
Rogue, and Psylocke in differ- 
ent strongholds, and to find 
them you must travel through 
such stages as the Savage 
Land, Brood Cave, and the 
Hellfire Club. 

Each stage ends with a 
friend of Magneto’s trying to 
pull the plug on the party. Foes 
like Callisto, Sebastian Shaw, 
and Sauron engage you in 
immortal combat, but the 
forces of good are on your side. 
You also have those razor- 
sharp claws and the patented 
X-Men abilities, like Storm’s 
power over nature, Cyclops’ 
concussive eye-beams, and 
Nightcrawler’s Teleport. 

You Look Marvel-ous 

The graphics in X-Men are 
sharp and clean, but you’ll 
need super-powered vision to 
see the tiny details on the small 
sprites. The colorful back- 
grounds have the comic-con- 
noisseur’s touch. The sound in 
X-Men is good, with changes in 
the unobtrusive music at each 
level and each boss. 

PROTIP: How do you fight 
Sebastian Shaw? You don’t. He 
gets stronger with each hit, so 
knock him off by leading him 

Gorgeous cut scenes enhance the action. 

PR0T1P: To progress through the 
Savage Lands, jump on these 
light-colored logs repeatedly 
and they will break. 

nte Joy of X 

Fans of the X-Men will love 
this cart, with its formidable 
array of superheroes and 
super villains. The long levels 
are complex enough to keep 
your battery bill high, and the 
challenge is strong enough to 
keep you busy in the back 
seat for that long drive to 
Grandma's house. 

If you’re not a fan of the X- 
Men, but you like portable 
side-scrollers with solid graph- 
ics and involving game play, 
then you’ll love this game, 
too. Put all your X in one bas- 
ket, and check out X-Men. □ 



February 1994 




““'SOing Comoanv S' , S ^" l 'J m> 9 eso "- 2,00 Colorado Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90404, Sony is a tradems 
a E, f ur «s IndUslnes Inr *s» & T y Elecl ' onic Publishing Company. Last Action Hero™ and © 1 993 Columbia 
1 01 Hintenoo ol/uL^. A " 9Ws rese,w;d - Nintendo, Nintendo Entertainment System, GameBoy. Supei ^Nin 
TOrt °a Inc. e 1993 Nintendo ol America Inc. Sega, Sega CD. Genesis jjtGame Gear are t 

; j | 



- ‘ . -TJ- ' 


Lean, Mean, 
and Green 

The Toads look great on the 
Came Gear’s tiny screen, 
warts and all. Each level is well 
rendered and has very de- 
tailed backgrounds. Although 
the sprites are small, the char- 
acters move smoothly across 
the screen. If you’re familiar 
with the game and its charac- 
ters, though, you’ll notice that 
many of the whimsical details 
of the bizarre characters are 
lost on the small screen. 

The two-button controls 
are easily learned - just punch 
and jump. The on-screen 
action responds perfectly to 
your directional commands. 

No fancy moves and combos 
are required - all you need 
are split-second timing and 
quick reflexes. 

The sound is above-average 
for the Came Gear. A nice vari- 
ety of sound effects and musi- 
cal tracks livens up the action 
on each stage. It’s nothing 
fancy, but then, hey, they’re 
just frogs, ya know! Ribbet! 

PROTIP: Slam opponents into the 
edges of the screen, and con- 
tinue hammering away at them. 
This keeps them off-balance and 
prevents them from retaliating. 

PROTIP: Hit the Stage 1 Boss 
three times to destroy it Use 
the boss' own targeting display 
to aim your throws. To guaran- 
tee that your rock will hit its 
mark, position yourself in the 
center of the target before 

PROTIP: Swing into the green, 
multi-toothed nasty as you drop 
down Stage 2’s tunnel. Kick 
’apidly kick tn orevent it from 
•aking a blit -ul of yc You 
must kick it Uuee time o i u 
defeat It. 

Hop To It! 

Webbed hands-down, Battle- 
toads is a solid action/adven- 
ture cart for the Game Gear. It 
offers interesting characters, 
sharp graphics, simple game 
play, and a tough, but not 
insurmountable challenge. 
Gamers who’ve already played 
the NES, Genesis, or Game Boy 
versions won’t find anything 
new and may want to wait for 
the sequel. On the other hand, 
Battletoads neophytes can’t 
miss with this fun cart. Last one 
in the pond is a rotten egg! □ 

Your favorite trio of high-action 
amphibians hits the hand-held 
pond with the same zest that 
they brought to the Genesis. 

Game Gear 


I Zitz, Rash, and Pim- 
5 pie are bringing the 
same amphibious adventure 
and mayhem to the Game Gear 
that they brought to Other sys- 
tems. A faithful conversion of 
the original NES cart, this pint- 
size, streamlined version of 
Battletoads is a blast. 

PROTIP: You get only one shot at 
the fireflies carrying extra 
health units. Wait until they 
cluster closely togethei the" try 
to hit as many as pussioit with 

PROTIP: It’s most effective to 
time your jumps to avoid obsta- 
cles. Stay near the top half of the 
screen and jump accordingly. 
Remember to maintain full speed 
as you hit the ramp for the super- 
long jump to the next level. 

Game Gear Game ProFile 


(By Tra dewiest) 

PROTIP: In Stage 2, pull up on 
the rope each time you automat- 
ically descend into the tunnel. 
This pulls you out of any new 
dangers lurking below. 

’Toad-al Action 

The evil Dark Queen has cap- 
tured a Princess. It’s up to the 
warty trio to rescue her. Eight 
action-packed, side-scrolling 
stages of Toad fun lie before 
you in this one-player game. 
On each level, you control one 
of the three toad heroes and 
then run, jump, and punch 
through endless waves of the 
most bizarre-looking enemies 
ever. Pyscho Pigs, Rabid 
Rodents, and other mutant 
goons drop out of nowhere, 
bent on grinding you into 
slimy frog patties. 

The game play is pretty 
straightforward - take out all 
the enemies and progress 
through each level until you’ve 
lost all your lives. However, 
you start with only three lives, 
five health units, and three 
continues, so it’s as tough to 
beat as the original (remember 
those Speeder Bike levels?!). 



February 1994 

(sure, it's just a game.) 

Here’s a game that 
forces you to get your act in gear. 
In Gear Works you start with a 
truckload of gears. You have to 
lay them out in a line to get your 
motor runnin’. But there are mis- 
chievous Poffins throwing 
wrenches in your works, and you 
have to finish before the motor 
temperature melts your pistons. 
Be a Spin Doctor 
You start with one gear spinning 
on the left and one gear idle on 
the right. It’s pretty simple to 
work the Game Gear buttons to 
drop gears into place, but it’s 
quite another story to make sure 
they all mesh and spin. As you 
go further into the game, idle 
gears appear on the right side. To 
keep the gears turning, you have 
to lube the gears with oil, blow 
up misplaced gears, and blast 
the annoying Poffins. 

Game Dear 

puzzle you're trying to solve, and 
the puzzle should be your prima- 
ry concern. Since you work 
against a clock, it gets very frus- 
trating if you put down a gear 
and discover it’s not what you 
thought it was. 

. - * Si.-y 

The audio accompaniment 
consists of forgettable back- 
ground music and simple sound 
effects. It does just what it should 
in this type of game - it doesn't 
get in the way. 

The graphics, on the other 
hand, are simply too small. You’ll 
strain as much over the Game 
Gear screen as you do over the 

about tbe Poffins. The clock Is 

As a result, Gear Works isn't 
nearly as enjoyable as it could be. 
What should be edge-of-your- 
seat, brain-stumping game play 
too often turns tedious. This 
game would play much better on 
a larger screen. 

Slaving over a Hot Engine 
Gear Works is a good concept 
and a great design , but it’s ham- 
pered by the Game Gear format. If 
you don't mind risking your sight 
for a few hours as you labor over 
these brain teasers, by all means 
start this engine. Otherwise, take a 
vacation day and skip Works. □ 

_ zling about this Game PROTIP: Look to the top of the 
Gear version of Mean Bean 

Machine. It’s more fun than a Beans fmm y° ur opponent will 
bowl full of chili. dr °P- *** gives you a few 

Dr. Robofnik*s 

Mean Bean Machine 

Sega’s Bean Busy 

Sega’s cooked up a range of 
puzzle challenges for Dr. Robot- 
nik's Game Gear debut. In 
game-play that resembles 
Columns, but actually has a lot 
more depth to it, you must 
emancipate the beanfolk of 
Beantown - and pump up some 
brain cells in the process. 

In each mode of play, colored 
beans drop into a rectangular 
screen. You manipulate the 
beans to match four of the same 
color together, which makes 
them disappear from the screen. 

PROTIP: Stack series of thret 
at the bottom of the screen. 
This increases your chances 
of scoring big points and 
sabotaging your opponent. 

im b 

ft HHR 3 ZTXSK33 

ft WTBFfj off fiTAliTS. 

PROTIP: Glance at the "Next” 
window to get a sneak preview 
of what’s coming. 

Variations on this theme 
include the Scenario mode, 
where you go head-to-head 
against 12 increasingly difficult 
stages; Exercise mode, where 
you practice your bean stacking 
techniques; and Gear-to-Gear 
mode, which puts you head-to- 
head against a buddy. In the 
most innovative game, Puzzle 
mode, you solve specific puzzle 
challenges, such as eliminating 
all the red beans. 

Mean Bean Machine is an 
absorbing and complex game. 
The graphics and sounds are 
simple and straightforward, but 
the fun is in the varied game 
play. The controls are easy to 
use and learn. Although novice 
puzzlers will be able to play the 
game, the tougher scenarios 
will challenge even veterans of 
Columns, Tetris, and the like. 
Make No Beans About It 
Mean Bean Machine is perfect fare 
for coffee breaks, long car rides, or 
any other time you need a puzzle 
break. It’s no has-bean! □ 



February 1994 

i- cross 


Hook wants revenge. ..and he's looking 
for you! So take on the role of Peter Pan 
and embark on a magical quest to free 
your children and destroy the notorious 

above the enchanted Neverland, clash 
with Hook's brutal band ot pirates and 
face strange, dangerous creatures like 
poisonous porcupines, man-eating 

Captain James Hook. Based on the tigers and pirate ghosts. As Peter, 

blockbuster Spielberg movie, Hook you'll need all your strength, stealth 

for Genesis and Game Gear 
delivers incredible non-stop 
action and critically acclaimed 
game play. You’ll fight the 
Lost Boys and Rufio for your 
golden sword, soar high 


and magical powers to sur- 
vive this epic adventure. 
Then face the ultimate battle 
against the bloodiest pirate 
of them all! 

nd imagesott are trademarks ot Sony Electronic Publishing Comi 

Dame Dear 

PROTIP: Stand underneath these 
strange metallic contraptions 
and you’ll be zapped to secret 

Each stage looks like a scene 
out of a classic Road Runner car- 
toon. When he’s not evading the 
hostile desert flora and fauna, the 
Road Runner has to look out for 
Wile E., who’s looking mighty 
hungry. The coyote always 
makes a last-ditch effort to snag 
the bird, usually while riding atop 
his latest ACME contraption. 

Desert Speedtrap’s graphics 
look like the original cartoon, 
although the sprites are too 
small. The various enemies aren’t 
particularly imaginative, and 
they’re often difficult to spot, 

seed fill up more than one 
health point. Peck several times 
to see If you've found one of the 
super bowls . 

The game's controls are very 
difficult to manage. Button press- 
es make the Road Runner leap 
with abandon. It’s frustratingly 
difficult to make him hop and 
jump where you want him to. 
Not a Fun Run 
Adjustable challenge makes the 
cart good for beginners in the 
early levels, but its toughness at 
the harder difficulty settings is 
due to frustrating, imprecise con- 
trols, not complicated game play. 
This cute cart’s good for a play or 
two, but if you’re looking for a 
top-notch Game Gear product, 
you may have to send away to 
ACME. □ 


PROTIP: When the first dinosaur 
boss stops moving his head, 
he’s coming after you. Slide next 
to him when he hits the grass 
and whack him in the head. 

Chuck II is easy on the eyes, 
featuring colorful graphics and 
smooth animation. Sometimes, 
though, you wish for slightly bet- 
ter character detail. The sound 
effects are done well, and the 
music isn’t irritating - which is 
about all you can ask from Game 
Gear audio. 

February 1934 

PROTIP: Jump around wherever 
you go - invisible platforms pop 
up where you don’t expect 
them. Out-of -reach bonuses are 
a dead giveaway. 

Pounding bad beasts is a 
kick, but the key to the FunFactor 
in Chuck Junior's trek is trying to 
reach the end of a level with as 
little damage as possible. Most of 
the game play involves memoriz- 
ing the sequence of hurdles, 
obstacles, and neanderthals, but 
it’s still an exciting trip. 

Dino-soaring Scoring 

Chuck II doesn't give up much in 
the fun department in its step 
down the evolutionary scale from 
Genesis to Game Gear. Chuck II 
is a chip off the old Chuck. □ 

Starring HCKtU m WlLE E. 

RUNNER Coyote 

The music’s uninspiring, 
livened up only by the Warner 
Brothers theme. The Road Run- 
ner’s beep sounds more like a 
broken car horn. 

By Earth Angel 

\ The Road Runner’s 
^ still plagued by the 
same old nemesis - Wile E. Coy- 
ote. In the cartoons, the fine- 
feathered bird makes his escape 
with the greatest of ease. In this 
Game Gear adventure, things are 
a lot tougher for the speedy fowl. 
Beep, Beep 

As the Road Runner, you've got 
to race through multiple stages 
of hop-n-bop action. The premise 
is simple: get to the exit before 
time or your health runs out. 

since they blend in with the ter- 
rain. The cool-looking intermis- 
sion screens are worth watching. 

By Manny 

Chuck Rock is 
back...well, sort of. Time has 
passed since Chuck Rock last 
rescued Ophelia. Now he’s been 
kidnapped with his Mastodon 
Motors dealership as the ran- 
som. Who can save him from 
Brick Jagger, owner of the com- 
peting Keystone Cars? Why, his 
son Chuck Junior, of course. 

A Prehysteric Baby 
Chuck ll's game play is as simple 
as stone, though beating this cart 
is as hard as granite. Baby 
Chuckie clubs a path through 
four levels (eight zones) of Stone 
Age adversaries and obstacles. 
Control is as easy as pressing 
one button to swing the club and 
pressing the other button to leap 
from walkway to walkway. 

PROTIP: Swing Chuck Junior’s 
club all over the place, because 
there are points hidden behind 

Desert Speed Trap 

Few have faced Draeula and survived. Now it’s your turn! Based on Columbia 
Pictures’ blockbuster thriller, Bram Stoker’s Draeula goes straight for the jugular. 
Photo-realistic graphics, camera rotation, digitized scenes from the film and an 
awesome digital soundtrack on the CD version plunge you deep into cold, dark 
dungeons crawling with spiders and packs of bloodthirsty rats. On every 
platform you’ll experience thrilling game play and battle your way 
ass* through the treacherous mountains and forests of 

Transylvania to Castle Draeula. And just like in the movie, SONY 
the evil Prince of Darkness will rise and attack — as a bat, x 

a wolf, even an old man. But whatever form Draeula 'Sjk 

takes.. .make no mistake, he must be stopped! 

Available for all Nintendo and Sega platforms. imagesoft 

Bram Stoker's Draeula is distributed by Sony Imagesoft, 2100 Colorado Avenue, Third Floor, Santa Monica, CA 90404. Sony Imagesoft and Imagesoft are trademarks ot Sony Electronic Publishing Company. © 1992 Sony Electronic Publishing 
Bompany. Brant Stoker's Draeula™ is a trademark ol Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc.® 1 992 Columbia Pictures Industries. Inc. All rights reserved. Nintendo, Nintendo Entertainment System. Game Boy. Super Nintendo System and the Official Seals 
ire registered trademarks of Nintendo of America Inc. © 1992 Nintendo of America Inc. Sega. Sega CD. Genesis. Game Gear aie trademarks of Sega Enterprises Ud. 

fraught with perils. There are two 
scenes in each round, and Don- 
ald has to make his way through 
using hop-n-bop-style game 
play. Donald's easy to control, 
whether he’s jumping, running, 
swimming, orslip-slidin’ across 
the ice. 

By Andromeda 

k{$ Disney’s duck has a 
' fowl temper, but 
gorgeous graphics and solid 
game play make his newest 
action/adventure cart worth 
checking out. 

Don’t Quack Up 
Uncle Scrooge is in deep trouble. 
After messing with an enchanted 
amulet, he’s blown up like a bal- 
loon. Donald must solve the 
mystery and deflate his unk. 

Came Gear 

PROT1P: When you reach what 
appears to be a dead end in the 
Volcano, simply push Up to 
enter the door. 

PROTIP: Watch out! Donald’s an 
instant frozen duck dinner if he 
falls into the water during the 
Mountain round. 

Each of the four areas of the 
game (the Jungle, the Inlet, the 
Volcano, and the Mountain) is 

PROTIP: Grab Chiles to send Don- 
ald into a Super Attack mode. 

During each round, Donald 
can capture gems and other trea- 
sure to boost his points. He also 
snacks on ice cream and turkeys 
(hey, Donald’s no cannibal). 

Then, at the end of each round, 
Donald snags a special charm 
that'll help him solve the mystery. 

The game’s graphics capture 
that ol’ Disney magic. Donald’s 
personality is quite evident, 
whether he’s impatiently tapping 
his webbed toe or racing across 
the screen during a mad attack. 
Although the enemies could have 
been more imaginative, the 
game's backgrounds are creative 
and well done. The music’s not 
top-ten fare, but it doesn’t detract 
from the fun. 

Fowl Fun 

ntermediate and advanced 
ers will find the game an 
waddle, but it's still a lot of 
fun. Donald’s a charmer, and his 
latest adventure is just ducky. □ 

By Manny 

In Pinball Dreams 
gamers get a trio of fields that 
are far simpler than previous pin- 
ball simulations, like Devil Crush 
and Revenge of the ’Gator. 
Unfortunately, more sometimes 
means less. 

Take the Plunge 

You can choose from three play- 
ing fields: Ignition, Steel Wheel, 
and Graveyard. Each has differ- 
ent layouts, targets, bonuses, 
and goals to shoot for, but the 
basics are all the same: two 
flippers at the bottom, and pro- 
gressive point scoring. 

Control of the ball is simple, 
using a standard two-button, 
directional-pad combo for the 
flippers and plunger. Sometimes 
you’ll feel that the ball weighs a 
ton or the flippers are “soft,” 
because you can’t zing the ball 
through chutes and passages. 


at targets 

PROTIP: Each table has a spot 
that can be used to score lots of 
bonus points, like the channel 
on the left of Graveyard. 

light, as is the musical accom- 
paniment, but they complement 
the action just fine. 

Will You Flip Over This? 
Unfortunately, Pinball Dreams 
tilts when it comes to the enter- 
tainment factor. There just isn’t 

Snazzy graphics highlight 
the ball's travels around the 
fields. The sound effects are 

enough replay value or challenge 
to keep you excited and wanting 
to play again. By trying to give 
Pinball Dreams more with the 
three playing fields, the game 
actually ends up with less. It 
would have been better if Game- 
tek had created one blockbuster 
pinball field instead of three mar- 
ginal ones. The elements are all 
there, but the chemistry just 
doesn’t hit the jackpot. □ 

WTIP: To score big points, you 
ist have the courage to hit 
? ball at the very tip of the 
jper. It’s scary, but that’s the 
ly way to repeatedly get the 
II up to the top section of the 
lying field. 

February 1994 



from Absolute . 

For Super NES. 


from Capcom. 

For Super NES. 


from Namco. 

For Super NES. 


from Square Soft. 

For Super NES. 


from Kemco. 

For Super NES. 


from Activision. 

For Super NES. 


from Takara. 

For Super NES. 


from Extreme. 

For Super NES. 


from Mindscape. 

For Super NES. 


I* from Sony I magesoft. 

[I For Super NES. 


from Bullet Proof. 

For Super NES. 





from Team. 

For Genesis. 



from Sony 

For Sega CD. 





from Sony 
For Genesis. 


from Dynasound. 

For Super NES. 


from Dynasound. 

For Genesis. 

A Player’s Guide to Power Peripherals 

By The Lab Rat 

] Well, I’m back from 
my vacation in Rat- 
lanta, and just in time, it seems. 
There are packages on the step 
of my Rat Hole from Ascii, Naki, 
and Sega! Hmmm.Jt’s getting 
crowded on my step, so lets 
grab some cheese and check 
it out! 

Power Players 

Asciiware has long been 
known for its innovative joy- 
stick and joypad designs. 

Well, they’ve met the demand 
for a better mousetrap (eek!) 

The Fighter Stick S&6 is 

a six-button joystick that fea- 
tures independent Turbo con- 
trol for all six buttons. It also 
offers Auto-Turbo, Slow 
Motion, a heavy steel base for 
stability, and an extra-long 
cord. The ball on the Fighter 
Stick SC-6 is oversized for 
greater control, and its 
ergonomic design is kind to 
the hand that feeds it. 

Not to be outdone by Ascii, 
Sega enters stage-right with 
their new Six-Button Arcade 
Stick. Like the Ascii Fighter 
Stick, this joystick features 
adjustable Turbo settings for all 
six buttons, but it also has a 
switch to change the ’stick back 
to three buttons if necessary. 
The design on this new stick is 
also very pleasing. The joystick 
features a palm rest that's just 
as comfortable for five-year-old 
Billy/Susie as it is for Billy’s dad 
or mom. There’s something 
here for everyone, and it's got 
the Sega stamp of approval. 

On the SNES side of the 
board, STD’s new SN Pro- 
grammable Joystick features 
their usual see-through 
design, a large joystick ball, 

pre-programmed moves 
for the most popular 
fighting games, and extra 
memory slots to store 
more moves. The sturdy 
unit has a comfortable 
hand rest molded into the 
lower-left area. 

The button configura- 
tion follows the standard 
SNES configuration, 
though three Action But- 
tons were added for the 
programmed moves. A 
unique revolving base 
enables you to turn the but- 
tons to a position that suits 
your style of game play. 

Action Accessories 

Just when you thought all 
the life had been squeezed 
out of your Came Boy, Naki 
comes up with a weird- 
looking accessory for your 
home or office. 

Their new Mini- 
Arcade transforms 
your Came Boy 
into a table-top 
arcade unit. It gives 
your Game Boy 
blastin’ speakers, a 
magnifier, a joy- 
stick, and storage 
areas for your ear- 
phones and games. 

The unit slants 
down toward you to 
increase the screen’s 
visibility. It’s sturdy, 
tough, and very 
unusual, putting it in a 
league with STD's 
Handy Boy. Office 
power players who 
want arcade fun and 
arcade control should 
keep one oftheseinthe 
top drawer. Just don’t let 
the boss see it. □ 

The Mini-Arcade 


System: Game Boy 

Features: This sturdy little 
unit turns your 
Came Boy into a 
tiny arcade ma- 
chine, with speak- 
ers, a magnifier, 
a joystick, and 
storage areas for 
your earphones 
and games. 

Price: $39.99 

Available: Now 

option of switching 
back to a three- 
button control 
Price: $49.99 

Available: Now 
Contact Sega 415/508-2800 

GAMEPRO • February 1994 

Will You Accept the Challenge of a Jedi Knight? 

Pursued across the galaxy, you and your Rebel Forces now marshall new 
strength on the remote ice world of Hoth. Although tracked by probe 
droids, attacked by ice monsters, and confronted by an army of gigantic 
Imperial Walkers, you must not give in. You are the Alliance’s only hope. 
Leam the ways of the Force, then test your skills in this fast-paced, 
action-packed sequel to the hit game, Super Star Wars. 

Alternate between sideways scrolling, dizzying Mode 7 flight 
sequences and first person cockpit views. Experience the richness 
of a 12-megabit, interactive Star Wars universe, loaded with new 
enemies, exciting dialogue, movie sound effects, cool vehicles, and 
intense 3-D space battles. Join Luke Skywalker, Flan Solo and 
Chewbacca in a continuation of their epic action/adventure in 
Super Empire Strikes Back. 


super mm 



All the news that's fit to print! 


'1 ifiBliW III ^ H 
1,1) jJl| 


The Hottest Weekly tips for 
your favorite system! 







Leave or pick-up some of the best tips 
from the most serious gamers around! 


Let your favorite editors give you the 
lowdown on the latest. 

Be sure to get your parents’ permission to use the Hotline if you are under 1 8 years of age. 
Messages subject to change without notice. A service of Infotainment World in San Mateo, CA 



From the PASSWORD 
to the LAST WORD! 

Get SWATPRO, the magazine 
dedicated to strategies, tips, 
tactics, and passwords, 
delivered to your door and 
pay half the cover price. A 
winning strategy! 

Don’t miss a single issue! I1E 


Half-price Coupon 

•ip Enter my one-year subscription to SWATPRO for the unbeatable 

J ^ * ow P r ' ce i ust ^ 4-97 - a sav ' n 8 s °* 500/(3 cover price. 

That's just like getting two issues for the price of one! 



O Bill Me D Payment Enclosed 

Send to: SWATPRO, P.O. Box 50309, Boulder, CO 80322-0309 

Magazine delivered bimonthly. Send foreign and Canadian orders prepaid, in U.S. funds, with SI 0/year additional 
postage. Annual newsstand rate: S29.70. Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery of your first issue. 




NO Purchase Necessary 1. To Ploy: Complete all six levels. Find all 12 Bonus 
Power-Ups hidden throughout the game. (The 12 power-ups can only be found in the “I 
Don't Think So" difficulty level). Take a picture of the last screen, handprint the secret X-Men 
password and your score on the back of the picture, and mail along with a 3 x 5 postcard with 
"X-Men on Sega Game Gear" written on it (including name, address^ city, state, zip code, and 
phone number) to: Game Gear/X-Men Sweepstakes, P.O. Box 656, 
Amityville, N.Y., 11701-0656. 

2. If you do not have a Sega™ Game Gear™, or a Marvel Comics'® X-Men™ cartridge, 
just write or draw "X-Men on Sega Game Gear" on a 3" x 5" postcard. Handprint your name, 
address, city, state, zip code, phone number and age on the postcard and mail to the same 
address above. 

3. All entries must be mailed separately and received no later than April 15, 1994. No 
liability is assumed for lost, late, misdirected or illegible mail. 

4. Random drawings, will be conducted from all qualified entries received, on or about May 
16, 1994 by LittleS King Co., Inc, an independent judging organization whose decisions are 

final on all matters relating to this game. Odds of winning Prizes are based on 
the total number of qualified entries received. 

5. Prizes: (1 ) Grand Prize - (1 ) SEGA Genesis Core System, SEGA CD System, 
Choice of any (5) Sean cartridges, 3-volume set of X-Men Home Videos, 4- 
Volume set of Marvel Masterworks Hardcover collection of X-Men Comic Book 
series, and a 1 -year subscription to GomePro Mogozine. Approximate Retail 
Value: S778.00; (10) Rrst Place Prizes: SEGA Genesis Core System, Choice of 
(1 ) Sega cartridge, "Bag-0-Comics"/Assorted Collection of Comic Books, X-Men 
Baseball Cap, and 1 -year subscription to GomePro Magazine. Approximate 
Retail Value: $203.00; (25) Second Place Prizes: SEGA Game Gear Water 
Bottle, X-Men T-shirt, "Bag-0-Comics"/Assorted Collection of Comic Books, and a 
GamePro T-shirt. Approximate Retail Value: $63.00. 

6 . Winners will be notified by mail and may be required to sign an affidavit of 
eligibility and release within 1 4 days of the dote of the notification letter or sponsor 
reserves the right to choose an alternate winner at random. Prizes are non-lransfer- 

1994 Ma/vtfEnwfttnwiiGroi®. Inc. All rights reserved. The Videogame 


Here's HOW To WIN: 

• Play Marvel Comics'® X-Men™ on Sega™ Game Gear™ — Find 12 Bonus 
Power-ups hidden throughout 6 awesome levels of mutant crawling evil! (The 12 
power-ups can only be found in the "I Don't Think So" difficulty level.) 

• Take a picture of the very last screen. (See screen shot below for lost screen) and 
write down the X-MEN password and your score. 

• Write "X-Men on Sega Game Gear", on a 3 x 5 postcard. Include your name, 
address, city, state, zip code, phone number and age. 

• Send both the picture AND the 3 x 5 postcard received no loter than April 1 5, 1 994 

X-Men Contest 
c/o Little & King Company, Inc. 

P.O. Box e>56> 
Amityville, NY 1 1701 

1 Just send the 3 x 5 postcard with "X- J 
Men on Sega Game Gear" written on it. i 
Include your name, address, city, state, j 
zip code, phone number and age, 
received no later than April 1 5, 1994, tol 
the above address. n 


- ( 1 ) SEGA Genesis Core System 

- (1) SEGA CD System 

- (5) Any five SEGA Cartridges of your Choice 

- (1)3 Volume Set of X-Men Home Videos 

- (1 ) Marvel Masterworks Hardcover Collection of 10 Premiere Comic Books (Vol. 3, 

- (1 ) GamePro Magazine Subscription 


- ( 1 ) SEGA Genesis Core System 

- (1 ) Any one Sega Cartridge of your Choice 

- (1 ) "Bag-0-Comics"/Assorted collection of Comic Books 
• (1 ) X-Men Baseball Cap 

- (1) GamePro Magazine Subscription 

rable and no substitutions or cosh equivalents are allowed. Entries are the property of Sega 
of America, Inc., and will not be returned. All state and federal taxes, if any, are the 
responsibility of the individual winner(s). By submitting an entry, Winner(s) agrees to allow 
use of their name and likeness thereof for publicity and advertising purposes without 

7. The sweepstakes is open to all residents of the continental United Stoles excluding its 
territories and overseas military installations. Employees and their families of Sega of America, 
Inc, GamePro Magazine/Infotainment World, Marvel Comics, Little & King Company, Inc, their 

Ufe of each orTnol ei?® wrere^rohltenrTestrictedTyirAllTederol, Stole 
and local laws and regulations apply. 

Sega Game Gear Winners, c/o Little & King Company, Inc., 140 Broadway, 
Amityville, NY 11701. Request must be received by August 1 5, 1994. Please do not call 
Sega for a list of winners. 


- ( 1 ) SEGA Game Gear Water Bottle 

- (1) X-Men T-shirt 

- (1 ) "Bag-0-Comics"/Assorted collection of Comic Books 

- (1) GomePro T-shirt 

Rocket past any level in 
Ranger-X with this easy level- 
skip trick. At any time 
play press Start to pause the 

game. Then, press Up Down, 
Up, Down. Up, Down, Button 

C B, A, Right, anil then Lett. 

It you’ve done the trick cor- 

rt, the music should begin 

again. Then, press Button B to 
make the screen fade and the 
next level appear. You can 

keep repeating this trick untU 

you get to the level you want. 

Wade Daws, Spokane, WA 

iZZr u , plugin,his ^y 

, level-skip tnck for Disney’s 

skip levels, press start to 

lD B S B a Then ’ Press 
- B. B, A, A, 8, 8, and then fl 

You can repeat this trick as 
i^ytlmes as you like S 
'preach the level „, your W 

Joe Hutsko, San Francisco, CA 

Here's a trick that enables you 
to tight the bosses without 
fighting through the stages. Go l 
to the game’s Option screen, 

highlight Sound Test, and I 

select Sound 18. Then, choose 

the Sound Effects Test option 

and select Sound 72. Exit the 
mode and press Start. Begin 
your game, and you’ll zap 

straight to the first-stage boss. 

Donato Jiminez 
Philadelphia, PA 

I Zeed can’t touch a hair on Shi- 
I nobi’s head when you activate 
I this invincibility trick. When 
I the title screen appears, select 
1 the Option mode. Choose the 
I “Music" option and use Button 
J B to play the following tunes in 
I this order: He Runs, 

1 Japonesque, Shinobi Walk, 

I Sakura, and Getufu. Begin 
I your game, and Shinobi’s 
1 invincible. 

George Josephson, Miami, FL 


Zombies Ate My 
1 Neighbors 

1 Passwords 

I Here are some ghoulish pass- 

| words for Zombies Ate My 

I Neighbors'. 

I Level 5'. TYZR 
1 Level 9'- 




Level 29 
Level 33 
Level 37 
Level 4‘ 
Level 45 






Spider-Man vs. 

I KingPin 

Find the Comic Book Icons 

Here are the locations for all 21 
Spider-Man comic book icons 
in the game: 

1 . Starret Leight Building 

2. Harlem Meer 

3. West 70th 

4. Saint Patrick's Cathedral 

I Level 13 

1 Level 17. 

Level 21: VQBB 

Level 25: QLNK 

lbvbi ’ * — 

Kevin Miller, Regina, Canada 


5. Bus Terminal 

6. Civic Center 

7. Clarkson St. 

8. East Harlem 

9. Central Park Zoo 

10. Court Street 

11. Empire State Building 

12. West Street 

13. Bleeker Street 

14. South of Power Station 

15. First Avenue 

16. Houston Street 

17. Jilliard School of Music 

18. Washington Street 

19. Central Park North 

20. Henry Street 

21. Riverside Drive 
Brad Geiger, Logan, OH 


Hidden Sound Test 


Ten Extra Contim 

\ Spider-Man vs. King Pin 

Half 2 Life 

Public 45 
Kidney 2 
Pencil 6 

Brad Geiger, Logan, I 

Soar into the stratosphere 
with ten extra continues for 

®£ eec( : Pl f areoitlargame 
until you re down to one con- 

tmue When the screen reads 
Continue 01," wait until the 

J™ m “ be 9ins to play. While 

I the demo runs, on Controller 

I p I e f s r'B ht . UP. Button 
Celt. Left, Down, C A 

and then Start. When the title' 
1 screen ^appears, hit Start 

again. You’re set with ten 

I extra continues. 

I To access a hidden sound test 
I in Silpheed, wait until the 
I demo runs and the title screen 
I appears. Then, press Start, 

I and choose Option. Next, 

□ simultaneously press and 

- hold Buttons A, B, and Con 
[1 Controller Two, and press 
Start on Controller One. A 

new choice called Voice Test 
will appear in the Option 

Mode. Choose it and checkout 
some new sounds. 

B AMEPRO • February 1994 


No charging tor special 
moves: D071-E460 

Kevin Ng& Boric Perdon, 
Ontario, Canada 

Super NES 

Here are passwords for every 
stage in Super Widget: 

Stage 2 - Blue Beach: 
Stage 3 - Wonderland: 
Stage 4 - Volcano Eruption Zone’ 
Stage 5 - Moon: 


1 Stage 6 - Ratchet’s Castle: 

Stage 7 - Aqua Planet: 
Stage 8 - Planet of the Giants: 

Stage 9 - Planet of Seven Colors - 
Stage 10- Dwarf Planet: 

Stage 1 1 - Home Planet: 

Stage 1 2 - Flim Flam Station: 


Stage 13 -Difficulty 1 & 2, 
Space Wonderland and the 
Water Planet: 


Stage 14 -Difficulty 3, Ghostship: 


Stage 1 5 - Difficulty 4, Star of 
the Demons: 


Stage 16 -Last Stage, 

Difficulty 5, Mega SlankBase: 

the title screlnappears ”2 Whe " youVe 901 50 lives Wl >e 
and press mode 

Year 0^2 change to Mi a " d|,ress 



Super NES 

Super NES 

To play as the Tuff E Nutt 
bosses or any other character, 
wait until the title screen 
appears. When the Select 
Mode screen appears, on Con- 
troller One press Left three 
times, Right three times, and 
Left seven times. Press Start 
to begin your game. If you’ve 

performed the trick correctly, 

you'll hear an explosion. When 

you select which character 

you want to play as, you’ll dis- 
cover you’ve got additional 
characters to choose from, 
including the bosses. If you 
want to play a two-player 
game as the bosses, perform 
the same trick and then Reset 
the game. When the Player 
screen Select appears the sec- 
ond time, press Right three 
times, Left three times, and 
Right seven times. Finally, 
press Start and you’re set. 
Justin Turner, Huntersville, II 

Super NES 



Don’t sit and howl at the 
moon. Activate this invincibili- 
ty code instead. Play through 
the first level of Wolfchild, and 
then, when the boss dies and 
you raise your arm in victory, 
simultaneously press Buttons 
A, B, and Start. You’ll remain 
invincible unless you touch the 
Energy/Mutation icon. 


February 1984 


Uhlan Ham UbsiisijJsd, Xfmjjum, mu! MS 

| Lords of Thunder 
' with 10,000 Coins 

Speedy Gonzales 

I Passwords 


To stock up on coins before 
you evert begin the game, go 
to the Configurations screen 
and enter the following 
options: Set Level to Super, 

Music to 02, and Sound to 02 

Then, highlight "Sound." Final- 
ly press and hold Select and 
press Button l.lf you've done 
the trick correctly, you'll hear a 

chime. Now you can buy 
everything in stock! 

Raheem Hinton, Hephzibah, GA 

|T-' ■ B3 ■ eee geej^_gel 

Zip through Speedy Gonzales 
with these simple passwords: 
Level 2: 500999 

I Level 2 
1 Level 3 
I Level L 
I Level 
1 Level 






J.P. Watson, Morgan 

Game Gear 

\ Invincibility and 


lSUode and choose 


I maye^oursel^n|^cib^^ 

Lords of Thunder 

Play Only the Boss Characters 

To battle just the boss charac- 
ters, go to the Configuration 

screen and choose the Mow- 
ing options: Set Level to Hard 

Music to 01, and i Sound to 01. 

Next, highlight "Sound, then 

press and hold Select end I 

press Button 1. The word Boss | 
will appear where the word 

“Exit" should be. Finally, high- 
light Boss and press Run to 
begin the game. I 

Bateem Hinton, HephzibaO, M 

G AMCPRO • February 18 


1 - 508-281 -0178 

caff Ui fox 
laxd-to-find titfet... 

Witk all orders ovcp $100 



Price Title 

$114 System W/Sonic 

$124 System W/Sonic II 
$124 Syst. W/St. Rage II 
$229 CD Player \SwrShark 
$ 69 Mertacer W/T2 
$ 52 Mertacer 
$ 24 Ascii Pad 
$ 29 Turbo Touch 360 
$ 54 Game Genie 
$ 34 STD Program Pad 
$ 79 Proaction Replay 
$ 1 9 6 Button Controller 
$ 29 E.A. 4-Way Play 
$ 49 ASCII Fgtng Pwr Stic 


In-stock & Coming soon 

Price Title 
$49 Aladdin 

$46 Barney the Dinosaur 
$38 Bart’s Nightmare 
$52 Btl Toads/Dbl Dragon 
$54 B. Walsh Coll. FtBall 
$24 Bio Hazard Battle 
$44 Blades of Vengeance 
$43 B.O.B. 

$55 Brett Hull Hockey 
$49 Bubsy 

$44 Bulls Vs Blazers NBA 

$46 Castlevania Bloodline 

$40 Chakan 

$51 Clay Fighter 

$49 Cliffhanger 

$46 Cool Spot 

$41 Dashin' Desperadoes 

$44 Dolphin 

$51 Dracula 

$37 Elemental Master 

$55 E.S.P.N. BB & FB 

$56 Eternal Champions 

$49 F15: Strike Eagle II 

$49 F-117 Night Storm 

$43 G-Loc 

$49 FIFA: Intntl Soccer 
$46 Gauntlet IV 
$38 General Chaos 
$24 Green Dog 
$46 Haunting 
$43 Itchy & Scratchy 
$42 J. Capriati Tennis 
$53 J. Maddon ’94 
$19 Jewel Master 
$29 John Maddon ’93 
$46 Jungle Strike 
$46 Jurassic Park 

$49 Legends of Ring 
$69 Lethal Enfrcr w/gun 
$24 Lightning Force 
$43 LHX Attack Chopper 
$49 Lotus II 
$51 Marvel Land 
$44 Mutant League F-Ball 
$51 Mutant League Hockey 
$53 NBA Jam 
$49 NFL Sprst talk FB94 
$49 NHL ’94 
$31 NHL Hockey ’93 
$10 Offical Aquattic Gms 
$50 Out of this World 
$43 Outrun 2019 
$49 PGA II 
$50 PGA Tour III 
$59 Phantasy Star II & III 
$69 Phantasy Star IV 
$44 Pig Skin Footbrawl 
$43 Road Rash 2 
$44 Saint Sword 
$20 Shadow Blaster 
$46 Shinobi III 
$43 Socket 
$56 Sonic III 
$43 Sonic Spinball 
$52 Sportstalk baseball 
$62 St. Fghtr 2 Champ Ed 
$44 Strider Returns 
$45 Supr Baseball 2020 
$43 T-2 Judgement Day 
$43 Tazmania 
$54 Techmo NBA Bsktb 
$43 Toe Jam & Earl II 
$33 Tony Larusa Bball 
$20 Toxic Crusaders 
$58 Uncharted Waters 
$43 Virtual Pinball 
$56 Virtual Racing 
$53 Vital Basketball 
$49 WWF Royal Rumble 
$36 X-Men 

$46 Zombies ate Nghbrs 

GENESIS Look for soon. 
$50 Fievel Goes West 
$49 Pirates Gold 
$45 Road Riot 
$49 Star Trek Next Gen 
$49 Wrath of the Gods 
$49 World Series Bball 






$45 Adv. of W. Beamish 
$35 After Burner III 
$45 AH3 Thunderstrike 
$52 B. Walsh Col. Fball 
$38 Batman Returns 
$50 Cool Spot 
$50 Dracula 
$49 Dragon’s Lair 
$43 Dungeon Master 
$40 Ecco the Dolphin 
$51 ESPN Fball & Bball 
$43 Final Fight 
$44 INXS 

$49 J. Montana NFL 
$51 Journey Ctr Earth 
$49 Jurassic Park 
$51 Last Action Hero 
$46 Mad Dog McRay 
$43 Monkey Island 
$43 Mortal Kombat 
$49 NFL Greatest Teams 
$52 NHL ’94 
$46 Night Trap 
$50 Out of this World 
$43 Rise of the Dragon 
$38 Road Avenger 
$49 Sonic Hedgehog II 
$43 Star Wars 3D 
$50 Terminator 
$43 Wing Commander 
$48 World Series 
$39 Wonder Dog 


$1 49 GG Sports System 
$129 System W/Sonic II 
$119 TV Tuner 
$ 49 Rchgble B. Pack 
$ 29 Axe Battler 
$ 34 Batman Returns 
$ 39 David Robinson 
$ 39 Ecco the Dolphin 
$ 39 Jurassic Park 
$ 34 Land Illusion w/MM 
$ 29 Lemmings 
$ 39 NFL J. Montana 
$ 34 Shinobi II 
$ 20 Sonic Hedgehog 
$ 39 Sonic II 
$ 39 Sonic Chaos 
$ 39 St of Rage II 
$ 34 Tom & Jerry 
$ 39 World Series Bball 
$ 39 X-Men 


SUPER N Accessories 

Price Tille 

$141 System W/SMario 
$ 79 Proaction Replay 
$ 41 Ascii Supr Advntge 
$ 24 Ascii Pad 
$ 29 Turbo Touch 360 
$ 34 STD Program Pad 
$ 64 Fighting Powerstick 


In-Stock & Coming Soon 
Price Title 
$52 Actracerll 
$50 Aero the Acrobat 
$48 Alien Vs. Predator 
$56 Aladdin 

$58 Art of Fightina^^^^ 

$50 Battle Cars 

$31 Battle Clash HflpIpK 

$44 Boxing Legnd Ring 

$55 BtleTds/Dbl Dragon 

$48 Blues Brothers 

$51 Bubsy 

$38 Bulls Vs Blazers 

$52 Capt. Amer. Avenger 

$46 Championship Pool 

$55 Clayfighter 

$49 Cool Spot 

$51 Daffy & Marvin 

$52 Dennis the Menace 

$50 Dig & Spike Vball 

$51 Dracula 

$59 Empire Strikes Back 

$55 ESPN Baseball Fball 

$55 EVO 

$53 Final Fight II 

$49 First Samurai 

$54 Flashback II I wsx ~ 

$53 Goof Troop 

$49 Itchy & Scratchy 

$54 Jim Power 3D 

$57 NBA Showdown 

$50 Jaguar 

$56 Jurrasic Park 

$38 John Maddon ’93 

$52 John Maddon ’94 

$50 Kendo Rage 

$43 Lamborghini AC 

$69 Lethal Enfrcr w/gun 

$54 Lord of the Rings 

$60 Lufia 

$52 Mario Time Machine 
$51 Meca Robot Golf 
$48 Mega Man X 
$59 Mortal Kombat 
$44 Musya 
$62 NBA Jam Session 
$57 NBA Showdown 

$52 NHL ’94 
$53 Operation Logic 
$45 Pac Attack 
$48 Pilot Wing 
$50 Pink Panther 
$44 Power Moves 
$53 Ranma 1/2 Hard Btle 
$49 Red Line FI Racer 
$51 Ren & Stimpy 
$59 Return of Jedi 
$56 Robocop Vs Terminator 
$49 Rock N Roll Racing 
$58 Secret of Mana 
$55 Seventh Saga 
$58 Sim Earth 
$40 Shanghai II 
$39 Skulljagger 
$48 Snow White 
$59 Star Trek 
$45 Street Combat 
$39 Street Fighter II 
$49 Sunset Riders 
$62 St. Fighter II Turbo 
$46 Super Battleship 
$53 Super Battle Tank II 
$59 Super Bomber Man 
$29 Super High Impact 
$54 Spr Mario All Stars 
$42 Super Ninja Boy 
$52 Super Strike Eagle 
$50 Super Valis IV 
$50 T-2 Judgement Day 
$51 Tazmania 
$57 Techmo Super Bowl 
$59 TMNTTmmt Fighter 
$54 Tuffenuff 
$53 Turn & Burn 
$56 Ultima: False Prophet 
$51 Utopia 
$51 Wicked 18 
$52 Wing Commander 
$52 Wizard of Oz 
$50 W.C. Secret Miss. 

$49 WCW Superbrawl 
$64 World Heroes 
$60 WWF II Ryl Rumble 
$46 Yoshie’s Cookie 
$49 Zombies ate Neighbors 

Super N. Look for soon 
$49 Arcus Odyssey 
$50 Gmd Prix I Mtrcycle 
$56 Hardball III 
$49 Hyper Volleyball 
$52 Mario’s Time Mach. 
$55 Might & Magic II 
$52 Radio Flyer 
$53 Ranma 1/2 Hrd Btle 
$50 Robo Saurus 
$50 T-2 Judgement Day 
$55 Ultimate Fighter 
$54 Warrior of Roam 3 

Prices current of printing, subject to change. Not responsible for typographical errors. Plus S&H min. $5.00 MA residents add 5% sales tax. 

IN i 


s vs. Predator 
Cenie Codes 


< oming soon on ms , Super NES™ & GameBoy 

gobble 2 

en ie Codes 

en Upw« s - 



Kirby’s Dream Land 


l cnrt oo 'eve\ 80- 



1 '"finite lives- 

Infinite time: 
Infinite enern 

do, send it to S.W AT. Pro. 

ros will review it. If we 

; h it well send you a free 

.pro Super Shirt! Send your 
tips and secrets to-. 

CamePro Magazine 

Secret Weapons 

P.O.Box 5828 
San Mateo, CA 94402 

Infinite lives: FA6-DBB-4C1 
Infinite vitality: FA4-63B-4C1 

Affred Chicken? 

"That's My Name, 

Don’t Wear ft Out" 

Tlw Hoticsi New Game of Chicken! 

M 1-800-ALFREDC, 

, tk,, .. . .ibii JdkA 



Tournament-winning Combos and Strategies for Competitive Fighting Games 

falling all Street Fighters! Mortal Kombatants! And everyone 
Wwho wants to get an edge on the opposition! Now more 
than ever, competitive gamers want an inside source for the 
best strategies; combos, techniques, and tournament informa- 
tion for fighting games - and you’re looking at it. This new col- 

umn, The Fighter’s Edge, is backed by such writers as Tomo 
Ohira and Charles Franco, co-editors of Capcom’s recent SF II 
strategy videotape, Erik Suzuki, a former Capcom Street Fighter 
expert, and Slasher Quan, a co-editor of GamePro's SF II Turbo 
strategy book. So let’s get to it! 

. By Slasher Quan 

If you thought Guile’s Magic Throw was pretty 
ridiculous in the original version of the arcade SF II. 
you’re really gonna flip out when you see this one! 


1) When an opponent 
throws a Fireball at 
you, take the hit and 
watch for ZangiePs 
head to snap back. 

2) As soon as you 
see the animation 

frame shown above, 
quickly spin the joy- 
stick for the Spin- 
ning Pile Driver 

motion and hit the 
Forward Kick button. 

3) If timed perfectly, 
you'll suck ’em in 
and do the Siberian 
Suplex. This works 
from all the way 
across the screen! 

Gel Up and Spin 

ting up and this ani- 
mation appears, do 
the Glitch Driver. This 
is extremely difficult. 

jump just as the F, 

Zangief. He can’t 
you're airborne. 

2) If you can fool him, 
he might take the hit 

and try an unsucces- 
ful Spin! Press the 

Block the Fireball and Spin 


1) Try blocking a 
Fireball, then instant- 
ly doing the move as 
you slide back (look 

for the dust on the 

2) This is tougher, 
but it’s less taxing on 
your lifeline if you 
mess up. 

Martials Arts Expo 
Date: TBA in all locations, probably 
in February 

Future Locations: Los Angeles; 
Boston; Milwaukee; Phoenix; 
Houston; Greensboro NC; Florida 
Tournament Description: A Super 
SF II single-elimination tourna- 
ment, with a martial arts exhibition 
for the spectator’s enjoyment 
Prizes: Trophies and cash (up to 

$750); other prizes include Drag- 
on: The Bruce Lee Story and Mar- 
tial Art II movie videotapes, 
Dragon posters, Capcom home 
games, in-line skates, and moun- 
tain bikes. 

Benefit: Supports the National 
Martial Arts Association 

Information Hotline: 


Tournament Report - February '94 

Call to Readers 

We are searching for re-dizzy 
combos for Super SF II and other 
games. Send us your best! If we 
print yours, you’ll receive a free 
T-shirt (indicate choice: GamePro 
or Street Fighter II, and size). Send 
all comments, suggestions, com- 
bos, tournament listings, artwork, 
Dragon Punches, and more. 

The Fighter’s Edge 
c/o GamePro Magazine 
P.O.Box 5828 
San Mateo, CA 94402 

FAX Us! 

FAX it to: 415/349-8347 Send us 
your tournament listings, combos, 
or any hot tips. Be sure to include 
your phone number so we can call 
you back for more details. 

Contact Tomo and Charles 
Tomo Ohira, tournament cham- 
pions, play and Charles Franco, at 
World's Finest Comics, 9054 Whit- 
tier Blvd., Pico Rivera, CA 90660. 
For more information call: 



February 1994 

Chrome Dome - E.P.D. Combo 

V Cross 'em up with 
a super deep Fierce 


- Rising Thunder Special 


Punch while Charg- 
ing Down. 

tating hits. 

bska - Super Spin Attack 

Cyber-Shredder - Uppercut Combo 

se;st 5®-— Siss* »<“« 

Raphael -Super Drill Combo 

D Cross Up your 2) While holding 

l) cross up y charge for 

Si" ' SSwrW** 

fierce Kick. standing Normal 



3) Follow mis Him an 4) Complete “ 

— tefW “ ZTroT 

Price nol available 
16 megs Side view 

Available December Side-scrolling 


February 1994 


By To-Ryu-Mo and Char-Li 

It's the most hotly debated 
topic in arcades across the 
country, and we're here to 
answer the question: “Who are 
the best characters in Super 
Street Fighter 117' Well, here 
they are - Super Street Fighter 
II Overall and Tournament 
Power rankings! 

What do these charts mean 
to you? Well, any time you go 
down to your favorite Super 
SF II hot spot to show your 
stuff, you’ll put yourself in a 
position to win more games in 
various match-ups with either 
Guile or Sagat than with any 
other character, and that's 
what you want, right? 

In developing the Overall 
Rankings, we noticed a ten- 
dency for certain characters to 
pile up big numbers against 
overmatched weak characters 
(see numbers in red). There- 
fore, we added the Tourna- 
ment Power rankings to show 
you just how well the eight 
stronger characters truly 
match-up against each other. 
These are the warriors you’re 
most likely to see the elite 
players use in tournaments. 

In the Power Rankings, 
Balrog leads the way, fol- 
lowed by Vega, Guile, and 
then Sagat. This shows that , 
while Balrog’s Overall scores 
suffered due to a few key 
oddball weaknesses (such as 
Cammy), he can really fight 
in the top ranks. 

Overall Rankings 












[ M. Bison 








Zangief 1 

Dee Jay 1 







































































Chun Li 



















































M. Bison 


































B. Honda 

















Fei Long 
































































Dee Jay 































How to Read the 

Each entry shows the num- 
ber of fights that the charac- 
ter listed on the left would 
win in a ten-match series 
against the character listed 
at the top. The rankings are 
calculated assuming that 
both players are of equal 
skill, and that they are play- 
ing at an Expert level. 

For example, Guile will 
beat Sagat 5.5 out often 
times, given equal skill on 
the part of the players. 

“Heavy advantage" fights 
are highlighted in red. 
“Heavy disadvantage" fights 
are highlighted in blue. 

What the Numbers 

5/5: Even match. Could go 
either way. 

5. 5/4. 5: Nearly even 
match. One warrior has a 
slight edge. 

6/4: Advantage. One war- 
rior in the fight has the 
upper hand. 

6.5/3.5: Heavy advantage. 
Several counters and sce- 
narios favor one warrior. 
7/3: Major advantage. 
Many counters, hit-trades, 
and other factors favor on< 

)r one_ 


Power Rankings 

The Top Fighters 


r6 (tie) 
6 (tie) 

Vega uses his reach advantage 
and overall quickness to mix 
up his attacks and keep oppo- 
nents off-balance. He has 
definite advantages over Ryu 
and Dhalsim, while giving 
Guile all he can handle in a 
tough, even fight. 

With excellent defensive and 
offensive capabilities, Guile 
plays consistently strong with 
no real disadvantages. With 
his ability to follow Sonic 
Booms, Air Throw his oppo- 
nents, and use a backhand or 
knee after matched Fireballs, 
Guile offers a wide assortment 
of techniques. When Guile can 
effectively control the tempo 
of the game, he usually wins. 

Although not as flashy or styl- 
ish as others, Sagat can slowly 
but methodically wear down 
such enemies as Guile with 
fast and low Tiger Shots. Use 
his reach advantage over char- 
acters like Ryu and Balrog. 

Important Note! 

Keep in mind that although 
certain characters are ranked 
higher than others, winning 
is more a test of the player's 
ability than the character's 
arsenal. □ 

#2 Vega #3 Guile 

# 1 Balrog 

With his strong play against the 
Power characters, Balrog leaps 
all the way from fifth in the 
Overall rankings to the top of 
the Power chart. Keep in mind 
that Balrog’s style still has 
weaknesses against some of 
the lesser-ranked characters. 

Next Month in The 
Fighter’s Edge 

Mortal Kombat II: Secret 
Moves and Fatalities 

Fatal Fury Special: Combos! 

And much more! 

*• Guys like Bruce 
Smith, Junior Seau, 

Reggie White and 
Cortez Kennedy. In 
Madden ‘94 all you 

Sega's NFL Football ‘94 starring, me, Joe Montana. 
Hear the play by play commen- 
tary. Watch from the new Behind the 
Quarterback view. And learn from the 


NFL team. Just go easy on me, Okay?** 


Sega CD 

Quick Hits on Hot Games! 


(Electronic Arts) 

FireTeam Rogue combines 
flight simulation with action/ 
adventure combat for the Gen- 
esis and the SNES. Leading the 
fight on the outer edges of the 
galaxy against the Dark Lord is 
FireTeam Rogue, a team of 
four unique warriors. They use 
their ninja skills, sword-fighting 
talents, and problem-solving 
intellects to defeat the Dark 
Lord’s minions. 

(Available Summer ’94) 

You’ve raced cars and motor- 
cycles - how about roller- 
blades? In Skitchin’, EA’s 
16-meg action cart for the Gen- 
esis, you go to various North 
American cities for no-holds- 
barred rollerblade racing with a 
behind-the-skater view. You 
grab onto cars for a quick ride, 
a chain to knock oppo- 
into traffic, or crack the 
nybody ahead of you. 
to be fast on your 
u dodge road work, 
fallen opponents, and 
weapons. Two players 
road simultaneously 
cart that resem- 

FireTeam Rogue 




Kung Fu Bunny, Tai Cheeta, 
and Kendo Coyote are three 
of the six cartoon critters that 
have martial arts skills in this 

new beat-em-up, which is 
coming first to the Sega CD 
and later to the Genesis. The 
fighting action gets a humor- 
ous flourish in this game - 
heads flail back at impossible 
angles and bodies bend like 
they’re made of rubber. As 
players improve they’re 
awarded higher belts, which 
are saved with a password 
feature. You'll be able to relive 
your victories at the ten loca- 
tions with the game's instant 
replay. Up to eight players 
can compete in a single 

(Available March) 

Family Feud 


Survey says? Family Feud is 
coming to the Genesis! As in 
the recent SNES game, two 
players - or families - compete 
by spelling out answers to 
4000 common-sense ques- 

tions. The four-meg video 
game follows the show - after 
guessing survey responses for 
various categories, you race 
the clock in a fast-action Bull's- 
Eye round. Authentic TV studio 
graphics and theme music help 
capture the atmosphere. 

(Available February) 

Barney’s Hide & 
Seek Game 

The popular purple dinosaur is 
making his first video game 
appearance in this one-player, 
side-view adventure. Children 
up to six years old play as Bar- 
ney in a game of hide and seek. 
As they play, the kids learn 
counting, matching, and prob- 
lem-solving skills, as well as 
recycling and safety lessons. 
Barney’s colorful world fea- 
tures four levels of forest 



February 1994 

Super NES 


friends, musical instruments, 
farm animals, and sunken trea- 
sures. There are no enemies, 
and no losers - players always 
win and get immediate 
rewards, regardless of which 
buttons they press. 

(Available Now) 

Rocko’s Modern Life: 
Spunky’s Dangerous Day 

Media giant Viacom has 
announced its first video game. 
Rocko is based on Nickelo- 
deon’s new animated series 
about a friendly wallaby and 
Spunky, his pet pooch. The 12- 
meg side-view game is target- 
ed for kids 6-14 years old. It 
emphasizes puzzle-solving 
skills as players try to keep the 
lovable, but not-so-smart 
Spunky safe through 16 levels 
of single-player action. 
(Available First Quarter ’94) 

Alfred Chicken 
(Software Toolworks) 

Mino the Whale, Mag-Mine, and 
Jack-in-a-Bomb are some of the 
villains trying to ruffle Alfred’s 
feathers as he takes on the evil 
Meka-Chickens in this side-view, 
action/adventure game. Alfred's 
a flyin’, walkin’, dive-bombin’ 
bird who can pick up items 
(including a Can O' Worms) and 

turn on TVs to hear from Mr. 
Personality during the game. Six 
levels, invisible walls and plat- 
forms, bonus stages, and plenty 
of hidden rooms add to the car- 
toon-style fun. 

(Available Now) 

Super NES 



Guess who's going to save 
the world on both the SNES 
and Genesis next Christmas? 
Yep, that precocious Bobcat, 
Bubsy. Bubsyll unites the 
Bubster with his sidekick, 
Arnold Dillo, and the Bubsy 
Twins. They’re battling the 
evil capitalist, Oinker P. 
Spamm, and his partner, Vir- 
gil Reality. When Oinker and 
Virgil begin stealing reality 

with the awesome Wompum 
machine, Bubsy hits their trail 
in this side-view, multi- 
scrolling action/adventure 
game. Along the way he finds 
new items (including a diving 
suit), clever obstacles, bizarre 
weather, and...his voice? 
Many of the designers of the 
first Bubsy adventure are 
working on this sequel. 
(Available December ’94) 

John Madden Football 
(EA Sports) 

The best-selling 16-bit football 
game ever is coming to 3D0. 
Fully digitized player anima- 
tions, 3D-modeled fields and 
stadiums, and CD-quality digi- 
tized sound are some of the 
enhancements EA Sports has 
built into the latest addition to 
its acclaimed series of Madden 
Football games. 

You can choose from 28 
NFL teams, eight champi- 
onship teams, and two All- 
Madden teams. The NFL 
license means you'll play with 
real teams and real logos. And, 
as with previous Madden 
games, the bombastic person- 
ality of the former coach 
comes through in the exuber- 
ant commentary. 


February 1994 


Shock Wave: Invasion Earth 2019 
(Electronic Arts) 

Aliens have bombarded Earth, 
and only you and your trusty 
FI 77 sub-orbital fighter can 
stop them. Shock Wave is a 
technologically advanced flight 
simulator from Electronic Arts. 
There are three modes of fight- 
ing: dogfights against swarms 
of fighters, battles against alien 
ground forces, and one-on-one 
duels with alien motherships. 
Cinematic motion-video 
scenes, 24-bit true-color art- 
work, texture-mapped land- 
scapes based upon real 
terrains, and digitized sound 
enhance the game’s realism. 

(Available Now) 

PGA Tour Golf 
(EA Sports) 

Play with ten pro golfers, such 
as Mark O’Meara, Craig Stadler, 
and Fred Couples, on real PGA 
Tour courses, including Saw- 
grass, Avenal, and River High- 
lands. Plot your strategy, play 

around obstacles, and learn to 
deal with the pressure of 
intense tournament play. 
There’s also a Skins Challenge 
in which you compete for big 
money on every stroke. For 
this version of PGA, which has 
been a big seller for the SNES 
and the Genesis, EA Sports has 
added more stats, better ball 
control, ten different ball lies, 
extra commentary from radio 
personality Ron Barr, a new 
interface, and instant replay. 

(Available Now) 

Who Shot Johnny Rock? 
(American Laser Games) 

Johnny Rock, a popular singer, 
has been snuffed, and his girl- 
friend wants you to catch the 
killer. The 1930s mystery takes 
you to back streets, warehous- 
es, funeral parlors, and other 
places where you’ll meet shady 
characters. This movie-action 
game is based on the popular 
arcade game. Like its predeces- 
sor, it doesn’t use computer- 
generated characters - instead, 
it shows footage of actual stunt 
men and actors on real sets. 

(Available Now) 

Super Wing Commander 
(Electronic Arts) 

The award-winning 16-bit game 
goes Super on 3DO. An ex- 
panded story line and never- 
before-released missions put 
you in the middle of Wing Com- 
mander’s exciting 27th-century 
starfighter cockpit. Thousands 
of on-screen colors, full speech, 
and CD-quality stereo sound 
should intensify the action of 
Super Wing Commander’s 
deep-space dogfights. 

(Available Now) 

TWisted: The Game Show 
(Electronic Arts) 

Twink Fizzdale's the smooth-talk- 
ing host of this wacky TV game 
show. Choose from six off-the- 
wall contestants and eight inter- 
active contests. Trivia quizzes, 
video puzzles, and matching 
tests will challenge your coordi- 
nation and your memory. The 
challenges are automatically tai- 
lored for different skill levels. 
Gaudy sets and cheesy commer- 
cials will help make this the 
goofiest game show any couch 
potato ever played. 

(Available Now) 



February 1 984 

Worldbuilders, Inc. 
(Electronic Arts) 


Thomas the Tank Engine 
and Friends: Adventure 

In this strategy/action game, 
you play the CEO of a firm that 
transforms desolate planets 
into worlds that are suitable for 
human habitation. You com- 
mand spaceships, miniature 
black holes, and advanced 
technology, all rendered in 24- 
bit color. Worldbuilders fea- 
tures video footage from NASA 
and full-motion shots of the 
characters you’re interacting 
with. The list of designers 
reads like an all-star team, with 
key personnel from Lucasfilm 
Games, Silicon Graphics, and 
Industrial Light and Magic. 
(Available Now) 

There’s life in the ol’ NES yet 
with this 8-bit game for young 
players. Based on the TV series 
Shining Time Station, this side- 
view game combines entertain- 
ment and learning. Children 
between three and seven guide 
Thomas across various tracks 
that lead to seven worlds filled 
with puzzles, races, stories, 
track-building challenges, trivia 
quizzes, and even a painting 
program. A special mode helps 
beginners master the challeng- 
ing areas. 

(Available Now) 

Shipping in February 


Bubble and Squeak (SunSoft) 
Caesar's Palace (Virgin) 
Family Feud (Gametek) 
Incredible Hulk (U.S. Gold) 

Jammit Basketball (Virgin) 
Lost Vikings (Interplay) 
Romance of the Three 
Kingdoms III (Koei) 

Sega CD 

Mansion of Hidden Souls 
(Vic Tokai) 


Alfred Chicken (Mindscape) 
Bugs Bunny Rabbit Rampage 

Claymates (Interplay) 

Star Trek: The Next 
Generation (Spectrum 

Time Trax (T«HQ) 
Wolfenstein 3D (Imagineer) 


Sewer Shark (Virgin) 


Art of Fighting 2 (SNK) 
Top Hunter (SNK) 

Alfred Chicken (Mindscape) 


Syd Mead’s Terraforming 

Game Boy 

Alfred Chicken (Mindscape) 

Game Gear 

Caesar’s Palace (Virgin) 



TOP $ 









► TG-16 ♦ ATARI 




TEL (612) 757-5509 
’ FAX(612) 757-5236 




February 1994 


An Internationai View on Video Games 

By The Trackman in Japan 

Japanese gamers have started 
playing two games that RPC 
fans around the world can’t 
wait to hook their controllers 
into. Here’s a look at the two 
tantalizing titles. 

Phantasy Star IV 

(Mega Drive) 

We had to look it up to be 
sure, but yes, it’s been three 
years since the last Phantasy 
Star game came out (not 
counting hand-held versions). 
Is the new Phantasy Star IV 
worth the wait? One look 
should put any doubts to rest 
for good. 

The Rudy-ments 
of the Game 

PS IV takes place a thousand 
years after PS III and begins in 
the now-familiar Algol system. 
This time the hero is a spiffy 
banana blonde by the name of 
Rudy. True to the series' form, 
he quickly makes lots of 
adventuring friends and takes 
up the challenge of saving 
planets and populaces. 

Probably the most pleasing 
feature of PS IV is the maxi- 
mum use of all 24 megs of 
memory. Sega has held noth- 
ing back, and the results are 
cleaner, sharper sprites, vivid 
scenery, and fight scenes 
that’ll knock you out of your 
steel boots! Most PS fans were 
disappointed with PS III 
because, in an attempt to add 
somethng new to the series, 
Sega took out much of the 
cool stuff fans loved. 

All has been restored for 
PS IV, though, and it's most 
notable in the fight scenes. 
Different magic and weapons 
generate different attack 
scenes, and all characters are 
visible on the screen at all 
times (as long as they don’t 
get killed). Entirely new to PS 
IV is the Combination Battle 
System, where characters link 
their battle techniques into 
baddie-blasting ultra-tech- 
niques that take out monsters 
in a hurry. You’ll have a hard 
time finding an enemy that 
can stand up to the weapon 
called the Trinity Blaster. 

A Phantasy Spring 

If you're new to Phantasy Star, 
don’t worry. There are the 
usual non-playable characters 
(NPCs) to explain the techie 
wonders of the universe. If 
you’re a PS veteran, bear with 
the beginning, as the action 
gets fast and furious before 
you can say "mother brain." 

Available in Japan now 
Available in the U.S. Spring '94 



February 1994 


Dragon Quest ill 

(Super Famicom) 

When a series gets up to the V or 
VI level, like good ol’ Dora-kue, 
it's sometimes easy to forget 
there was ever a I or II. For the 
benefit of those who never got 
to play the original Dragon 
Quest games for the 8-bit Fami- 
com (NES), Enix has put the 
original game and its first 
sequel on one fab SNES cart. 

Quest Times Tlvo 

If you think this is just a 
rehash of old games with out- 
of-date technology, stop right 
there. DQ l.ll takes advantage 
of the more powerful 16-bit 
system to make the graphics 
livelier and the game play 
smoother than they were in 
8-bit version. The opening 
scenes are colorful beyond the 
capabilities of the originals, 
and Enix has given gamers 
many new and useful options. 
For example, even though DQ 
II takes place after DQ I and is 
actually a continuation of that 
game, you can start from II if 
you’d prefer. 

Thankfully, the basic story 
and action remain untouched. 
In DQ I, the player takes the 
role of an ancestor of Loto, the 
ancient savior of Alfgart. When 
new troubles arise in Latatom, 
the king lays the responsibility 
of saving the kingdom on 
your sprite’s shoulders. As 
always with DQ games, you 
need to listen carefully to all 
the NPCs and use the informa- 
tion they give you to your best 
advantage. In DQ II, the player 
continues his quest and meets 
the challenge of tougher ene- 
mies and new warp zones. 

Available in Japan Now 

UP TO l 

(When selling us your games) 



Call our friendly FUNCO agents at (612) 946-8883 first for 
current prices. After you call, you'll be asked to do these things: 

a. Alphabetize the games you wish to sell on this list. 

b. Write the number and name of the agent you spoke with. 

c. Ship your games A.S.A.P. and your list to: 

FUNCO, INC. -10120 W. 76th Street • Minneapolis, MN 55344 


California's Attorney 
General Attacks 
Video Violence 

In the strongest anti-violence 
statement yet from a top gov- 
ernment official, Dan Lungren, 
Attorney General of California, 
has written to 12 major video 
game companies and retailers 
asking them “to stop the man- 
ufacturing, licensing, distribu- 
tion, or sale of any video game 
that portrays graphic and gra- 
tuitous violence, including, but 
not limited to... Mortal Kom- 
bat and Night Trap." These are 
the only two games Lungren 
names specifically. 

‘‘The message conveyed to our 
children by these violent video 
games is that the only way to to demean and destroy 
opponents while skipping away 
their humanity. ” - Dan Lungren, 
Attorney General of California. 

In the letter sent November 
15, 1993 to Nintendo, Sega, 
Capcom, Acclaim, Hasbro, and 
seven retailers, Lungren makes 
it clear that he’s not officially 
regulating violent video games, 
nor is he suggesting that legal 
action will be taken to limit 
their availability. Rather, he 
appeals to the companies’ “sense 
of corporate and personal 
responsibility,” to “either 
remove the needless violence 
from the games or remove the 
games from the market.” 

“Let’s call these violent 
games what they are,” he writes, 
“totally unnecessary, completely 
irresponsible, and destructive to 

our efforts to create a safer and 
more humane community.” 
Lungren cites research to 
back his claim that “violent 
! video images encourage ag- 
: gressive activity and antisocial 
behavior." Among his statistics 
: is a reference to juveniles arrest- 
ed for murder in the U.S., a 
| number that increased by 119 
percent from 1986 to 1991. 
Lungren concludes by 
i pointing out the realism of the 
violence and the adult-oriented 
themes in the games, 50 million 
! of which, he notes, are pur- 
chased each year by “children 
under the age of 15.” He also 
acknowledges the ironic timing 
i of his request, since it came just 
: before the peak holiday shop- 
ping season. His final challenge 
i is for “industry leaders” to 
“explore new ways to challenge, 
educate, and entertain our 
youth, rather than going for the 
cheap, mindless, misleading, 
and dangerous thrill of video 
game violence.” 

Atari Announces 
Jaguar Licenses 

At a recent press conference in 
: New York, Atari announced a 
host of new third-party licensees 
for its 64-bit Jaguar system. Of 
the companies (all of which are 
based in the U.S. or Europe), 
Virgin. Interplay, and 
Accolade are the most well 
known. Joining that prominent 
trio are ID Software (makers 
| of Wolfenstein 3D), Micro- 
Prose UBI Soft. Gremlin 
Graphics Millenium Inter- 
active. and 21st Century 
Accolade has stated its ; 
intention to license five of its 
titles to Atari for the 64-bit 
machine. Accolade President : 
Alan Miller indicated his 

: company’s optimism in a recent 
; press release. According to 
Miller, the “Atari Jaguar is 
I definitely cool new technology 
that is being introduced at a 
: price point attractive to 
: consumers. We think Atari has 
: a real shot at establishing Jag- 
j uar as a successful system, and 
we want to be part of that effort.” 

Jaguar - bound! 

Accolade games being 
adapted to the Jag are Al 

Michaels Announces 
Hardball III, Brett Hull 
Hockey, Charles Barkley 
Basketball, Jack Nicklaus’ 
Power Challenge Golf, and 
Bubsy in: Claws Encoun- 
ters of the Furred Kind. 
Accolade and Atari announced 
that the products would be 
released this fall, and they 
would take full advantage of the 
Jaguar’s power. Also coming 
are Jimmy Connors Tennis 
from UBI Soft, Nigel 
Mansell's World Champi- 
onship from Gremlin, Battle 
Chess from Interplay, and a 
free-scrolling 3D followup to 
Wolfenstein from ID. 

Citadel: A Third-Party 
First for SFX 

Whatever happened to those 
fabulous SFX chip games for 
the SNES? Well, the first third- 
party SFX game is due out in 
April. Citadel by Electro- 
Brain is a mech-warrior com- 
bat game designed by Argo- 
naut Software, the company 
that designed the SFX chip and 
developed Star Fox for Ninten- 
do. In it, you control a giant 
robot that can change into a 

; walker, a land cruiser, a super- 
; sonic jet, or a hard shell (which 
I is exactly what it sounds like - 
! a big, impenetrable shell). The 
i cart will feature polygon-based 
: graphics in the tradition of 
! Star Fox. 

i Blockbuster Busts 
Out CD Titles 

Anticipating a surge of interest 
in CD games. Blockbuster 
Video stores have begun rent- 
: ing and selling CD-ROM enter- 
i tainment software and hard- 
| ware. At a winter press confer- 
: ence held in San Francisco, 
: Blockbuster’s top execs show- 
i cased the new Interactive 
! Experience kiosks that will 
i present five CD systems and 
i approximately 200 games to 
I consumers. So far, the kiosks 
i can be found in only 57 of 
; Blockbuster’s nearly 3400 stores; 

: all 57 are in the San Francisco 
j Bay area, with a national rollout 
I expected sometime this spring. 

The CD systems represent- 
i ed in the stores are the Sega 
i CD, Panasonic's 3 DO, the 
Philips CD-I, the Apple 
Macintosh, and the IBM 
PC. One major advantage for 
consumers is that the systems 
will be set up adjacent to each 
other, for easy comparisons. 
Also, trained demonstrators 



February 1994 

will be on hand to answer ques- 
tions and help consumers leant 
how to use the machines. The 
systems and games will be 
available for purchase or for 
rent. Games will rent for $4 per 
disc for three nights; a system 
and three discs will be available 
for three nights for $19.97. 

Sports-minded gamers will find 
John Madden Football 3D0 and 

NHL Hockey '94 for the Sega CD at 
Blockbuster’s new Interactive 
Experience kiosks. 

Nintendo May 
Owe You $3 

In Redwood City, CA, a San 
Mateo County judge approved 
a settlement that entitles buy- 
ers ol Nintendo carts for the 
NES to a future $3 discount 
on new Nintendo games. This 
settlement is in response to a 
class-action suit that alleged 
that Nintendo’s use of a “lock- 
out” security system in video 
game carts created a monop- 
oly and was unfair to con- 
sumers. According to the suit, 
competing video game car- 
tridge manufacturers were 
required to enter into a licens- 
ing agreement with Nintendo 
to gain access to the security 
system. Under the terms of the 
agreement, California con- 
sumers who purchased Nin- 
tendo carts from January 30, 
1986, to June 30, 1993, are 
entitled to a $3 discount 
coupon on an 8-bit Nintendo 

cart. The offer will apply to a 
game to be selected by Ninten- 
do during a one-week period 
prior to June 30, 1994. 

Video Gifts Top 
Request Poll 

Did you hope Santa would 
bring you a new system or a 
new game last Christmas? 
According to the seventh annu- 
al North Pole Poll conducted by 
BKG Youth, a youth marketing 
firm, 91 percent of kids be- 
tween seven and 13 years old 
hoped to find video game sys- 
tems more than anything else 
under the tree, with the SNES 
beating out the Genesis as the 
number-one choice. Coming in 
second as the most-requested 
gifts were video games, with 
Super Mario All-Stars 
topping Mortal Kombat on 
the list. Of the 3000 kids polled 
nationwide, 86 percent said 
they played video games. Also 
noted in the poll were the most 
popular fashion items: Levi’s 
jeans, Timberland boots, and 
Doc Marten shoes, in that order. 

At the Deadline 

Coming Attractions: Super 
^1 Street Fighter II 

is busting up the 
— arcades now, but it 

won’t be long before it smashes 
your SNES - possibly by July 
'94. Capcom of Japan 

already has a team working on 
i the 24-meg translation, and 
i yes, they are planning to 
include Hyper star-speed set- 
tings. No word yet on other 
| systems such as Genesis. 

Super SF II on the SNES: Coming 
this summer. 

Other games in your 
future: Samus Aran’s i 
adventures are far ; 
from over. The Metroid hero of : 
the NES and the Game Boy is : 
j coming to the SNES early this | 
j year in Super Metroid from ; 

Nintendo. What’s more, 

; Beavis and Butthead will : 
| soon be starring in their own : 
i video game. Viacom has 
i announced that it’s working 
: on a game starring MTVs two i 
i cartoon geniuses for several j 
i unspecified systems, all due j 
: for release in the fall. Uh huh 
i huh huh that would be cool : 
: uh huh huh huh. 

Is the Saturn j 
for real? Probably, i 
According to inside I 
sources, Acclaim and Virgin 
have already started software 
development for Sega’s 32-bit | 
monster. (The system could I 
be upgraded to 64-bit in time i 
for its scheduled release in 
Fall ’94.) 

Namco Signs With ; 
Sony: Sony and 
Namco made a joint 
announcement in Tokyo of 
Namco’s intention to produce I 
licensed software for Sony’s i 
upcoming game system. As : 
announced in last issue’s 
ProNews, Sony created a new 
division, Sony Computer Enter- i 
tainment, which will bring out a j 
new CD-based game console in 
Japan later this year. Aside from ; 
the undetermined software tides : 
Namco will create for the system, j 
the two companies will also work : 
together to do research and devel- : 
opment for Namco games using i 
Sony's proprietary technology. 
February 1894 

yy Mortal Marketing: The : 
success of Mortal j 
__J Kombat continues : 
to escalate. Having already set a : 
record for most sales in one i 
week back in September of ’93. j 
Acclaim announced in j 
November that it had already : 
shipped more than three million ! 
units of MK for the SNES, Gen- i 
esis, Game Boy, and Game Gear. : 
Acclaim expects the total num- ! 
ber of copies to eventually sur- j 
pass four million, which would j 
make MK one of the best-selling j 
games of all time. Also in the : 
works are a movie (see last I 
month’s ProNews), a possible ; 
TV show, a music CD, action i 

figures, and apparel. 

Fightin’ for that Mortal Hash. 

See the Movie, Play j 
the Game: Evolver, 
" - I the story of an interac- 
tive robot that turns aggressive, 
is coming to movie screens and 
arcades. Trimark Pictures 
and its sister company Trimark 
Interactive are beginning i 
simultaneous production on the j 
film and the game, which are : 
being touted as combinations of j 
The Terminator and Child $ Play, j 
Footage for the game will be j 
shot concurrendy with the film. ; 
Creating the special effects are ; 
the Academy Award winners j 
behind The Abyss. Trimark is ; 
already developing video games i 
based on the movies White Men i 
Can’t Jump and Warlock. 

Unscrambling the j 
^ Dino Eggs: Oceans 
<i,oa * Dino Egg 
Hunt, a six-month contest built 
around the SNES version of j 
Jurassic Park, has turned up i 
a winner. It took only ten hours i 



for Bill Vargas, 29, of Philadel- i 
phia, PA, to find the eight hid- ; 
den letters that spelled out the j 
message “Doctor Horner.” j 
Homer is the real-life paleontol- 
ogist who was the model for the 
movie’s Dr. Grant character. 
Vargas won a cash prize of i 
S5000 for his eggs-cavating efforts. i 
Oops Department: 
The Typo Monster 
snuck in during the 

night and changed some prices i 
in our December issue. Bram i 
Stoker’s Dracula, a fine ; 
Game Boy game from Sony 

One of Jurassic Park’s hidden Rs, 
found at the right end of the east 
aquaduct, just above the Eastern 
Mountain Range near supply-port 
east and East Lagoon. 

Imagesoft. costs $29.95; the 
excellent SkyBlazer for the 
SNES, also from Sony 
Imagesoft. goes for $59.95. 

,, The Bonk’s Hide 
^ & Seek Sweep- 
stakes contest has 
produced the following big win- 
ners: Grand Prize Winners 
(Duo, Bonk 3, GomePrv T-Shirt) 
- Timothy McTamany (Philadel- 
phia, PA) and Omar Majeed 
(Vernon Hills, IL); GamePro T- 
Shirt Winners - Dustin Pruitt 
(Seat Pleasant, MD), Phethala 
Thongsavanh (Madison, WI), 
David Shin (Fountain Valley, 
CA), Peter Carlson (Maquoketa, 
1A), Claudia Dominguez (San 
Jose, CA); GamePro Watch Win- 
ners -Jamie Menard (Broussard, 

LA), Joseph Mascolo (Wolcott, j 
CT), Christopher Bostick ; 
(Jamaica Estates, NY), Lawrence j 
Ha (Sunnyvale, CA), Robb i 
Posch (Baldwin, NY); GamePro : 
Subscription Winners - Beau j 
Guest (Wheatridge, CO), Jason : 
Reynolds (Latham, NY), Lam- i 
onte Hawkins (Columbus, OH), j 
Jason Dvorak (Eveigreen Park, j 
IL), Kenny Fangonilo (Grass i 
Valley, CA), Evan Fee (Carroll- : 
ton, TX), Pavel Vargas (NY, i 
NY), Jimmy Berry (Roebling, j 
NJ), Jesse Novak (Newton Cen- j 
tre, MA), and Tim Walters : 
(Smyrna, GA). 

Nintendo NES 

Super Nintendo 

Sega Genesis 

Sega CD 

1. Tecmo Super Bowl 

1. Disney’s Aladdin 

1. Eternal Champions 

1. Sonic CD 

2. Kirby's Adventure 

2. Mortal Kombat 

2. Sonic Spinball 

2. Ground Zero, Texas 

3. Tetris 2 

3. NHL Hockey ’94 

3. Disney's Aladdin 

3. Jurassic Park 

4. Jurassic Park 

4. Clayfighter 

4. Tecmo Super Bowl 

4. Lethal Enforcer 

5. Tecmo NBA Basketball 

5. Tecmo Super Bowl 

5. Mortal Kombat 

5. Joe Montana NFL Football 

6. Cliffhanger 

6. Super Empire Strikes Back 

6. Street Fighter II Special 

6 Microcosm 

7. Bram Stoker's Dracula 

7. Jurassic Park 

Champion Edition 
7. John Madden NFL '94 

7. European Racers 

8. Battletoads/Double Dragon: 
The Ultimate Team 

8. Robocop vs. Terminator 

8. Lethal Enforcer 

8. Bram Stoker's Dracula 

9. Mario is Mlssingl 

9. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: 
Tournament Fighters 

9. Winter Olympic Games 

9. Dracula Unleashed 

10. Last Action Hero 

10. NBA Showdown 

10. Robocop vs. The Terminator 

10. AH-3 Thunderstrike 

This information was provided exclusively to GamePro courtesy of Blockbuster Video. 

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Letter, PC Wodd, Publish, Sumeda. SunWodd, SWATPro, Video Event, Video Toaster Wodd; VENEZUELA'S Computerwodd Venezuela, MicroComputerwodd Venezuela, VIETNAM'S PC World Vietnam. 



February 1894 



Call 802-767-3033 
Fax 802-767-3382 
Source -10029 


Visa & MC Accepted. Checks Held 4 Weeks. 
Money Orders Treated as Cash. COD $8. De- 
fectives replaced with same product. Most 
items shipped same day. Shipping times not 
guaranteed. Price and availability subject to 

DER. Mail to Canada, PR, HI, AK, APO, FPO 
$4 per order. .4-8 day Worldwide shipping $6 
per item. Including Kuala Lampur. 


BALL ‘94’ Madden 
is back in this 16 
meg football game. 
Teams include 28 
from 1992, ^fran- 
chise all-star 
teams, 2 All Mad- 
den, and 38 all time 
Super Bowl teams. 
Play a season with 
playoffs and Super 
Bowl. 4 players 
can play at the 

adapter. $54 
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ActRalser 2 $52 

Addams:Pug Scv Hunt $52 

Adv Dr Franken $52 

Aero the Acrobat $49 

Aladdin $54 

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Alien vs Predator $46 

Arcus Odyssey $54 

Arty Lightfoot $49 

Asterix the Gaul $54 

B.O.B. $48 

Batman Returns $29 

BatmamRevnge Joker $49 

Battle Clash $29 

Beauty & the Beast $56 

Blues Brothers $49 

Bubsy $54 

Bugs BumRabbit Ramp $54 
Capt Am& Avengers $49 

Castle Wolfenstein 3D $62 

Chester Cheeta 2 $49 

Chuck Rock lor 2 $49 

Claymates $49 

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Cool World $48 

Dffy Duck/Marv Martian$49 
Death Valley Rally $49 

Death of Superman $52 

Dennis the Menace $52 

Dracula $52 

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Dream Probe $49 

EVO $54 


Fido Dido $48 

Flashback $54 

Generation 2 $54 

GODS $49 

Goof Troop $52 

Incredible Hulk $54 

Joe & Mac $49 

Jungle Book $54 

Jurassic Park $56 

Lawnmower Man $49 
Legend $49 

Lester The Unlikely $49 
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Mickey's Magical Quest$54 
Nightmare $49 

Pink Panther S49 

Prince of Persia $49 
Puggsy $54 

Ren & Stimpy Show $52 
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Run Saber $48 

Star Trek Nxt Gen $59 
Steven Seagal $54 

Splderman & X-Men $49 
Sunset Riders $49 

Supr Emp Strikes Back $55 
Super Godzilla $54 

Super Mario All Stars $54 
Super Return of Jedi $59 
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T2:Judgement Day $49 
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Time Killers $56 

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Tiny Toon Adventures $43 
Vikings $49 

Young Merlin $49 

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Zombies Ate Neighbor $49 


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BttleToads/Dble Dragon$54 
Brawl Brothers $52 

Clayfighter $56 

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Fatal Fury $49 

Fatal Fury 2 $59 


Final Fight 2 $52 

King of Monsters 2 $52 

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8 Hours $54 

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Lock On $49 

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Red Line FI Racer $44 
Star Fox $49 

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Buy any 4 in stock Super 
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January 1st through 
February 28th or while 
supplies last. 


James Pond 2, Hunt for Red 
October, Where in World is 
Carmen, Out of this World, 
Super R Type, Q-Bert, 


Parasol Stars, Boxyboy, 
Jack Nicklaus Golf 
(TurboChip Only) 

* Buy 2 Electronic Arts 
Games And Recleve 
Coupon For Free Game 
From Electronic Arts. 



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Z-? S , ecre > codes i°J a «"#»> S 'f. moves proZ ™ aves «o 

3ital Kombat* and NBA Jam* are trademarks of and licensed from Midway* Manufacturing Cc 
992. All rights reserved. / "Street Fighter II Turbo™ is a trademark of Capcom USA. / ***Maddi 
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ileet or driving snow, 
idy Gear water resistant 
erfor better visibility 
here's also room inside 
: easier to play on the go. 



More ways to 

Vvul win from STDJ 

SG ProPad 2 

Smash the competition with 
the SG ProPad 2 , featuring the 
real 6-button fighting layout. 
With the unique synchro-fire 
setting you can transfer any one 
fire button or combination of buttons to the extra LEFT and RIGHT fire buttons. 
For example, if you transfer A, B, X, & Z to theLEFT button, it will fire all four at 
the same time. For some games, you may discover brand new moves no one 
has ever seen before! Plus, you can take control with independent auto-fire 
& slow motion. And the LED screen shows you which buttons are set on 
auto-fire. With the SG ProPad 2 you get in-your-face action! 

SG ProgramPad 2 

The new 6-button SG ProgramPad 2 explodes 
with pre-programmed moves from your 
favorite Genesis™ games - MIMAL iQJMtiAl *, 

Street Fighter II CE™', Streets of Rage 2™, 
X-Men™, Fatal Fury™, Jurassic Park™, Sonic The 
Hedgehog 2™, & David Robinson's Supreme Court™! 

Plus, you can program 6 of your own deadly moves from 
any game. Then check it out on the LCD screen. Tack on slow 
motion, auto-fire and button re-alignment and you've never had 
this much power in the palm of your hand! Whoever said that 
programmable was wimpy doesn't understand that sometimes 
you do whatever it takes TO WIN! 




110 Lakefront Drive 
Hunt Valley, MD 21030 

* Moves from Street Fighter II CE ™ are based on media report: 
since the game was not released at the time of production. 


per second), hands-free AUTO TURBO 

That “it’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how these killer features and cool styling, 

you play the game” stuff is a bunch of garbage. it’s no wonder they’re the #1 enhanced 

That's why we've got two ways controllers for the Super 


) you winning: the I ! 1 NES. So take your pick, and 

Super Advantage and asciiPad,™ both for then take on the neighborhood. With 

the Super NES.® They’ve got the kind of this kind of power, you'.d just better 

enhancements you need for today’s fiercest learn how to be a .gracious winner. 

games — features like TURBO -FIRE (up to 32 shots ITS HOW TO WIN. 

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Software. Inc. All rights reserved. Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Super Advantage, and the official seals are registered trademarks of Nintendo of America Inc. 

Devastation in ttie 
palm of your hand. 

4. ETRoAtoT S, 6/*V c 

*""v i ;■ 9 !\ 

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